Demon Children

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - learning to trust

Submitted: January 30, 2014

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Submitted: January 30, 2014



A new day has began and with no school, many are ether training or on mission or if lucky having a day off. This would be true to a young boy, but instead his new teacher decides they needed to start straight away. Pushed and order to train in running around the village, combat and doing all without mana testing his physical strength. As Sadeki headed over to check on Kitsune who was doing the basic in mana, as he arrive he sense something odd. Looking at him he ask ‘Kitsune something seem off’

‘What do you mean? I’m doing it perfectly’

‘Kitsune show me your clone I want to see something’

‘Why? Didn’t you see them enough before, I’m focusing’

‘You won’t or can’t where is the real Kitsune?’ he growled

‘Who knows but I think I’m doing well’ he replied before turning into smoke. Annoyed he walk off looking for the young Kitsune once more, finding him saying near a tree with Arion by his side eating away after running though the forest.

‘How is this training?’

‘I practicing my riding skills, look I’m tired of being basic and beginner training I’ve master it and I know everything inside and out’

‘Were meant to be training and did you think, you can fool me with your sorry excuse of a clone’

‘You notice faster then I hope I though I’ve improve them’

‘You can’t, no matter how good you think you are, your clones will always lack what they need so now get up and let get back to the lesson’

‘I know it the demon right my clones don’t have one so they can’t be me, whatever so what are we doing, running, jumping fighting an shadow?’ he said as he stood up walking over to Sadeki

‘I what to know more about your mana what is it power level and elements?’

‘Unlimited due to a certain being fire and light but I rely on fire as light is never going to be mastered’ he replied

‘helpful, I can teach you some light spell I know but they are only small spell, I’ve watch your training yesterday you still need training in fire but in time you will have mastered it and might even be able to be able to beat Ruja’

‘Really? You can help me with my spell and even kick his butt?’ he asked excited

‘Of cause, I’ve met many people and battle agents many styles you can pick up things, so don’t worry with my help you will be an S level before graduation’

‘Awesome I can’t wait to see that snake beg for mercy’ he said excited and picturing Ruja defeats

‘Is there any goal you want to reach or a dream?’

‘yes I want to reach the highest title possible to show everyone we are useful and that were more than just what we are, that if given a chance we can use the power within to help, that what my goal is, I want to help others like me even if it small, to become known and to get the impossible title’ explain Kitsune

‘I think that possible you already change the view  of them already I’m sure with a little help you can even change their fates and become someone great’

‘you know Sadeki you can say as many pretty words, but I’m not going to fall for them, our fate has be decide all we can do is fight like crazy and make sure everyone know we are here and even with our fate we won’t be forgotten that is only a demon child fear to have gone though that only to be forgotten’

‘Then kid you won’t be forgotten I don’t think you even can, even if you don’t want too you made a huge impact already’

‘That where you are wrong my friend, my fame is only in a few minds and when they fade so will I what I want is to be known. I still have so much left to do so even if they wish it no one going to be meeting the fox for a long time, so teach instead of talking we should begin training as time pass the evil snake grows in strength time short’ explain Kitsune as he was pump of energy as he grab Arion reins and look at Sadeki ready to training, seeing him full of energy and ready for everything, he remember when he was like him young and ready to learn anything and could be anything with the future ahead. As he smiled and said ‘ok let began I will teach you some basic light spells then later teach you some spell that can be use on your steed which will increase speed and power, very rare and only a few know you ready, I have tons of spell that people would dream of knowing’

‘I’m ready bring on the training and from now on the clone are gone for now until I’m bored’ he said full of energy. As he took Arion away so they had some room to train, Sadeki was happy he was able to get closer to him and manage to bring down a wall, knowing their still many left he has to break down but he didn’t care. He found a student when he thought he never would, a kid who has tons of passion and even if he lack skills, he was full of confident and was able to put himself out there to learn. As they train and learn Sadeki didn’t just want to teach him spells, but also able to be himself and everything to be a true guardian. 

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