Demon Children

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Chapter 25 (v.1) - Land of poison

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Submitted: September 24, 2014



 After a long travel they soon arrived in the nation of nature while normally they wouldn’t enter another land especially one they are at war with. The nature nation hates the other nations and due to their hostel attitude many stay clear as they are well known for their toxins and the only nation able to control flora, but due to their mission they needed to enter a village near it border despite the risks a mission must be done when they have accepted it. So the group of guardians had to be careful and not let anyone know where they are from or enrage the locals. Hiding their mark which tells the world what village they serve. They began to enter the land. While they walk slowly, seeing the village in sight from a distant. As Kaduna explains to them the dangers and risk laying down the rules. Basically telling them to not talk to anyone and to remind at the hotel room as the older guardian will deal with the pickup. It seem simple but as they look at Kitsune who held on tight to the reins and trying his best to get higher in the air. They were unsure if he was scared of falling off or wish to stand on Arion ether way they decide not to ask knowing it would be pointless. Getting closer Ruja grew tired of Kitsune as he watch him almost fall off many time and one time he ran into him nearly knocking him off as well.

‘What are you doing?’ he growled

‘I’m trying to get as far away from the ground as possible’ he explains now trying to stand on the saddle.

‘Why? The ground not going to kill you but I wish something did’ he ask confused

‘I feel the same way about you, but this is serious if you have forgotten I’m not human nor an guardian I’m a demon child thus have a demon within, and this land home of another, like me it will know I’m here once I touch the ground and I don’t think dirt yin going to like having a fiery fox enter its land’ he explain giving up on the whole standing idea.

‘How would he know your here?’ ask Julia as she slow down to talk to the two boys while the two teacher listen in also curious.

‘it an demonic skill I guess just like when I knew auk enter the fire nation, all tail demons have claim the land so if any powerful demon enters they know, which is why I can’t touch the ground or their demon child or tail will try and kill me’ he explain weaken his grip on the rein.

‘What wrong with that?’ ask Ruja

‘You really are a jerk’ he growled pulling Arion into Ruja knocking his horse that neigh and began to lose it balance. Then the two both try to knock each other off watching from the front, the two teachers ignore their fight as they both knew that trying to break them up was impossible. Nearing the village Kaduna stop and told the group that it best to keep the horses near. As this area was known for it theft and it wasn’t safe to leave them in plain sight or they will be taken. Hearing this Kitsune agree fully in hiding them as he couldn’t stand the thought of someone taking his beloved horse even though Ruja commented that even if someone did they wouldn’t be able to control him and they would end up putting him down. As the horses were hiding Kitsune at first refuse to leave in fear of being attack despite them saying that there a chance nothing would happen but even so he refuse and held onto Arion tight making it impossible to pull him off. Sadeki giving in he agree to carry him until they find a safe place to put him down. Agreeing they headed to the village with Sadeki giving Kitsune a piggy back ride. Upon arriving they notice something strange the village they were told to meet at was nothing by a rundown village with no life. Unsure what going on sadeki soon guess that maybe they hid the item here because it deserted. Splitting up they began their search as Kitsune walk on the wooden ground straying from the ground and sticking to man-made object. Soon turning it into a game pretending the ground was lava. Soon he got Ruja to join in seeing who can remind off the ground longest. Ruja did agree only for training and he agree it would be fun to do that than just walking around. As they look for any clue that the item was here or anything, all they found was dust and broken object they began to realize what had happen to this village. A battle happen ether by enemy nation or thugs. Any village near the border were always in danger and most nations try and protect them but in time they lose interest finding no reason so most people left the village for safety or those who were stubborn remind and try to defend their home in the end it always end with lost. As Kitsune grew tried of the endless search, he decide since no one around he would use his demonic powers. Removing his hat his ears and tail appear using it he search for any scent of humans that was still strong. following it he tried to make sure he wasn’t court but needless to say Ruja found him but before Ruja had a chance to speak Kitsune found the object they were seeking in a bag well he hope anyway. As the scent was still strong whiling looking inside, it was scroll that had a seal on it. Even if it wasn’t what they wanted it could still be useful so they headed back. Wearing his hat once more, after he used his nose to find his teachers. But was annoyed that they were in an area where wooden ground didn’t seem needed and he couldn’t shout out to them or anything in case others were nearby. Turning to Ruja who look at him annoyed shaking his head but in the end Ruja was force to carry Kitsune. He was grateful he was small and light.

