Demon Children

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Fox and the snake met the dog and cat

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Submitted: March 28, 2013




The competition was a few days away and getting closer they all begin to worry as to was who they were going to fight, they didn’t want to fight anyone who powerful or someone who is their friend and they hope that Kitsune and Ruja didn’t have to fight but some did hope as it would be an epic fight that everyone would pay to see the only problem is that they will end up destroy everything around them.

As the class started Lars stood at the front and said ‘we have three new comers who just move here, so be nice unlike the last one who you guys scared away to a different village, their names are Mille and Harry bray and Jarred Berry’. As they headed down the young girl stood in the middle, she had a huge smile and look sweet, she look too young to be in the year, she had short brown hair with brads in it and next to her was her older brother Harry who had long spike up brown hair and Jarred look nothing like the others showing he not related but what court people attention is that the two boys didn’t stare at one another, just by looking you could tell they weren’t close and reminding them of two others who didn’t get along. As Lars look around and see that two student were missing ask Julia who was sitting down without a worry ‘where are they? Are they ditching again?’

‘No, I just got a text from Kitsune saying they both coming, but it seem something had happen’ she explain and when they heard shouting the students got ready for any short of lighting or fire or even a flying fox boy. Kitsune enter and jump form table to table like a fox with his ears and tail out and as he landed on his table with a cuts on his arm, he stop and look back and his ear went back and his tail was stiff. Then the window open behind him and lighting strike hitting Kitsune and as he shock it off and look out the window asking mad ‘where the snake go? When I catch him he dead’

‘there a spider on your back’ said Ruja and Kitsune jump up and turn asking in panic ‘what?’ then Ruja kick him out the window, closing it he then took a breather saying ‘that one least pest in this room’

‘Is he ok?’ ask Julia as she open the window to check and Ruja said ‘that idiot fine, that what he get, I swear that idiot should learn what happen when he get on my bad side’.

‘Ruja! You don’t push student out the window, that a detention’ shouted Lars.

‘for one he not just any student and second it not like he will die or brake anything, so what the point, he will return and if he tries again I will make sure he wont wake’ explain Ruja and Kitsune enter again walking back to his sit and sat in he chair like nothing happen and asked ‘there wasn’t any spider on my back was there?’

‘No, but you still should get out, I can’t stand the sight of you’ said Ruja sitting down with his eye close acting like he innocent.

‘you are one annoying snake, I did nothing wrong, so what if I’ he said and was stop as he was shock with lighting again, a normal person would be in pain but Kitsune got use to being hit with lighting so he can handle it better then before and growled ‘your such a child and I will get you back and I wont go easy on you this time, or spare you’

‘Fine then, I guess you still have to learn, Julia can you get the shock collar, he need to learn, some foxes are so stupid’ he said.

‘That it, I don’t care what happen I’m using everything’ growled Kitsune and got up and his hand went on fire then Lars shouted ‘sit down! That it both of you grow up or get out, let me start again met our new student Mille and Harry Bray and Jarred Berry’

‘When did they get here?’ ask Kitsune confused.

‘They were always here, I swear what good are you?’ said Ruja.

‘he asking for it, wait a minute’ said Kitsune and he notice his ears are out and tail and they are new, he wasn’t aloud for new people to find out about his other side and started to panic and place his head on the table and Mille said ‘you two remind me of these two, I guess this is going to be a fun school right guys?’

‘It would be if he wasn’t here’ said harry annoyed.

‘Like I want to be here, I rather be anywhere else then in the same room as you cat’ said Jarred looking away from everyone.

‘then return home you dog, go back to your master’ said Harry and they started, Millie try to stop then and Lars said ‘everyone I’m gone there is no way I’m dealing with this’ he then left and Miles said ‘I doubt you will get in trouble, they didn’t tell you so I guess it alright to have your fox side out’

‘So that what we look like’ said Kitsune watching he never knew what they look like to outside so watching them he felt embarrassed.

‘Sadly worst, so what was that all about today?’ ask Julia.

‘can’t say, unless this snake over there say it ok, or I might have to have another fight, and I can’t be bother I haven’t eaten’ complain Kitsune.

‘Didn’t you eat yet? What were you doing?’ ask miles.

