Demon Children

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Saeki

Submitted: December 28, 2013

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Submitted: December 28, 2013



As the sun shine and the day was clear, it was like any other day as the people worked and kids went to school. Expect one child who instead of being in class, worked for the leader of their proud nation. As demonology classes were in session, he wasn’t allowed to even enter the school, so instead he normally is working in the office under the watching eyes of Salami. Today he on a small job to collect herbs they need that was hidden in the forest which surround their village.

Unaware another enters the forest and was headed his way. As Kitsune sat in the woods looking for herbs with no one around he was able to have his fox’s ears and tail out in joy as his tail wags and little demons came to his side helping him search. In the beginning they used to hide from human and even more from a demon child but Kitsune was able to gain their trust unlike other who instead tries to kill them. With their help finding the herbs were easy and most of the time he just sat around relaxing or helping the demons who were hunted down by human, who use them for their own greed. Listening to the winds he soon caught an scent of a stranger, as he grab his hat he had in his bag and place it on his head, his ears and tail vanished into smoke and he got the demons to run away and hide as he acted as he didn’t know he was coming and bend down digging up the herbs and placing the herbs the demon found in his bag.

As the stranger walked up to Kitsune and touch his shoulder, Kitsune went to attack only for his arm to be court and then lifted him up into the air. Looking he was a tall man with his long brown hair in a pony tail. He never seen him before and his scent was all over the place Kitsune couldn’t tell which nation he was from or what he was planning. As Kitsune broke free and jump, ready to summon any spell he watch him closely. As the men look and began to laugh he smile away and said ‘don’t worry kid I’m no threat but even if I was there no way you can beat me’

‘You never know, anything possible what are you doing here?’ Kitsune growled

‘Calm down kid, but if you want to fight just know it will only end with your humiliation’

‘Confident for an old men’

‘Old men? I’m not that old’

‘you’re using a spell to hide your age, it kept you young so your abilities don’t weaken or your body, if you were your real age you wouldn’t be as quick as you are or as strong’

‘that rude of you why would I use such a spell, let move on I see your from the flower but why a kid out here and not at school a delinquent I see, if you want to grew up to be a strong guardian like me you better stay in school’ he said as he slap Kitsune on the back after dropping him annoyed Kitsune growled ‘I’m not an delinquent or skipping’

‘Whatever you say I won’t tell anyone, I see you’re into herbs these one are difficult to find you’re a talent tracker’

‘I don’t have time to talk with you, just who are you? And why are you here? I can’t smell our nation on you but many others are you a spy or something else?’

‘You got quite a nose I like you kid, but seriously you don’t know who I am I thought everyone knew me’

‘I’m sorry but I don’t and I rather never know, can you just disappear I’ve had enough of people like you, beside I better if you don’t get too close’

‘an delinquent and a loner let me guess a bay guy come on kid I know let have a battle I think you learn a lot about a person though a battle’

‘I rather not have a friendly match I rather you leave, I don’t like or trust you so stop being so cozy with me’

‘But you’re so much fun let have a match I promise to take it easy’ he said getting closer to Kitsune. He didn’t like the guy much he was acting too friendly and had no care about personal space. He never had to deal with someone like this before and he seem very secretive as he hid his name and his mark in which every guardian had, his was hidden like he was hiding what nation he was from. He knew that he had to make sure he leaves before reaching the village but the only problem was hiding his demonic side, normally it easy as he had the others nearby so he didn’t have to rely on it now he was alone and still hasn’t got control of his new ability or even his own. The fox’s words still haunted him but right now he didn’t care. He just knew that this person could be a spy or could possibly be looking for him so he had to be wary not to expose his secrete or allow him near the village.

‘Fine but if I win you leave and I will never see you again got it’

‘Deal and if I win you will take me to your nation leader’

‘You are up to something’

‘Isn’t everyone up to something’ he said as Kitsune made the first move creating small fire to distracted him as he rush forward and went on the attack but no matter what Kitsune done he wasn’t fast enough or his spell weren’t strong enough. It was clear he was a powerful guardian and still hasn’t used any of his real skills. He was only playing with Kitsune which bug him more as he wasn’t taking it seriously. As he broke away and took a breather but he didn’t get a chance he was soon shock by lighting annoyed he let out a flamethrower which hit it target, thinking he won, water came out and knock him away and later shock by lighting. In pain and wet he growled and was about to attack but felt a sward agents his neck.