As they all meet up no one talked about what they seen, even though Julia found it cute and a bit jealous wishing Ruja would carry her like that. Conforming this was what they were after they got ready to go back. Things were quite Kaduna thought that maybe the two were finally getting along as he witness they were playing a game and Ruja even carried him thinking that maybe they were starting to form a bond of friendship but like all things it didn’t last. None of them know what happen but during their travels back to the horses they began to argue and it didn’t help that Ruja was carrying Kitsune. He tried to throw him off, but Kitsune held on tight nearly chocking the poor teen. Voices getting louder and spark of lighting and fire coming of their bodies. Julia watched unsure what to do but couldn’t help but find it funny as it remind her of a cat clinging onto it owner who was trying give them a bath. Clinging onto them with dear life, while the owner trying everything to rip out the claw from their head. Even Kaduna and sadeki join in but failed in parting them ether ending up being burnt or shock. Using all there might they separated the two and in doing so both Kitsune and sadkei fell. ‘You have a strong grip for a kid’ commented sadkei as he was about to get up, he move forcing Kitsune to fall off him hitting the ground. Realizing it, he quickly jump up to get away but as he got up a vine appeared and grab his ankle and wrap around him. As he went to burnt it, thorns appeared stabbing him. As it did he quickly burn it off, he then called out ‘Arion’. As his breathing become heavy grabbing onto sadkei as he began to lose his balances and his sight became too grew clouded. As sadkei help him and ask ‘you ok kid?’ as Kaduna rush over and felt his forehead he pull it away quick as it felt his hand was burning. As he looks down to his ankle and seen blood appear on his pants he knew he was stab and it wasn’t just a normal thorn but cover in poison. The deadly poison knowing that only the dirt yin can create it. As Arion arrive he said ‘we need to get back quick and get him seen too’ in panic Kitsune jump onto Arion holding the reins he lends his head onto arion’s neck trying his best to stay awake. As they hurry back to their own horses’ Arion left without them to get back to the village. As they other followed behind. As they rush back arrows came from the sky and fall down on them. As they stop to defend themselves guardians appear and attack them. Jumping off their horses they enter the fight. Kitsune heard it stop Arion and look at them, he could barely see and he was cover in sweat as the heat came off him. He tried to turn Arion so he could join in but sadkei called out ‘Arion take Kitsune back, he need to see a doctor’ understanding his words Arion ignores Kitsune and gallop off. Making sure he wasn’t to fast so Kitsune wouldn’t fall off, he always turn his head to keep him on. But sadly thing didn’t go as planned. As the other guardian didn’t want any survivors so the two were attack. Arion dodging the spells trying to get away while making sure Kitsune stay on. As his hearing was going he couldn’t hear his team or teachers call nor could he see what was going on. But he knew they were in danger. Refusing to just sit back, he couldn’t allow them to get harm as he force Arion to stop running and take him into the fight using his strength his jump into the battle. Joining in. He throws his hat off and as his ears and tail appeared he relied on his demonic hearing to fight. As the other tried to tell him to go home, he refused standing his ground he then called out ‘ell guard’ as fire appeared from his hand a fire fox appeared. Surprised sadkei called out ‘what are you doing? You can’t control it yet’ as the fire fox jump into the fight he began fighting the enemies. With it claws, teeth and flames. Outsmarting it enemies he protected the others. Amazed he was controlling it with ease. As everyone battle hard knowing it will soon end. Happy he had control sadkei knew it was the right choice in picking him as his student, even poison he battle style was flawless he didn’t let anyone touch him every spell was perfect it was hard to believe he even was poisoned. But things began to look grim. As Kitsune began to slow down he soon collapses. Rushing to his side things began to grow worse. As Kitsune pass out the fire fox went out of control. He attack anyone in it way it attacks were out of control. And no could stop it, it was too quick to be stop and as the other guardians fled. The other tried to catch or defeat the fire fox with Kitsune unconscious he couldn’t undo the spell. As Julia tried to hit it with her water spells but it wasn’t strong enough. As the fox grew stronger they soon relies it was tapping into the red fox’s powers, as Kitsune grew weaker the red fox grew stronger and was slowly escaping. As sadkei watch the fox he knew the only way to stop it. Grabbing Kitsune he place his hand on his forehead and chanting a few words and the fire fox turn into fire and return to Kitsune. As the danger was over, they didn’t have time to tend to their wounds or recover. They jump back on to their horses and rush off. Stopping for nothing, As Kitsune was in sadkei arms as he rode Arion back to the village. Feeling the heat on his body, burning though his skin, The smell of demonic mana began to flow out of his body. As Kitsune growled in pain and held his chest as the poison began to flow though his veins. They just hope they make it in and that they can cure him if not then they’re going to be a lot more trouble as the second goes by the fox within grows just waiting for it chances to brake free. Watching him, Kaduna wonder if it was the right idea to take him back, there might not be a chance to save him and if he does die then wouldn’t they be risking the lives of everyone when the fox reappears. Many thoughts enter his mind but no matter the outcome he still wanted to take Kitsune back even if he is a demon child and he might no survive he still is a guardian and if there a chance they going to take it even if other think they were foolish to do so.

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