‘Nothing you need to know, beside we have to settle this’ said Ruja.

‘It on, first we eat I refuse to fight on an empty stomach’ said Kitsune then they both pull out food from their bags, watching it made everyone curious to what happen to make them both miss breakfast. After eating Kitsune open the window and said ‘tell the teacher were sorting something out’

‘Also if you see a huge fox you know the idiot lost’ said Ruja.

‘I swear you’re a baby, if you just explain it’ said Kitsune,

‘If you forget then I wouldn’t have to kill you’ growled Ruja.

‘That would be impossible, I’m your enemy I can use this, also how are you going to catch up when were coming out a window’ said Kitsune and jump out as Ruja look and said ‘easy’ then he disappeared in the wind. Julia said ‘finally I can have a quite lesson for once’

‘Are they always like this?’ ask Mille as she appears next to her.

‘Worst, are they always like that?’ ask Julia looking at the other.

‘yeah that why we were kick out the last school, their fighting got some teachers hurt and they even quit, the school got damage so they were force to leave, and now were here, we heard this school will tolerated them and also it the only guardian school that can handle this’ she explain.

‘They wont be a worry, as you can see these two are the worst, so many times they tried to kill each other and made every teacher go crazy’ explain Julia. Mille and Julia talk about things and the other two stop and said ‘so this is our new school, the number one school around, who held the number one student Ruja Kaze and the up coming fighter Kitsune Yuji, I heard that they are rival and the one to beat’

‘We may hate each other but I think we need to show everyone who the number one is’ said Jarred.

At lunch Kitsune was sitting in his spot under the tree while Miles sat above and he didn’t ask about what happen, or why he has a cut on his arm, it was deep and that was his only wound, he went to Julia before to heal but his cut remained, he didn’t want to heal if for some reason. Ruja was nowhere to be seen once again and Harry walked over and said ‘your Kitsune Yuji right?’

‘One and only, hay you’re that new kid right? You’re like me you have an enerval’ he said.

‘Enerval?’ ask Harry.

‘Enemy who also a rival I put them together, so what do you want? and sorry about before, I hope we get to know each other better, it just he gets on my nerve and just because I accidently walk in on him, whatever I don’t really care’ he explain happy.

‘Right, I heard you’re a strong fighter, am I right?’ he asked.

‘Well enough to get on Ruja’s nerve but I wouldn’t say great, well I don’t think I’m that good there are way better student out there’ Kitsune explain eating away.

‘Well everyone scared of you, and doesn’t want to mess with you so I’m guessing so’ said Harry.

‘There a different reason for that, so what have you heard?’ ask Miles sitting up looking down.

‘well not much, only just those two hate each other and fight every time they see each other also the strongest around’ explain harry.

‘Not strongest, Ruja maybe but that only due to his harsh train, but don’t you think it his fox side is the reason why people are scared?’ ask Miles.

‘Aren’t they his power, that what we were told, he has an unusual power to summon ears and tail which when out double his power and speed’ explain Harry.

‘of cause that what you were told, I heard you are also strong and skill guardian, who was fear in school due to your powers plus the other kid Jarred is also fear, you were once number on your school’ said miles trying to figure them out.

‘right, you could say that and we plan to kept it that way’ said Harry and Kitsune’s ears came out and he stood up as his tail appeared he growled ‘someone coming, I bet it that snake so he came out of hiding perfect, Miles watch my stuff I have unfinished businesses with this guy’ then he throw his stuff at miles and ran off shooting fire into a tree, everyone look to see a small fire and then Ruja jump out and landed standing there quite, Kitsune move his hand and the fire when out and Kitsune said ‘you enter my area I thought we agree which area we can’t enter’

‘We did but one rule was already broken one that is punish by death’ he growled and lighting appear around his hands.

‘Again, look I was running away from some guy who really woke up on the wrong side of the bed, get over it already it not like I care unless you do?’ said Kitsune and his fire disappeared from his hand.

