Star creatures

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Years ago powerful and strange creature came to earth from space. known as star creatures they took earth as there home and as human and stars join together an game starts that soon became popular and an goal appeared one everyone wanted.
Young Charlie heads out on his journey to became the champion of the star creature. He starts with his first step, finding a partner. Heading to the professor of his town he soon is sent on a mission to find and recover an lost star creature who had run away. Doing this he met up with an lone pup who life to battle.
after the two took down there first foe together in order to save there home, the two became partners and travel around the world till they got all the badges and the face the 4 top battlers to get the title of champions. Charlie and Archi are not seeing eye to eye but agree to help each other as they travel and test there new found bond they meet friends along the way and face new challenges. Making rivals and the two soon find out that bring strong is not the only thing they need to reach their dream. Archi and Charlie must test there friendship and strength as they travel.
Being hunted down and are force to make tough choices Charlie must now put all his energy into keeping his friends alive and with him while trying to bring his dream alive of becoming the champion. No one ever said heading to the top was easy.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Star creatures

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Submitted: February 20, 2013




1. Finding a partner


Years after the Dark creature was destroy and Bane became the light, the world of the stars came out and everyone knew about them, even though they were stranger, the world welcome them and makes their game more famous and challenging.  With contenders around the world in different towns with badges to collect and once you get them all the four world top trainers are waiting and if you win you became the champion of the Star Creatures and the best battler in the world, a title that has never been won.

Rules were made one that can’t be broken, the main one was you can’t force or capture them, they must be willing to join your team, you start at the age of ten when you met a professor, and after you past a test he will bring out a selection of creature to pick to be your partner.

This journey  start with a ten year old boy who just turn ten, he gone to his local and famous professor to finally live his dream of owning his first star creature.

It was early morning and the young boy Charlie headed out, he had busy brown hair with a red hat on backwards, and he wore a red jacket with a black shirt and jeans. With his red and orange back pack he headed out into the world. His eyes full of hope and his spirit high, Charlie ran to the centre to meet his first creature.

As he arrive the place with hope the place was huge and look like a mansion but inside it was destroy and the professor came out. He had black hair and was tall, next to him Charlie look smaller then unusually. Charlie was the smallest in his year. The professor was worried, running around with his white coat and when he see Charlie he ran over and ask “sorry about the mess but can you go and find this creature?”, and gave Charlie a little watch with a little computer on it that came out with a touch of a button. It was small and blue and a picture came up of a rabbit looking creature with a long tail and fangs, with spike down it back. Charlie agrees and headed out to the forest to find the creature, his first mission to find a baby creature who could be his future partner.

Walking around he couldn’t find it till he found a little white rabbit and pointed his watch to it and it confirm it was the one he was looking for. Heading towards it but the little rabbit ran off and so Charlie chase after him. Running they soon in counted a huge brown bear that was out of a kill. Standing still unsure if it a real bear or not he check to see and found out it was an star creature, powerful and aggressive and not known for their kindness but for their rage and love to fight even the smallest of pray. As he walk slowly and try to grab the rabbit the bear chase him to a cliff and as he left the rabbit go and let it run for it life. The bear went for a swipe but Charlie dodges just in time but the edge he was on broke underneath him. As he held on to his life the bear soon walk off and is left unable to climb back up, because the rock he was holding on was about to fall and so is the others around him. As he calls for help he soon fell into the lake below.


Awhile later he find himself alive and out of the lake, on the grass as he look to his side he see a small grey wolf pup sleeping next to him and an apple near his face. As he gets up and sees that the pup also soaks. But what confused Charlie is that no wolves live in the area and if it is a star creature what it doing here, wolf creature never travel here since it a bear forest. As he touch the pup and ask in a sweet and calm voice “are you ok?” then the wolf pup lift it head and open it big brown eyes and yarned. As he look and seen he was awake he got up and ran off leaving the kid alone.

Charlie then gets up and tries to find his way back and also find the lost rabbit. Later on found the rabbit and also court it. As he headed home only to find the wolf pup fighting the same bear as before, as young as it was, it was a powerful pup but couldn’t battle for much longer. Charlie ran over and put the rabbit down and jump in the bear way as he turn his back to it and hug the pup as the bear slashes his back. Screaming in pain he grabs the pup and started to run away in pain but he couldn’t make it far. The bear court up to them madder than ever, spike came from it back and a long busy tail along with it that has spike all on it. The claws grew to be so long it touches the ground almost longer then the bear itself. His coat change from brown to grey with black marking all around it, as it roar and ran toward them he knock Charlie over and the pup went flying and landed on the ground and as Charlie just under the bear mouth push the mouth away with all his strength as the bear was about to use his mighty claws to kill him. As it lift his paw then little pup speeded over and shot out a large blast of water that knock the bear over and it soon ran way in fear. The young pup howled and then limb away leaving Charlie alone. The young boy woke up and look and seen it was over grab the rabbit and rush back before the bear returns to finish them off.

Heading to the centre the place was cleaner and all the papers were in piles and the computers were back on line. It looks like a real research centre now. As one of the professor assistance took him to the care centre when the creature babies lived he place the rabbit down and the professor came out and asks “what happen you clothes are rip and your cover in mud?”

“I was attack by a bear with spikes, but save by a young wolf” he answered. Then the professor asks their medical team to come and help and clean Charlie’s wound up. As he was all better and clothes were getting fix they look up the creatures.

“The bear was called unkey, very aggressive you should be happy that you made it out alive, they are very dangerous without a powerful creature you could have been kill” he said worried.

