Demon Children

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Demonic battle- bear vs. fox

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Submitted: April 08, 2013




Kitsune still hiding his true self was at his limit none of his spell could break his hard skin. With cuts and an injured arm he couldn’t think of anything else to do. “man if I don’t knock him out soon I will lose, I guess I have no choose I hope nothing bad happen” he thought and then he close his eye and a red light appeared around him and the beast look as it roared. Another tail appeared and his body looks like sand, looking more like a demon bear then a human. The place around them was destroy and no life was around just broken ground and rocks. As the light faded Kitsune nails turn to claws and his tail and ears turn darker, as he roar like the fox, loud and high pitch, still looking like a girl he ran over as he jumper over the bears, using his claws he scratch the bear’s back leaving a scar, as he broke through the skin, looking his claws he smiled as he ran back on all four, acting like a fox attacking it pray the bear demon roared and the rock begin to fly into the area as they went after him. He doges all the shot and jump form rock to rock, bolder to bolder till he was able to reach the bear and scratch it neck. Landed on all fours Kitsune took deep breathe, tired and could feel the fox trying to take over, his pendent glowed as it was using all it power to keep the demon within, as he could the fox wanted to fight the demon and defend it land, Kitsune push it back. Looking at his claws he let like he had pulled them out as each scratch was like ripping the claws out. In pain he kept going hoping to break his hard body but even doing that could end up killing him. As Kitsune stood up strong he said ‘stop this, it is pointless why are you doing this to yourself, don’t you care auk you could die, if the bear take over any more you will be lost, I know it hasn’t taken over as your left eye is still the same and other parts, just fight it, why are you going this far?’

‘I want to kill, I’m a demon, demon kill and destroy’ said the beast.

‘your not a demon, you may contain a demon inside you but your not you’re a human who was chosen to take the role of guardian, you kept the demon in check and stop it from returning to the world, you not a demon or a monster but a hero’ Kitsune shouted.

‘Stupid fox, you were always so young and foolish, we are demon that why we are called demon children, born to hold the curse of demon and unable to do what we want, outcast and once I finish you, I will catch and kill my pray then destroy the world’ he roared.

‘You fool! What dose it take to get it though your head that your not a demon, no one ever said you can’t do what you want just because someone say you can’t doesn’t mean you can’t, what I want is something I can never get, well I still trying and not going to give up even if the world agents me, I may hold the worst demon and everyone fear me but I not giving up and I never giving up on you’ he shouted and shot a fire spiral at him, the bear was knock back with his paw as Kitsune jump in the air and kick him jumping back then the ground turn to sand as he fell into the ground and as he tried to climb the rocks and boulder fell on his head and he was crunch and attack by the rocks. The bear roar in victory and a bright light appear form the rock as Kitsune jump out and said ‘no way I’m going out that way, if you think we are nothing but beast and monster then I will not hold back and show you the true power of a demon child’ as he landed he lift his hand up and a light surround that hand and as he pointed it a bright light appeared, as the bear cast a spell to defend itself, the light shout out o his hand, turning the place into nothing but light even at the village everyone could see the bright light.  As the light faded everyone wonder what happen and the four rush over after the fight and Julia called out ‘Kitsune!’ while Kiza shouted out ‘auk!’ as they heard the ground moving and Kitsune came out still a girl but his headband broke along with the belt, the clothes rip and torn, covered in blood. His ears and tail return to his orange color, as his claws vanish. As he pull himself out the group he held in his arms, auk who was now back to normal. Tired but not yet pass out, as they reach the top Kitsune annoyed hit Auk head and growled ‘you idiot, you nearly kill us both’

‘I didn’t mean too’ said auk all shy and indecent completely different form before the other ran over, while Kaduna carried Ruja who was embarrass about it.

‘By the way auk if you ever need anything don’t be afraid, us demon children have to look out for each other, so call me your friend’ said Kitsune.

‘But demon aren’t friend with demon they only want to kill each other including demon children’ said auk standing up.