‘I wish you were never born’ growled Ruja and shot lighting and Kitsune dodge it doing a back flip and landed on the ground on his feet and said ‘someone lost their temper, look it not like I’m going to tell anyone even though it will be funny and we do hate each other and you do make my life horrible, you know I can’t find a reason not to tell’

‘I wont kill you there a reason’ he said and shot lighting dodging them he landed again and said ‘do that and I bet you will be kill within seconds, can you get over it, I’m so tired of being hit by your spells and that last one was just cruel, really spider in my food’ he said.

‘Fine but that won’t stop me from trying to kill you either way’ he said.

‘Right were enerval, we must fight till the other is gone, the pledged we made, I forgot that’ said Kitsune

‘this is why you are waste of space you can’t remember anything, useless and should be lock away’ then he charge and shot out lighting while Kitsune made a fire wall as the wall ell the two went into a combat match, as everyone watch unable to break it up, Charlie then said ‘I’m getting a teacher before they seriously get hurt’.

‘that it!’ shouted Julia and made a water wall that separated them and as they landed and look and shouted ‘your meant to be a team, you can’t fight like this how are we ever going to go on mission if you guys can’t even work together or solve a simple disagreements’

‘I’m not his team mate, I will never see him as one’ shouted Kitsune.

‘plus anyone who with him will end up being kill and he completely useless I rather be dead then stay with a fox like him or call him a team mate’ said Ruja then he disappear in the wind the water wall fell and Kitsune tilled his head while sitting down and his ears and tail disappeared, he shouted ‘I’m so annoyed right now, miles what is this feeling called again?’

‘It called rage; I thought you learnt this’ said miles.

‘I said what people are to me not emotions’ he said and Lars appear behind him and pick him up by the collar of his shirt then drag him off, Kitsune said ‘I get it, no fighting in the school, plus do I have to go and see him?, he give me the creeps’ Lars said nothing and drag him away. Charlie return and said ‘well that done, I guess your getting better at ending the fight, but doing this wont bring you closer to Ruja, but push him away’

‘Your right, I have to go and apologies’ she said as she bolted of Charlie followed to two argue over who should be with Ruja leaving Miles alone holding Kitsune stuff saying ‘what a pain’

 The other two look and jarred said ‘powerful no wonder they are famous’

‘Indeed tomorrow, after school, our hate will have to be put on hold’ said harry.

‘For now, but after tomorrow there will be a new number one’ said harry and they separated.


The next day after school Kitsune and Ruja were at their hidden soup dinner, having quite time sitting far away from each other. They seem at peace now, which they seems to be like in this places where no one around, so they could relax from the fighting, this was the only place the two agree not to fight. As they heard a loud bang which sounded like a bomb and Kitsune’s ears came out and said ‘a dog and cat are coming’

‘The new kids?’ ask Ruja drinking his coffee.

‘I guess so, they aren’t fighting each other though but wanting us to come out’ he said.

‘I guess they want to be the new top, they think they could beat us’ said Ruja putting his coffee down.

‘Putting their hate aside to work together, it must be serious, we should beat them now before it get to serious’ said Kitsune pushing his bowl away.

‘That could get you into trouble and even lock away’ said Ruja.

‘Well if it to defend I can, plus I don’t think you would care if I do, so ready to fight’ said Kitsune.

‘Always but not with you, your on your own and after this your getting me a hot coffee’ said Ruja and got up.

‘Fat chance, but I guess I can’t use my demon half to help, so the hat must warn that sucks’ he said and place his black flat cap on and they walk out to a far place away from any buildings. There the two harry and jarred stood and Kitsune said ‘what the deal I thought you guys hate each other, for the pass days you both haven’t even been close to what call friend’

‘well we both like our old title so much we decide we want them back but for that we need to take you out, so a fight is needed’ said jarred.

‘So jarred is dog and harry is cat, while I’m fox and he snake I guess we should learn our names’ said Kitsune.

‘You know the more you talk the more I want to rip out your voice box’ said Ruja.

‘Same gose for me, now let get this over and done with’ said Kitsune.