‘I win now to fulfill your end of the deal’ he said as Kitsune got up and grab his bag, fixing his hat he began walking as the men follow and kept talking to him asking question and judging his movement in battle even asking why he was so protective over the hat, as he never allow anyone near it or for it to leave his head. As they enter town due to habit he stay clear of the village and the people, staying near the house district where people are rarely near at this time of the day. This would be strange that if they didn’t think he was skipping and was hiding in order not to get court. As they got near the headquarters Kitsune led him though dodging trap set for him and ignore other comments just forcing on getting to salami and leaving so he could finish and have his time alone. As he arrived he enter the room as salami notice him she shouted out tired and in panic ‘thank god your back I need you to rush this to an guardian I just sent on a mission it valuable information’

‘Why couldn’t you give it to another or remember it before sending your people on missions’

‘I just remember and I know you can find him please’

‘Fine here your herbs and I brought some guy here’ said Kitsune as the men enter she look and growled annoyed ‘you back, I thought you had die Saeki’

‘No I was just seeing the nation’s beauty’

‘You were hiding weren’t you because of you I was the only one left now I’m this nation ruler why couldn’t you just agree’

‘I’m more suited for mission then giving them’

‘Sala I’m happy you found a friend but aren’t you forgetting something’

‘Oh right here the message and good luck’

‘thanks I’m off have fun’ said Kitsune as he smiled rushing off as he got away he took his hat off and went to an room to jump out the window as his ears and tail appear he landed on the ground calling for Arion as he ran to met up with Arion and rush off to find the guardian in hope to catch him before this one mistake end up losing his life.

In the office Salami sat down and ask ‘why have you return I thought you were given tons of missions, it should have taken much longer to achieve’

‘I’m just too good, nice kid I see your still the same turning helpless children into your slave’

‘I did no such thing all I did was given him something to do, but on other note have you noticing anything about him?’

‘No he just seems like a normal kid, trust issue but why is something wrong with him?’

‘I guess you should know since you are an S rank, he the demon child the one before allow him to enter the school after his lost his mother at age eight, he training to be a guardian but has limits since demonology class are on I got him doing odd jobs’

‘So that what I sense I did sense a small demonic feeling coming off him but I thought it was the demons in the forest’

‘no Kitsune is a demon child and like the past ruler I’m also giving him a normal childhood well the best I can, it not easy but he a good kid and if you plan on hanging around I think you should know what he is before you have any ideas’

‘So in our match he was holding back, he good he could fool anyone, I decide I want him as my apprentice’

‘Pardon? You want to train a demon child? Are you crazy’ she asked confused

‘No he the person I’ve been looking for so what if he a demon child’

‘You know what it will look like right? Whatever you can do what you want that if he will agree with it’

‘I never care what people thought about me, he has potential and there a lot we don’t know about them plus I’ve taken a liking to this kid’

‘I change my mind no, you can’t have him’

‘You already agree plus why can you have him and I can’t?’ he asked annoyed

‘I’m the queen of this nation so my word is absolute’

‘Then I have no choice I will have to tell the world your dark secrete’

‘You would not’

‘Yes I would now do I have an apprentice or not?’

‘fine I guess I need a new servant but remember he has to agree and I have a feeling it not going to go as smoothly as it did we me as you have nothing on him and he doesn’t care what people think of him remember he a demon child they are the worst to black mail’

‘Don’t worry I’m very good at getting others to obey’

‘I don’t know if having him as the first choice was a good idea, anyway good luck you’re going to need it’

‘Luck is always on my side’ he said as he left salami lend back on her chair and sigh ‘the idiot back, I wonder if this is a good idea, I guess I will worry about it if he agrees’ said salami as she pick up some paper and began reading returning to work. As Saeki began thinking of a plan to get Kitsune to be his apprentice, young Kitsune return from his mission and headed back to school unaware on how much that one meeting will change his life forever.

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