‘no way, who ever said that, when I sense you I don’t fell like killing you but helping you I could sense you were losing your way even the fox within me wanted to help, so if you ever need me call or come and visit, with that settle we should introduce our self, I’m Kitsune Yuji Guardian in training age 12’

‘I’m auk, age 12 I have no idea what I am’ he said and looking at him he didn’t look 12 but younger as he still hasn’t got his growth spurt.

‘You’re like me a guardian in training or why else would you be in the competition’ said Kitsune smiling and when they arrive they look at Kitsune and Kaduna asks ‘who are you?’

‘I’m Kitsune of cause, who else could have fox power and befriend a demon child I can’t see you lots doing it, you would have kill this poor kid’ explain Kitsune.

‘But you’re a girl’ said Julia.

‘I knew it he a cross dresser, we really have the worst demon’ said Ruja.

‘shut up, look Kaduna wouldn’t let me watch the battle and I got tired of hiding so I use a spell to turn me into a girl and watch but with all this going on I never got the time to end it, change back’ he explain and he turn back into a guy, the other two were surprise and Kitsune said ‘also you wanted to kept the demon thing a secrete and beside I knew there was a demon child from the beginning, when he enter the village this is the fox’s land when a demon enter I know,  plus he would know too as the land is flowing in it aura, so all of this was for nothing’.

‘I did sense a demon child, you’re a guy?’ ask auk confused.

‘Yes young one, I’m a guy hay auk you should visit some day, it would be fun’ said Kitsune smiling.

‘Hay you idiot, it nice you guys are friends but his village did attack ours and still is’ said Ruja.

‘That right you two won’t be seeing each other at all, we should head back’ said kiza.

‘Is Ruja your pray?’ ask auk.

‘don’t have a pray yet, he more of an enemy also a rival, which is way I can’t let you kill him if you do then how can I get him back if anyone end him it me’ explain Kitsune.

‘Even so a pray a pray and I can’t stop’ said auk.

‘if so then I will just do this’ said Kitsune and he walk over to Ruja and put his hand over his head and a bright life appeared and as it faded he pull it away and Ruja shouted ‘what did you just do?’

‘you now belong to the fox demon, which mean if any demon came they will know you belong to him, which mean no demon will attack, as if they do the fox will end them, so auk do you still want to continue your quest to kill him?’ he explain.

‘No he not my pray, just because he your if it was another demon I would, any way see you kit’ said auk and his leg gave in and kiza help her brother even though she was scared of him. The others then headed back and Kaduna then said ‘if you think about it Kitsune just mark as Ruja his, so Ruja now belong to Kitsune’

‘What? Why would you do that?’ ask Julia upset.

‘if I didn’t that demon would have just come back and tried to kill him then how am I meant to beat him then, now that you think about if other demon children arrive they might tried to kill him or use him as bait and there some meaning behind the spell’ explain Kitsune and started thinking about it.

‘You know if you own me you have to take care of me including you pay for everything, food, clothes and everything else’ said Ruja still being carried on Kaduna back.

‘never, wait I remember, the fox told me once that when you care about someone mark them as your own so the demon will know you care about them and will protect them, it kind of like marriage, whatever that means’ explain Kitsune and the others stop and Julia felt like screaming and Ruja drop his head in embarrassment and Kaduna couldn’t help but laugh as Kitsune stop and look asking ‘what? We have to hurry our village need us you guys have no sense in pride’

‘Don’t worry I got word the Julard are leaving, especially since their demon is now defeated, plus word spread of the fox demon arriving, also has anyone told you about marriage?’ explain Kaduna.

‘Nope, mum told me nothing so what dose it means? I hope it nothing bad because I have no idea how to take of the mark, there is a way but it never told me’ said Kitsune started to walk.

‘It means you love that person and want to be with them forever and even live together’ explain Julia.