The battle started and Kitsune power up with fire as it surrounded around him and wind around Ruja and they attack the others who had element power too, jarred with water and Harry had nature. They battle like their life were at stake, holding nothing back, Kitsune try to use his powerful mana and not the demon fox, casting spell to make object appear and shield. He battle agents jarred and Ruja agents harry, they found it more of a challenge fighting an element that strong agents their own. Their reputation was correct both side strong and when it came down to it equal but it was all about their will power and if they can handle the other attack. Mana was just getting thrown around and weakened. Kitsune using his dodging skill and his kick to fight, he didn’t rely on his fire or any spell unless needed, as he knew his fire wouldn’t work much on a water guardian. Near the end it seem the flower guardians were going to fall as they didn’t work together like the others who help out and as they jump away Kitsune said ‘it seem they hate us more then they hate each other, forming a team’

‘Even so we are way stronger then them’ said Ruja.

‘If we work together, I have a plan that will end this but could get us in trouble’ said Kitsune.

‘well if it means you will lock away then let do this stupid plan’ said Ruja and Kitsune smiled and jump in the air and shouted ‘shine’ then a bright light appeared and the two were blinded for a second and the two shot fire and lighting in the air that join together and as the light faded fire ball fall form the sky along with lighting attacking its enemies. The whole village seen this and the leader order the top guardian to go and find out what going on.

As it ended the two walk over and both were getting shock with lighting and had burnt clothes as Kitsune smiled and said ‘you are very strong to even get us join together you are indeed worthy of being the 3rd and 4th strongest’

‘I think their blind’ said Ruja

‘I know, I use a demonic spell, I heard he could control light so I tried I can only make light though, but if I didn’t they would have seen what we were doing and stop us, I guess I’m being lock away for it I should practice more’ explain Kitsune.

‘Seem so, but I though you can’t use any with that hat?’ ask Ruja.

‘Nope the hat stop my power from coming out when I don’t want it too, but if I want to I can’ said Kitsune then the guardian arrive and seen the two standing and one ask ‘what happen here?’

‘They attack us and we defend our self that isn’t agents the rules’ said Kitsune.

‘They wanted to be the new top student, you know if you told them he was a demon none of this would happen’ explain Ruja.

‘So he use his demon side to do this?’ ask another guardian.

‘I have my hat on, my pendant and seal, what else do you want me to wear, I use the skills I learn, beside I didn’t brake a rule no one said I can’t fight to defend my self’ explain Kitsune.

‘You know we have to report this’ said another.

‘I know, but least we work together for once’ said Kitsune.

‘the last time though but if he must be lock away I wont stop you, I will tell everyone you went crazy and attack them, I tried my best but you use your demonic power, I will make it a great battle’ Ruja said thinking about it.

‘Your going to tell everyone I lose control and the demon came out, but you beat me and the demon return inside me, right?’ ask Kitsune.

‘You know me to well, so goodbye fox’ said Ruja and he diseapred in the wind. Kitsune said ‘at the end he never changes, so to the leader it is’.


The next day the two return and held grudges agents Ruja and Kitsune, who wasn’t there Ruja didn’t tell the story yet till it was confirm he was lock away. As it was quite a bright light came and Ruja disappeared while Kitsune appeared and said ‘I discover a new power of teleport and I fell happy, as I finely got that snake back, farewell young snake’ he sat in his sit eating and Julia panic ‘where did you sent him?’

‘Don’t worry he not dead he will be back in three, two, one’ said Kitsune and he return in a flash of light and Ruja look different he was stiff and Kitsune said ‘now who can teleport others sadly they return so it not much of teleport’ then he laugh and Ruja said ‘I guess you have return’

‘Like I said not going anywhere till I beat you’ he said smiling and Julia asks ‘what happen yesterday?’

‘Let just say you will be proud to know me and Ruja can work together, yet no one will ever see that again’ explain Kitsune

‘Never again’ said Ruja.

‘You two are imposable, this is why we never go on mission’ she said annoyed.

‘It because you can’t fight and need much work’ said Ruja.

‘We are the number one group, as we are faster, stronger and have never one fail in a job to be done also you are slow’ said Kitsune.

‘That because we never go anywhere, just once can you spend a whole day as equal and try to be a team?’ ask Julia.

‘No’ they both said and Julia then gave up. The other two rivals stay away from them, but where grateful they didn’t tell anyone about it. As school return to normal everyone knew something happen as Jarred and Harry were both cover in injuries they just wonder who they battle agents, though many new it was Kitsune and Ruja as the injuring on the could only be found on those who were attack by them. 

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