“but I was, I went to save the wolf pup and it save me, we need to go find it badly injured and that bear could find it” said Charlie all worried.

“that creature should have known better then to travel into the unkey territories and beside it wild and you can’t have a wild starter unless they agree and lots of the time they don’t now go into the pen and hang with the creatures and maybe you find one that want to be with a strange kid like you” said the professor then he left. Charlie enters the pen and play with them but Charlie didn’t care about them he wanted to know if the pup was ok. Then an alarm went off and everyone was running around. It seems that an unkey has gone local and is destroying the forest and attacking the creatures and heading to the town. Soon people ran out with their creature to find and contain that unkey. Charlie followed staying hidden he found the unkey, who was battling the young pup again.  Charlie bolted down and watches hoping that it would be ok. The pup badly injured and bleeding it couldn’t fight any longer but it kept going. Soon Charlie ran down and slammed into the bear and then went under it and grabs the pup and bolted before the bear knew what hit him. As it notices it ran after him. Charlie running to the group bolting like crazy while he was being attack by the pup that attack his arms trying to break free from Charlie. Soon as Charlie did and the pup look at him with his ears flopping half down and his fluffy pup fur sticking out, the pup growled and started braking. “I’m trying to help you can’t beat that bear alone” said Charlie worried. Still growling the bear arrive now back to it trues form with spike and all. He roar and knock the two over and went for the attack and the pup shot out another blast of water that knock it over and then fell to the ground. He had no energy to keep going. As the bear ran back to attack the pup Charlie jump in fount arms out and stood his ground and shouted “stop! Leave this pup alone”. The bear roar, Charlie then shouted out again “I may not have a partner yet but I’m still going to be a star creature trainer and you might be tough but I will not run from you I will never run away’.

The creature then was about to attack then the pup knock Charlie over and then shout out a bigger and more powerful blast of water that spin around and around spinning the bear  with the water and as the bear fell to the ground. The bear scared ran off leaving them alone in fear. The pup then fainted and Charlie picks it up and took it to the centre to be treated in fear for it life as he felt his breathing grew weaker.

  As he sleep on a table with a plastic container around it that spray out clear water that was made to heal and recover any wounds on the star creatures. It was like a cage for them to heal with a machine next to it. As the pup woke up and see what was going on then attack the container and broke it with his head and jump out, Charlie seen him and walk over and bend down to his high and said in joy “your awake and looking better, how you feel?”. As the young pup was confused attack his hand again and snarled. The professor came over and said “I think he like you”

“You think I though attack someone means hate” he said.

“I have no idea what he is, there not many wolf creature with water power, it could be a cross or I don’t know, until he changes or tell us his name, it going to be a mystery” he said.

“Hay boy, were not here to hurt you but help you, don’t you feel better than before, yeah we make a good team don’t we” said Charlie all clam.

The pup let go and look at him sitting down with one ear up and another ear half down.

“hay do you want to join me in the quest to became the top trainer, you can be my partner as we travel and met new people and star creatures and even battle any others, what you say?” said Charlie putting his hand out. The pup bit his hand again and Charlie pulls it away and said “no it is” then grabs the pup paw and shakes it. The pup wasn’t happy and you could tell it didn’t want to be here. Soon Charlie got up and walk over to the pen and the pup followed, following the smell of other creatures he jump into the pen and sniffs, to him they were all weak and powerless creatures not worth to battle, he look at them as babies that should be in a day care then being sent off to battle the big world.

“See these are the creature I’m going to have as my partner well if one pick me” he explain. The pup then growled and pulls his jacket, looking at him he then howled. Saying he want to Charlie partner. Charlie was so happy he jump for joy and the professor seen them he took the two into a new room full of watches, computers and information. The place looks so different and was white with a blue floor. As the two enter he took the watch off Charlie and place it next to a computer and attach it to the computer and downloaded information and ask for the pup paw print and as he place it on a pad the professor ask “do you willing accept to be Charlie Michel partner and agree to travel and battle and never to leave his side and be a true partner?”. The pup bark and the pad started glowing and it went to the watch and into the computer and the pup took his paw and sat next to Charlie.

“He now your partner and here your watch it will tell you about the star creature and who your partners are, also a phone and map” he explain.

“Wow so I’m really a trainer now?” he asks all exited.

“yes but to became the top you must beat the containers and once you beat them all you get go and battle the top four battlers in the whole world and once you beat them you are the champion of star creature, but note this no one has ever became the top. There are many contenders and also changing, sometime they lose or gain, since if the contender loses a certain time in a row they lose that name. at first you battle cross star creature but at the end the original star creatures good luck the first place you need to go is Cattron city, a new one made with your first official big battle once you get all badge you can be on your way to be champion” he explain then left the room. Charlie exited ran outside and was greet by his mother and the friends and towns people he knows.

As they stood just outside the door his mother ran and hug him and said in tears “I hope this day never came, the day my baby boy going on his quest to for fill his dream”

“It ok mum, I will be fine you can call me any time and I will call you once I reach the towns and I got my pup to help me” he explain.

“Oh let see, he small isn’t he and cute what is he?” she ask.

“Unsure, he hasn’t change but he strong” he said.

“He looks aggressive” said one of the men in the background.

“No he not, he very tough and were going to be champions” he said then as he said bye to his mother as she gave him some food and stuff. As he said bye the two headed off with hopes and full of excitement they left everything they knew behind and now must rely on each other to make it in the world.

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