Star creatures

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Trouble in the City

Submitted: March 19, 2013

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Submitted: March 19, 2013




The group finally made it to the city late at night, tired they went straight to the center to sleep, asking for a free stay the group sleep on the conch, hoping that no one would sit on them like before.

As carol woke up and look around and seen Archi and demon sleeping on the conch and eagle sleeping on the arm rest, all clueless to the world around them. Carol then relies Charlie wasn’t here in panic she stood up and looks around only to find a note on the table. As she read it furious to what she read, shouted out ‘What?’ waking up the others, as eagle move to see what was going on he fell to the ground which woke Archi woke up annoyed as he look around and seen demon yawning away, wondering why he was out ask ‘what up with the yelling? I was sleeping and why are these idiots out?’

 ‘Charlie gone, he had to do something and left me to baby sit, he didn’t even ask’ complained carol.

‘He left, without me, well I can see how much he values our partnership’ said Archi insulted.

‘How could he leave? We’re a team he my master he has to be here’ ask demon upset.

‘He gone, when will he be coming back?’ ask eagle flying around.

‘He said he will call when he back at the center, well fine then, I’m getting wash you guys stay here’ she said then grab her stuff and went to get wash up.

The other sat there and wondering what to do then as Carol came out all clean and dress to see that all of them were gone, as she started to panic and ask everyone if they seen them but no, scared of what could had happen grab her things and rush out. As she called out fringer for help, she ran around asking everyone and calling out there names. As she found them all together she rush over and shouted ‘I told you to stay I been looking everywhere for you’

‘We were hungry and beside, I listen to no one and if Charlie not around then there no reason I should be here’ said Archi and ran off.

‘Come back, Archi’ called out Carol.

‘I’m only loyal and listen to Charlie, if you say stay I won’t, lately I’ve been too nice I need to get my edge back, call when Charlie back’ said demon and ran off.

 ‘What, Call? Guys come back!’ she called out confused and annoyed.

‘I would stay and do what you say, since I show great respect in girls but I do bore of the same girl, I’m going to find another’ said eagle and flew off and Carol kept calling but they didn’t came back.

‘what was that idiot thinking leaving me with such untrained or uncaring creature, why didn’t he take them’  she cried then walk off as she knew there was no way they were going to give her the time of day, she gave up and just did what she wanted to do.

Archi watching from above as he walk on the roof tops, searching for pray, he thought since Charlie not around he can return back to his old ways and hunt down his pray and fight anyone he meets. To him the city was his playground with no one holding him back he did what he wanted and care about no one else. While demon explore the ground, looking for some pray, trying to dig deep for his inner hunter, thinking he became too much of an house pet, he felt he needed to know what it like to be in the wild and rely on himself and see if he has what he takes.

Eagle just flew around stealing food and meeting new birds and finding out what happening in the world, while also watching the girls.

Carol spend her days at the salon and buying new things, she wanted to spend the day as a girl and enjoy the city life before heading back into the woods, soon she got a call for Charlie, a message saying he coming back and be here in an hour and he has something to show everyone. As she finishes reading in panic she rush out to find them worried about what would happen if Charlie return to see there not here. Hoping the three are OK and without injuries she then she remember that Kendra still out there, as she though more and more she bolted around calling out to them in fear of what could happen, and how she ever get Charlie to forgive her. She found demon and Archi many times many time but her voice never reach them nor keep up with them.

Demon was having too much fun exploding and attacking all those around him, some people already complained and chase demon down the street. Archi not caring about others just hunted down anyone and has already hunted down eagle and almost eat him. Eagle wasn’t happy about it and even complains but Archi just said ‘you maybe in the team but not my pack, because of that you’re fair game when Charlie not around and I will hunt whatever and if he asks you ran away’. Than Archi left to hunt another. He soon went to the ground and found demon that was chasing some wild cats.

‘Such a dog’ said Archi.

‘I been chasing and hunting all creatures and haven’t lost’ said demon.

‘it doesn’t matter how many battle you take and how much you win, you will never beat me so get out my way or you will became my lunch’ he said and push him out the way.

‘You’re not the boss or the top creature, you haven’t won agents me yet so don’t start acting like your all that when we all know you couldn’t win anything if Charlie was giving you orders’ said demon and Archi turn and growled ‘fine then let battle and who ever lose will leave the group’ he growled as demon agree the two went straight into it, using all their strength not holding back, treating it as there last match. Not caring who in their way or who get hurt. As Archi shot out his powerful water gun, demon shot out his dark ray as they hit a huge explosion hit, as everyone around got harm. As eagle and carol rush over and found them, wondering what to do, Carol at first tried to stop them and if everyone got involve they ended out being attack. Carol didn’t want anyone to think she was there trainer or was looking after them, in fear of having to pay or being arrested.

