Star creatures

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Improving one trust

Submitted: March 25, 2013

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Submitted: March 25, 2013




 Reaching a new town were Charlie wish to train harder and get stronger before his next match, challenging anyone he see with an Star he soon forget the whole reason why they came to this one place. As he rush away from carol who had to spend her time searching for him, due to Charlie rash thinking he causing trouble and forget to take a brake and even at one stage to even eat. As Charlie and his friend didn’t like the feeling of tying with his rival Kyle and despite their training never felt they are ready as if they couldn’t beat him how do they expect to beat others. As Carol finally found Charlie collapsed on a bench with eagle, Archi and demon lying on the ground too tired to move. Annoyed she said ‘guys I told you to take a break, tomorrow my contest is going to start and I need a training partner, my battle skill are still bad and you promise to help me’

‘sorry, but that battle with Kyle still bugs me, I mean I vow to myself to never lose to him and we tied we never tie it ether I win or he loses tying is horrible it, it’s wrong the reason it happen was because we haven’t been training, we haven’t learn how to master their abilities I been focus on using only the one I know instead of learning the others’ explain Charlie annoyed at himself

‘I understand but baking down on your promise it worst then losing an match, Charlie there going to be time you lose or tie and it great your trying to improve but you need to take a break before you all hurt yourself’ said carol looking down at the three collapse on the floor, moving hurt for them they push them selves to there limits it was suprising they lasted as long as they did.

‘i will take them to the center first where they can relax while they get better I will help you in any way I can, it time for battle training lesson number one’ said Charlie as he smiled

‘one? But I already know the basic’ ask Carol confused

‘there more to a battle then strength, and when I watch the contest last time it shown to be more about trust and how well you take care of your Stars, you and fringer do have an great bond but it a mother and daughter bond you need to make it bigger, and to do that you need trust’ explain Charlie

‘But we already trust one another’ growled carol confused

‘in a battle you and your Star need to trust one another same with training as you are giving them commands, so they need to trust you completely or they would ether run away or disobey, fringer isn’t scared to fight, she just doesn’t want to fail you, like a child who doesn’t want to make it parent made, so you need to brake that bond and fond an even stronger on, or she will never be able to win the matches alone, she need to trust you not as a parent but as an friend that way she will be able to do anything knowing full well if she fails you won’t be mad or blame yourself’ explain Charlie as he got up he return Demon and eagle and pick up Archi who was in a deep sleep, unaware on what happing in the world.

‘So what your saying is, that fringer doesn’t need a mother but an friend, this why she will have confident, why don’t I just train and work hard till I master it?’ ask carol confused

‘let put it in another why, image your mother and best friend coming with you so an huge competition and they are calling out to you, how would you feel, with having your mother there add pressure or would your friend, and if you failed how would you feel, I know when I fail at something I hate my mother finding out but my friend I don’t care’ he explain and walk off, heading to the center where he left them as they went out the back for training.

‘So carol what do you want to do?’ ask Charlie

‘I want to form an bond a strong one, one that will help fringer, I don’t want her to feel pressure’ explain carol

‘ok, call her out and tell her, you need to talk to her as an friend and not mother her, if she get hurt don’t rush to her side and cuddle her, it might sound cruel but she need to be able to defend herself and do things alone, friends don’t smother each other, so call her out and tell her she need to understand why because if you do it without telling her she might think you hate her’ explain Charlie as he sat down and started eating.

As Carol called fringer out and explain what going to happen for now on, that she not going to mother her and want to be her close and trusted friend. Fringer at first didn’t understand but soon she did and as they fix it, they began special training as carol try different moves and training as they ran around the place and even climb, getting away from the comfy and pampered life, as they needed to learn to do thing on their own and fringer needed to learn that she can do things and not worry about how other would think. As the three returns and watch they train. Charlie explain to them what happing while they understood Archi believe that even if they manage to do it won’t change a thing as habit can’t just be broken in one day.