‘ok, you make no sense, I will ask miles he knew everything and while I’m at it I will find how to brake it, as there no need anymore unless he arrive and I can tell so when he dose I will redo it, let hurry back, Lars would be worried’ said Kitsune and ran off excited and full of energy, it didn’t seen he just had a huge fight, his was cover in wounds but he didn’t care and his clothes were rip even though he wasn’t wearing them. As they arrive the place seem calm and the Julard have all left, Kitsune ran around looking but most people were scared as he was covered in blood and with all the fire they seen and light they were scared of what he did. Running around he soon found miles on a roof laying there it seen as if he was asleep Kitsune jump up to the roof with no effort and landed next to him as he started to shake him till he woke, he push Kitsune and ask ‘what? I was sleeping if you didn’t hear there was a huge battle and now I need to rest’

‘You can’t, you need to explain to me what marriage mean?’ ask Kitsune.

‘when people love each other so much, and want to be with them forever and be with no one else, get marriage by having a wedding and they living together and have a family, some have children, so really you just love them so much even in a fight you can never hate them’ he explained Kitsune thought about and he knew what wedding means, and then he bang his head on the roof and Miles said ‘did you get marriage or something?, which I doubt’

‘auk wanted to kill Ruja because he was his pray but if that happen how can I beat him, so I caste a spell that the fox said to use on someone you don’t want to be kill by other demon, but it also mean you want to married them so when other demon sense this they will think I want to love him, even other animals I don’t know about human’ he said and got upset and mad.

‘You disappear for a couple of hours and all hell brake lose, just brake the spell, I’m sure you can’ said miles and lay back down.

‘you’re no help, I have to break the spell, there no way I want to be with that guy, he would ruin my life, Ruja hold it’ shouted Kitsune and jump down and his arm glow red and said ‘I have no idea if this will work but even so I don’t want that mark on you, remove’ and he place his hand on Ruja and the light appear and a huge bang as Kitsune was push away and Kaduna let go off Ruja who fell, he held his face in pain and Kitsune sniff and said ‘it work, wait it didn’t, curses’ Kitsune was annoyed and Ruja said ‘if I could I would turn you to crisp, get over it, it not like anyone care beside until you learn the stupid spell I’m stuck with it and by the way it will never happen’

‘Like I would let it, what a minute something wrong’ said Kitsune and got up and ran to the headquarters. Arriving the others not far back, Kitsune push his way though and found the counsel who seen Kitsune and said ‘what are you doing here?’

‘Came to see the old men, where is he?’ ask Kitsune.

‘None of your concern, you stupid fox, where the demon child?’ ask another council member who was a girl.

‘He lost and turn human, he was taken back, he not going to attack us anymore’ said Kitsune.

‘Then go home you not needed here demon, you not allow in the area unless summon and with your guardian’ said another counsel. They all were harsh and don’t want him around even so Kitsune felt something wasn’t right, he use to them hating him but people were hurt.

‘I know that, still I can help I could heal the wounded’ said Kitsune offing to help.

‘who would want your help, just go home you know the rule do what your told, if you don’t you know what will happen fail to understand demon’ one said and Kitsune smiled and said ‘ok I can see you have everything handle’ and he walk off then later run away. The truth is they need his help but they reject him because of his demon, even so Kitsune didn’t care he uses to it, but he never gave up returning home he got wash and waited for Lars to return home. Sitting on the couch lying alone in the cold dark house, in pain thinking about what Auk is doing.


At the village of Jalard Auk, Kiza and Kalma were taken in for questioning asking what happen, since auk was meant to turn demon and attack the village killing everyone Kiza explain that the fox demon is alive and attack, he won the fight. Auk was fine but was blame for everything and punish. They didn’t care if he lost to the fox, he should have kept going till he couldn’t anymore. Auk sat alone and cried as he was lock away unable to eat anything and was alone once again. As he sat he thought about the boy words, can he change his way of life and became something more then a demon child, who lock away and a slave to his village. Confused about what he should do, he sat there wondering what can he really do, to make everyone think of him different, his own family left him and his own village hate him can he really change the future that already set for him, to live alone unable to die or even leave. Thinking then knew that anything better then this and it time to try, if he could make one friend or even change a little even if it not a lot that would be better then this, from now on he going to become something more then a demon child, even though he lost the test he can still try again and maybe even get his own siblings to love him and see him more than just a demon.

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