Demon Children

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - pup's first mission

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It was a warm sunny day and despite the just returning to school Kitsune and his team where sent out on a mission their first mission outside of their village territory enter new lands and to see the fire nation from another point of view. Excited to be see more of the world he couldn’t contain his joy. Giving strict rules to follow and the plus side to the mission they got to bring their horses meaning arion can join, at first it wasn’t a horse mission but the no one wanted to deal with his crazy horse that is wild and uncontrollable so horses join the mission which made it easier to travel. As they set up their horses Ruja with his palomino Arabian mare, each person is selected with a horse they that they ride, most people share horse but certain few have their own. Ruja is the first to ride this mare name Flare. Only just broken in while Julia has an older horse Rivers who a dark bay quarter horse. As they place their bags onto their horses making sure it won’t fall off, Kitsune patted arion and said ‘you ready boy to see the world’ as he nodded happy arion then bend down allow Kitsune to jump on as they got ready to leave Kaduna look back to make sure everyone was present and said ‘ok out mission is to go to a village and bring but an a valuable object, it a present that was giving to our nation by another it very important people are going to try and get it as is a symbol of trust if we are unable to protect it then it show we don’t have any care about the other nation which will cause trouble with an alliance’ ‘Why would anyone want to brake it?’ ask Kitsune ‘Some people want war and the end of our nation so people will try to take it, so it our job to protect it’ he explain ‘Why do we have such an important job? This is out first mission outside our village?’ ask Julia ‘every mission you take is important and must be complete but the item is only small and I will be with you at all times don’t worry it going to be fine as long as a certain two be on their best behavior and someone dose expose our nations secrete’ ‘that the fox is live and learning to be an guardian I know and if were attack by other nations guardian or traitor to ours it best to keep any demonic part hidden so if I losing it retreat from the battle as failing a mission is better than having a demon lose I know I have the counsel tell me, salami tell me and even Lars I know the rules so relax I got it’ explain Kitsune placing his hat on his head. As they headed off they left the village protection and ventured into the world. As they left the forest Kitsune look around at everything the animals and birds even the demon that run in the shadows. He wanted to talk or even whistle but they had to remind quite even the horses walk in silent train to move without a noise even arion walk without a sound. Especially train horses who you could save were train to be ninjas. Breathing was also silent which annoyed Kitsune he was use to being silent and moving without a sound but hated it he wanted to talk and ask question but hate to wait until they found a camp. The whole day was silent as they tried to be nothing but air no one must know they were here even the animals and demon couldn’t know. As they reach the open they found an hot spring as Kaduna look into the sky and seen the sun setting he had to choice where they make camp looking around there wasn’t much places to hide so he turn and said ‘ok silent time over we staying here for the night and if anyone causes trouble I will kick you out and you sleep outside got it’ ‘We can to sleep in a hot spring resort thank you master’ said Julia excited ‘What a hot spring? Isn’t that just boiling hot water?’ ask Kitsune confused ‘Yes but it relaxing and feel wonderful it the best place’ she said excited Kitsune still unsure why being in hot water is so great as you can do that at home. Putting the horses in the stalls they met up with Kaduna ho show them to the rooms they share a room but Julia had her own bedroom for certain reason. Changing into the spa clothes of a robe Kitsune kept his hat on but felt wired and could seem the steam from the water. Sticking close to everyone he kept his eye on them as he was in unfamiliar territory and didn’t want to do something wrong. ‘Ruja what it really like is it a girl thing?’ ‘It like a spa you seen it in your shows’ ‘Yes but what water normal or demon related?’ ask Kitsune worried ‘Dose it really affect you?’ ‘Yes it does so what is it?’ ‘it normal water if we were in that demon territory it would have been’ he explain and walk off Kitsune happy it was safe for him to use but worried about the day he might have to visit that nation he might not make it back alive. As Kitsune sat in the room not wanting to leave just in case he exposes his other side with his hat off he let his ear and tail free as he read manga he brought. As he smiled and lay on his stomach Ruja enter the room and ask annoyed ‘what the hell are you doing?’ ‘Reading what it look like?’ ‘Your exposed idiot’ ‘on purpose I can hear and smell who coming so I will hide it and I know it was you so I didn’t hide my secrete obsession’ ‘You’re not normal were going to the hot spring you’re in or out?’ ‘My you actually want me there I’m shock I though you want me to spend by days lock up in the lovely room’ ‘How lovely that sounds but this place reeks of demons and I want it to vanish before I go to bed’ ‘don’t you love my wonderful smell, I think it wonderful it tell the world I was here, but since I’m a team player will remove my smelly self and go to the spring’ said Kitsune putting his book away and place his hat on as he did his fox side vanished and he headed out Ruja still annoyed follow while trying not to breathe. Some people can’t smell his demonic side but Ruja can and the smell is something he could leave without it doesn’t smell bad it just remind him of his past and that his is a demon. As the two arrive to find Kaduna already in the water Kitsune wrap him in a towel and jump in, happy it was swallow so he didn’t have to worry about drawing he crawl over to the rocks to sit. ‘kit you can remove the hat it an private spring only we can enter so relax’ said Kaduna happy he took the hat off and place it on the edge of the spring as Ruja climb in Kitsune look at him as Ruja and thought of an master plan. as he drive under, he crawl along the wall as the two relax and grab Ruja legs to drag him under water kick free he shouted ‘what the hell kit’ ‘pay back’ laugh Kitsune as Ruja splash Kitsune face getting it in his eyes he growled ‘they were my eyes your going down’ as the two started Kaduna annoyed pull them apart place them on the side of him separated and shouted ‘if you two don’t behavior you find yourself outside’. As the two stop sat there in silent’s once again Kitsune let his tail and ears out and began to move around trying to swim but failing not knowing how leaving the two to watch unsure if to help him or not. As the bath ended and they had their dinner sitting in the room Kitsune laid on his back and look at the roof wondering about the mission. His first time out of the village without tons of guardian watching him, on a mission were he must fight worried about what could happen he just hope he will make it home without any demonic problems. As the night felled Kitsune woke to an nightmare his fear of turning he still can feel the burning within his body and how his flesh was being pull off while his bone brake and change. Every pain and every detail remind fresh in his mind, he couldn’t forget it knowing one day he will face it again and it won’t be stopped. As he walk outside and stared into the starry skies listing to the noises of the night he found himself wondering what will tomorrow bring and do the other demon child also wonder about tomorrow maybe they suffer worst than him maybe they might always be picking a new demon child. He knew he couldn’t meet them but he still wish that he could just talk to someone about this. Remembering Auk the earth bear child he wonder if things are going well for him has he found his place yet or still struggling trying to figure out his purpose in life. As Kitsune stood there, he found himself unable to take his eye of the stars. As the next day arrive Kaduna fund Kitsune outside sleeping on the floor confused to why he sleep out here but left it, waking him up he never ask why he was outside just walk back in to see if the other two have awaken. Looking at the bright sun Kitsune stretch his arms and let out a yarn as he move back inside to get change and ready for their trip to their destination. Back on the horses they headed out still tired Kitsune stare into space trying to stay awake. As they arrive at the village it was different from flower there wasn’t much guardian and they didn’t have someone to lead them full of small houses and some stores it was smaller and not as grand. As people look at them and as they found an in with an stable they hope off and place their horses in the stall and Kaduna turn to them and said ‘I’m going to met up with the guy stay here ad don’t attracted attention’ ‘Why can’t we go with you?’ ask Julia ‘It best for them not to know who guarding it, so wait plus the less you know the better’ ‘That why you won’t tell us what it is or from what nation?’ ask Ruja ‘yes now stay put Ruja your in charge’ he said as he walk off and as the three waited Kitsune look around and felt an calm aura around, no one was on edge and no one care about him, it was strange to him no one knew who he was. He was happy about it but felt strange this place was so different he wanted to explore the place he hated standing around waiting for their guardian to return. As Julia look around she notice that Kitsune was gone as she turn to ask Ruja she notice he also vanished. Freaking out she rush off to find the two boys before Kaduna return. As Kitsune walk around the place curious people smile when they seen him and were so nice if he brought it wouldn’t the same price as everyone else unlike back home. He was so engrossed with how different it was that he forgot about the mission and that he meant to stay invisible. With his guard down he didn’t rely this town is far more dangerous than the village back home. As he was follow by an stranger in the shadows with his demonic senses gone he wasn’t able to sense the impending dangers as his other senses were strong due to relies on his demonic ones. As he walk around he soon stop and stare at the books seeing if there any he like looking t the one by one he sense someone grab his bag as he turn around and push them away saving his bag he seen an young man who charge at him, Kitsune fought back trying not to make a mess or use any of his mana. Relying on his skills he could feel the mana in him swirl around as it tried to escape. Hoping that hat remind on his head he soon mange to knock the guy away once more. As the young men relies he couldn’t win he retreated away. Calming down he look at his pendent glow ever so bright as it tried to keep the demon in. seeing that fighting without mana is quite dangerous and that he has too much in him and need to release some of it before he has too much to fuel the demon. Normally demon child don’t have this problem as they never train so they body was use to holding a lot of mana while Kitsune who always use it wasn’t use to having so much mana in his body. Looking around he couldn’t use an small spell as it wouldn’t be enough he just had to wait until they leave and hopefully he find an chance to use an spell that will take enough to release the pressure on his body. as he look for the other he felt his stomach growl despite how hungry he was he couldn’t eat that would just fuel the fire ignore his stomach he search to find one of his team mate hoping that maybe if he had someone around he won’t have to worry about being attack again. He soon found Julia looking like a lost lamb as she stay away from everyone where frantically searching. Rushing over he called out her as she notice him she storm over and let out a small shout ‘where did you go?’ ‘I went to explore the place, you can’t expect me to wait around I don’t do that’ ‘I don’t care were meant to wait together where Ruja?’ ‘Did you lose him who sad, I have no idea where he is and I would find him but I don’t have any tracking skills at the movement’ ‘can’t you just let it out for one sniff we need to find him and get back what he got hurt if they find out what where doing he could be attack’ ‘I would be breaking the rules’ ‘When do you care no one will notice’ she said as she panic worried about what could happen to him. Kitsune unsure if it was ok lift his hat for only a second as he sniff the air as his senses improved he felt the overwhelming demonic energy flow though his body his senses increasing and his eye sight improving he could smell every smell as he got Ruja scent he place his hat down and rush off as Julia follow behind his fox sense still strong the hat wasn’t enough to keep it back. As he found Kitsune Ruja turn he could sense his demonic mana increasing the smell reek. On one else seem to notice the smell yet Ruja felt like covering his nose to cover the stench. ‘I found you’ said Kitsune proud of finding his pray ‘You smell’ commented Ruja ‘I’m kind of holding to much of demonic mana, with the new rules set it became hard to release it, it kind of make me sick but I deal with it later, let head back and did you buy some candy?’ ‘no I was giving it, some strange girl gave me some why don’t you try it’ said Ruja and throw on at Kitsune who court it in his mouth and begin to chew it as she smiled and commented on how it taste Ruja sigh in relief and said ‘so it wasn’t poison good’ ‘I hate you, what up Julia so you seen annoyed did you want some?’ ask Kitsune ‘how could you accept candy of stranger? you never accept anything I give you your so mean ‘ ask Julia upset ‘it was force upon me’ he replied ‘but even so you normally throw it out so why? Was she cute did you fall in love with her?’ ‘Is Julia what was it starts with an J I just learn it jealous heart-breaker’ commented Kitsune ‘I don’t see why it an problem what I do, I don’t care what you do’ growled Ruja as he wonder off Kitsune called out ‘Ruja wait up and can you same some candy for later or better yet tell me what it is’ following after Julia feeling upset that he didn’t care for her feelings she began to wonder if he even cares at all about her or even see her an member. Sure she not that strong and most of them time doesn’t help out much she still part of the team yet she feel as if she the third wheel. She follow after trying to hold back her tears ignoring the two who argue other the candy and about Kitsune smell. She wonders if her feeling would ever reach him. Ever since they met she tried to break down the wall he build but she has yet to put in dint into it why can’t she be close to him why is it Kitsune been able to break down his wall and not her. What has he done should she started battling and arguing with him. What she is doing wrong as ran into Kitsune and was about to ask what was wrong Kitsune held his stomach and it felt like something was trying to rip out as he shook his head and clench his fits he said in pain ‘this is starting to annoy me’ ‘are you about to give birth?’ ask Ruja as he joke about it Kitsune growled ‘it not time for that the baby still seal tight it just something stupid it will pass let hurry up and Ruja be nicer to your team mate you have yet to share your candy to a member’ as he release his grip and continue to walk Ruja look back at Julia and could see her every emotion and understand what she thought s they stared Ruja soon left leaving her once again, it hurt a bit but she knew that would happen he no one to share anything with anyone. ‘as they got back they found Kitsune sneezing while his stench increase Julia was even bringing to smell it but it was faint it was weaker then any demonic smell but it was slowing increasing. ‘kit are you sure you’re going to be ok maybe you should leave town and let some out we will tell Kaduna I’m sure he won’t mind’ ‘I’m not allowed to use any demonic mana unless salami says so, beside this isn’t going to realize anything all it will do is make me fell a bit sick and if I do lose the pendent and hat it was be extremely painful the only problem is for you two to fix whatever it is wrong as an team we must be on equal ground and have no conflict as it will ruin the mission plus when I do leave or get kick out you must be able to work together and team the new member the ropes and one can’t do that if you two want talk’ explain Kitsune as he smiled his sneezing stop but he started to look pale. ‘Don’t worry kit everything fine but you should sit or drink something’ said Julia worried about Kitsune more so then about her relationship with Ruja ‘it fine just pretend that I have an cold or something’ he explain as he remind calm as Julia worried Ruja didn’t show much care he just wanted Kaduna to hurry up as he was tired of standing around for an mission they didn’t seem to be doing much was this an test or something else, thinking about it he ignore the other two as Julia tried to get Kitsune to sit down or at least do something about it yet he refused. As Kaduna return to the three he was happy they didn’t cause any trouble but could sense the demonic energy coming off him as he was about to ask Kitsune jump ahead and ask ‘so are we ready to go?’ ‘yes let get the horse and hurry back before someone things’ he said as they saddle up and got ready to leave Kitsune had to ride ahead as the horses began to freak due to the over whelming mana. As he watches ahead each one carrying a similar bag to hid their package making it difficult for anyone to find it. Traveling in silent Kitsune soon stop as they stop and ask about to ask Kitsune pull arion back as he miss the vine coming from the ground as vines kept appearing from the ground forcing the group to separated they tried to remind together but soon the three teens were lock away in an vine cage leaving Kaduna outside. Jumping of his horse he was about to break the vine was under attack by a guardian whom was determined to make sure he didn’t return to his students. As Kitsune jump off arion along with the others they send there horses away so there was no reason for them to be attack as the vine move to let the horses go it was clear they knew they didn’t have the object with them. Unsure where the attacker was they stood their in silence wanted for them to strike. As more vines appears from their vine cage or ground attack as it fire thorns and tried to grab them. Kitsune finally about to release some mana called about his fire spells to burn the plants while Ruja use his wind mana to cut them down. As Julia dodge the attacks using any spell she can to defend herself as the boys tries to break out of their vine prison. As Kitsune was separated from the others he couldn’t use his strongest of spells without harming his team so he was force to use small one he could control while trying to keep his demonic side under control. As the guardians appear and went for Julia Ruja jump in and save her while Kitsune kept the thorns away. It was becoming too much for them as they couldn’t even have time to look for whom doing this as they were too busy with the ambush of spells and thorns coming at them. as Julia felt useless as she couldn’t even help them as she tried to break the vines with her water spells in order to help cut them down as she caste the spell her water was soon absorb before she even had an chance to attack as the plants took in the water they grew bigger and stronger making it even harder to them to fight back annoyed Ruja shouted ‘what are you doing?’ ‘There from the nature nation water doesn’t work’ explain Kitsune as he dodges the thorns. As Kaduna defeated his opponent and rush to their aid he was once again ambush by another, no matter how many he took down another kept coming. Left to defend themselves as Kitsune was focus on what was around him and finding the one reasonable he didn’t see the vine as it grab his leg and lift him into the air as he throw him around smashing him on the ground trying to knock him out or even kill him. As he called for any help as he couldn’t focus his mana on braking out due to the instance pain and the demon within trying to brake. As Ruja notice him he moves his arm letting out an attack of air that slash the vine in half allowing Kitsune to fall to the ground and brake free. In pain he rushes over to the others but was cut off by and wall. As the other two notice and tried to break it Ruja was stab by an thorn slowing his movements and soon more appear as he dodge them he was push into the vine wall and was trap. Julia rush to his side but soon stop by the thorns while Kitsune once again was court by the vines but unlike before it was wrap around his arms, legs and neck stopping him from calling out any spells. As a small flower bloom letting out a sleeping gas onto the two boys, they fell into a deep sleep. Leaving Julia alone one of the guardian appear from the vines, hiding their face it was impossible to even tell who they were. As she was about to attack another appear and grab her as she though back the other kick her in the gut and the two attack her as she tried to defend herself and fight back while making sure no one goes near the other two. As she fell to the ground in pain and cover in wounds she had no idea what she could do. Feeling useless maybe she was the weak one out of the group without the two she can’t do anything, leaving them to not only protect themselves but her as well. In pain she felt them grab her hair to lift her up. As she felt her hair being pull like they were trying to rip it out. Trying not to scream holding back her voice she look them as they held an knife ready to finished her. Was this the end deep down she hopes one of them would wake up and save her but she knew that was impossible. As she could feel the knife getting closer she clutch her fist and whispered an spell under her breathe as she move her arm she was realize from the person grip as she use her water skills to cut though her hair. As her hair blow in the wind she knocks the one in front over and pushes the other back with her water trapping her in a water sphere. As the other vanished she soon realizes the other guardian after they stop resisting. Taking an breather she slowly move her tired and injure body leaving and small trail of blood cutting down the two she wash away the power across their face and said and waking spell in hope they would awaken. Getting up she went to see if Kaduna was ok and to find a way out the vines soon appear grabbing Julia leg then stabbing her with the thorns. Falling to the ground she scream in pain grabbing her knife she had she cut herself free and remove the vines as the thorn remind deep she was about to remove the only to notice one went right through. As another vine appeared ready to attack all three she called a water shield in hope to protect them but knew it was only temporary and not going to last. As it broke thought pushing her back it went strength for them until it went on fire and turn into dust. Looking other she seen Kitsune awake happy but something was different as his hat was gone his ears appear and he look around to see everyone cover in the blood and injure. As he seen Julia leg cover in red with thorns sticking out he found himself in full rage as he let out a fearful roar. Standing up his tail appear and he then shouted ‘Death anon’ Then his body glow and bright light appeared and all the vines vanished and the guardians came into light being blinding glowing beams appear and wrap around them trapping them while they scream in pain. Each one of them trap until they was feel unconscious or even died. As the light vanished Kitsune took deep breaths and felt like he let lose everything within him. Releasing his pent up demonic mana he felt lighter as he fell to his knees and tried to catch his breath he had no idea where it came from. Looking over he seen Julia as she cover her ace still with small burns among her body as the light had also infected her but only an small amount. As Kaduna walk over after seeing the bright light happy everyone was ok but worried about the straight light that had appeared. As Ruja awaken form the sleep he didn’t know what happen but felt a lot of power a dangerous power one he had never felt. Looking to see everyone was ok he soon wonders what had happen while he slept. On the trip home they remind in silent injuring the pain as they could only temporary treat it due to lack of medical knowledge. As they arrive home the three sat in the hospital as they were treated as Kaduna heading to see Salami about the mission and Kitsune. Ruja was right this was a test to see how their skills were and also to see if having Kitsune train as a guardian is the right thing. They pass the test as they manage to survive and shown team work Kaduna was grateful everyone survive but worried more about what that light was and how did Kitsune know such a spell when no one ever see it before.

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