As night fell and the contest was about to start, as Charlie and the three waiting in the sits, hoping she was be ok, as Charlie watch his stars making sure they didn’t use their abilities to aid in her contest like last time. As it began one by one, people enter with their Stars and show of their power and beauty, showing the trick they made and the skill. Watching they could see the difference from last time, as they gave it their all, with no flaws or mistakes. It was hard to turn away but Charlie was worried about carol as she might not be able make it as she hasn’t been focus on her training due them as she was focus on keeping him out of trouble then on her own training. As carol appeared with fringer, Charlie cheer one while Archi sat refusing to pay a attention while demon didn’t see the point and was stuck with keeping an eye on Eagle who keep flying away annoying others. Carol looking at everyone hope they could pull it off. Using her lighting skills and speeds she tried to show off her beauty and speed, and use the lighting to make her wool shine as it hit it. Carol really didn’t have a plan like last time she decides to just go with the flow and see what happens.  As she finish and everyone was done they begain to say the result to that would make it to the next round, watching everyone was on their seat and only 10 of them pass. As the names were announce carol watch from the back stage not taking her eyes of the screen. As she just made it in she just ‘for joy, full of excitement she couldn’t believe, even I she only just made it, she didn’t care she was once step closer to winning her ribbon. As the next round was about to being she made sure fringer was at her best, looking healthy and groom she hopes she would pass the next round as it won’t be as easy as last time. As the ten contestants appeared on stage with their partners with a nurse and judge looking over the star creature, just like any show they look at how well groom and healthy they look and the bond between them and there partner. As Carol was up as nervous as she was she put her trust in fringer and knew what ever happen they did their best. As she calm down and the test was over they look on the scream to see how had past. As the picture show up one by one, with only four who remind carol picture was shown and in excitement she jump for joy and hug fringer was they were happy they made it to the last round. The one round she struggles with battles. Unlike normal battle they had to show off one beauty as if they get hit or their moves show of no beauty or even stop they lose points. And once it reaches zero they lose or if there Star I knock out. You had to think quick and come up with different idea of how to show of the grace and beauty of your star. It something Archi couldn’t do as he all about strength and power. As Carol appear with fringer and went to the match agents a skilled and beautiful cat like bird. As it began the cat was graceful and dodges the entire move like they were nothing. No one could take there eye of it, which put fringer in a bad position as she wasn’t graceful and was unable to land a hit. Carol had no idea what to do, as she told fringer to stop and wait for an attack. As the cat attack, fringer tried her best to dodge but she was fast and unable to keep up. As Charlie watch Archi and the other making sure they don’t do anything.  As Carol struggled to think of idea, she then called out thunder bolt, as fringer shot out thunder everywhere, as the cat dodge the thunder bolts but they keep moving around it was hard for it to dodge the attack or get close making a force field. It soon was hit and  as the cat stop moving Carol then called out ‘now tackle’ as fringer rush over as fast as she could and tackle the cat who went flying, as it look to be over time ran out and as they all look to see the if it was still standing. As carol hope it fall and fringer stood strong as she force her body to stand despite how tired she was. As the cat stood up and shock it fur and smiled ready for more. As they look at the point to notice that carol only just lost by a few. Despite her lost she knew it wasn’t fringer fault and as she bend down to her height and said ‘well done girl even if we didn’t win least we gave it our all’

‘Sorry carol’ said fringer upset. As she hug her they left the stage as they were in the changing room. Charlie arrive with the others and said that was a good battle carol, you almost won but time wasn’t on your side’

‘Thanks Charlie I guess I need to train more everyone here was so skill I guess I got too confident’ explain carol

‘What do you expect you never did much training, all you done is groom’ growled Archi

‘These people train and work hard to make it, you only just started’ said demon

‘carol losing don’t make you a loser you just need to learn from your mistake the reason you had it hard was because you having found fringer fighting style, that star you battle use it speed and reliability to win while fringer had no idea how to react, so you and fringer just need to find your style’ explain Charlie smiling

‘What your then?’ ask fringer

‘Charlie’s is random, unexpected, he doesn’t think he just react and come up with random ways and ideas, while we are stuck trying to understand him’ explain eagle upset to how he fight

‘What? I believe that no matter if you’re the underdog or whatever as long as you have courage and idea you can’t lose, plus I just say random idea that come in my head, so you can say my style is impulse’ said Charlie thinking about it.

‘I wonder what mine is?’ ask carol worried

‘that what so fun about training and journey you can to learn a lot about yourself and learn new things’ said Charlie smiling then pick up demon and hug him Archi growled and jump on his shoulder and push him down and growled ‘don’t touch mutts’

‘You fish, how the hell am I a mutt? Your one too’ growled Demon annoyed

‘Hay, didn’t you hear I’m the great Archi, I’m a pure star not some mutt like you’ said Archi look at him from above

‘That just an guess you could be a cross like me, as there no mark’ growled demon

‘some don’t  get there till teen or adult any way Charlie let go, we have more badges to get’ said Archi and pull his hair trying to turn him. As he complain and tried to remove Archi from his shoulder, Carol grab her things and went to her stuff as they headed out to their next town on their next journey to reach their dreams. As carol thought about what her style is and what she should do to improve. Watching Charlie as he walk ahead talking to Archi thinking up new idea. She then relies that this whole time she hasn’t been thinking about her own journey but has been watching his, following him she forgot about her own dream. She then relies that if she was going to reach her own dream she had to rely on herself and get serious. With her determination growing, she rushes ahead ready to take anything on, putting her dream first. With fringer out running after her they begin there training.

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