Watching the two battle hard and taking every hit, they were both powerful but Archi was stronger and had more experiences in battle, even so demon didn’t care he knew if he lost he would have to leave. Ignoring the pain soon fringer got involve shocking them both, as the stop and seen fringer in rage they went to attack only to be stop by eagle he stop them from moving. Archi annoyed at them knock eagle away and attack both fringer and eagle with his water gun, later chasing them, as the three ran away demon follow behind.

As carol turn back she notices all three of them have vanished once again, the three hated one another and wanted to end the other life and without Charlie around no one could stop them. in fear of another fight she was about to rush to find them only to stop when she ran into Charlie whom look at her confused but smiled saying ‘hay carol, sorry about today, something came so I had to go, I can’t tell you what but I did get these, it a thank for taking care of the three, a grooming kit for fringer so you don’t have to spend money at an salon all the time, I got one also, I have other stuff too so where are they anyway?’. He started to look around and carol explain ‘thanks am they are at the center you know laying down relaxing, I was just going back, they were tired still’

‘that odd but let go back, I heard there wild stars fighting, at first I thought they were mine, in fear that you couldn’t control them, but I guess I was wrong’ he said happy about it as he smiled away as he walk to the center, he was happy they listen to her. Carol smiled and acted like everything was fine, worrying about what Charlie going to say when he find out it was his who was bring destruction to the city. She just hope fringer could find them and bring them back before Charlie reach the center. As they reach the center as he was about to enter carol stop and said as she tried to stop him from entering ‘why should we wake them? I mean they’re tired and Archi hate it when he woken up, why don’t we go and have some lunch? As you must be hungry from your travels’

‘true I am hungry but so are the others, but I guess if they’re tired I should leave them,  even so I should put my bags away also I have stuff I want to show them’ said Charlie thinking about it but decide he wanted to wake them up.

 ‘No! I’m really hungry’ she said as she began to pull him away.

‘Are you hiding something?’ he asks getting confused and worried about what she was hiding. Carol knowing he going to find out no matter what said in tears ‘I’m sorry they wouldn’t listen to me and ran off and soon they started fighting and I sent fringer after them but they won’t come back’

‘I see, you could of said that from the beginning, I had a feeling they weren’t so I was going to bring them but they wouldn’t like it and would have just been bored, but I thought as least eagle would listen’ he explain and than he whistle it was loud and as he stop they heard a bird cry as they look and seen eagle who landed on chorale’s arm and after him was demon and Archi who rush over and as demon sat down and Archi jump on to Charlie shoulder knocking eagle away who was force to stand on the ground.

 ‘Where you go? You left us with the girl? Ask Archi mad

‘I wanted to give you some bonding time, also I got you some gift but since you tried to kill each other, destroy some of the city and didn’t listen to carol so I decide not to give you anything, it a shame I got demon an new collar, Archi some food that make you stronger and for eagle something to wear, it ashamed I will have to get rid of them, now go get heal’ explain Charlie annoyed at them.

‘What?’ they all said mad and confused.

‘It was that fish fault he started the fight’ growled demon.

‘Yeah he tried to eat me, blame him it all Archi fault’ shouted eagle.

‘Yes blame me it all my fault, it not going to change a thing, Charlie knows what I’m like and know full well I will attack anyone who annoys me, I hate everyone and it not going to change’ explain Archi not denying’s his fights.

‘Archi stop being an pain and if you ever do harm any of them you will be in a lot of trouble, now go and get heal or you will be without lunch and dinner’ said Charlie putting his foot down after hearing his words the three rush away to get heal while Charlie annoyed had no idea what he was going to do with them. Carol surprised asked ‘how did you do that?’

 ‘Simple they love food more than anything plus the whole gift thing was an lie, I knew they were going to be a pain so I lie, it an punishment, I just wanted to show them my new badge case and the training tips I got, I still have no idea what to give eagle’ he explain and left to the room to leave the stuff after taking some time acting like he sold it. Carol was surprise that he thought of that, she knew that Charlie was the right trainer for the three, as the three are an odd bunch, knowing if she told them off they would have turn on her while Charlie was able to say whatever he want to them and they never attack or didn’t anything agents him. Showing the three does respect him even if at time they didn’t act it. 

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