Star creatures

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Hidden abilites

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As they reach a new town, Charlie looking forward to the match, full of spirit he rush to around trying to find out where the contender is and what star creature he had. As Carol found him she walk over and ask ‘are you sure you ready?’

‘Yes there heal and ready for anything, I heard he really tough and is known for his way of batting I can’t wait’ said Charlie excited

‘I didn't mean healthy ways, he really tough not many have beaten him, why don’t we skip him and go to another’ explain carol worried

‘No way if we leave then we will have to come back later, let just battle him now’ growled Archi annoyed

‘carol every contender is hard but the harder ones are though who battle the elite, to became a contender you have to ether be giving the title by the elite who think your worthy or pass the test, this guy beaten two of the elite but lost to the creature of the sun Skyrex who is the second strong star creature known off, so he going to a strong fight but it means nothing, it true demon and Archi are both at a baby stage while eagle a child and his might be adult but that doesn't mean I should give up’ explain Charlie

‘so you’re going to battle even if it mean losing, you’re so stupid has the winning struck your own made you over confident isn't it better to train and get stronger before battling though greater’ explain carol annoyed and worried about Charlie

‘no, every contender going to be hard and none of my battle have been easy, I train every day with I believe they can win, it not that I think I can’t lose as I know I might but isn't losing better then not trying, as if I battle agents him then I will know, as  where to improve, I’m not afraid of losing but I just don’t want to give up I gave up to many time so now I’m going to tried no matter what’ explain Charlie as he held onto Archi. Archi could fell he was scared and know it was going to be hard but also know he believe in them or he wouldn't enter the battle so easy.

‘So even if you lose, you’re just going to challenging him again until you win?’ ask carol

‘Yes, if I lose I will train and improve’ said Charlie smiling Archi didn't believe he would lose but by watching them they knew he was a strong trainer. As they headed over to the forest where a men stood was Charlie walk over and said ‘I’m Charlie Michel I’m here to challenge the contender’

‘and he will accept that if you pass the test, the test is to find him, he in the forest  it where he live if you can find his home then you can challenge him take as long as you want but if you leave the forest you lose’ he explain

‘A test I accept, I will find him carol you going to come or stay behind?’ ask Charlie confident

‘I’m coming I have to be there to see your first lose after all, I’m curious to how Archi would react’ said carol as she look at Archi who growled at her as he sat in Charlie arms. As they enter the forest walking around it was a difficult task to find his home the forest was huge and everything look the same it was easy to get lost and carol knew why he was a hard man to beat as finding him was hard enough.

‘Charlie do you even know where you are going?’ ask carol scared as she stuck close hearing noise as she was completely lost she had no idea how to even get back

‘I told you I grew up near a forest I know all about it, if you live within a forest it best to live neat food and water so we just find water and there a chance he nearby’ explain Charlie looking around

‘And how do you plan to find water?’ ask carol

‘using Archi would be smart along with eagle but doing that would tired them out, it going to be a hard battle so I’m going to rely on myself, where water is more life would be near so listing to the noise and how much life the plants have’ he explain walking ahead. Following behind them they found water and as Charlie look around he said ‘food that way so his home should be right over there’

‘You sure?’ ask carol not convince

‘Unlike you city people it easy for us to find our way through the forest, Archi can you smell any humans?’ ask Charlie

‘Yes he behind the tree’ said Archi sniffing the air as they walk forward he appeared from the shadows and ask ‘how is it you found me within an hour when others take hours maybe even days?’

‘I remember being told if you in the forest find shelter near water and food, it will be easier to survive then being far away, while many think to find shelter in the safest place or away in case of wild creature’ explain Charlie

‘since you found me, I accept your challenge, the rules are simple if you beat me once you win if I beat you once I win, the whole forest is the battle field and you can change your creature whenever you wish but you have only ten seconds to switch’ he explain

‘I see it an survival match, picking an star to suit the area and who you’re facing and the trainer has to know if there creature can still fight or not’ explain carol

‘Sound fun, I never image a battle like that, it sound awesome’ said Charlie full of excitement. As Archi jump to the ground and look at the men saying ‘I can’t wait’

‘a confident creature with an confident trainer, I wonder how long it will remind’ he said and started to move to an open area, Charlie commented ‘I know there a chance I will lose but you have to at least believe you can win or you would have already giving up, ok demon you’re up’ as demon appear from an red light he look around and notice where he was, looking he seen an cat appear it was white with yellow lines around it. The cat was tall and slender putting his watch up he read it was resha a light cat, known for it speed it very difficult to find as it able to hide within sunlight.  ‘so light agents dark, both weak agents each other but it seem resha has the advantage, but I trust demon’ said Charlie and as the guy smile he then turn and ran as the cat follow Charlie and demon chase after commanding demon to use super bark but he found it hard to attack and run at the same time, trying to keep up demon soon focus on trying to get as close as he could before attacking as they rush forward resha shot out a light ray. Demon dodge it just in time but was  thrown far behind as the two court up they arrive in an open area, as he return resha and call out an huge blue bird with body made of clear ice. Returning demon he called out eagle that flew into the sky and as Charlie look at the bird surprise to see a bird made of ice.

‘ Isn't she beautiful made from ice that can withstand the hottest of heat, she graceful and powerful nothing can break it skin and it body is so cold no one can touch it without the cold sensation or freezing’ he explain watching his bird

‘but everything has a weakness, eagle twister’ called out Charlie as eagle made a huge twister  the ice bird made an icy wind that froze the air freezing the twister as it fell and smash into the ground. Before eagle could reacted the bird flew over attacking him with it sharp claws and peck, fighting back eagle felt the sheer cold, keeping his wings away as he tried to get away. Braking free Charlie tried to think of away to attack.  Watching eagle trying to get away, Charlie had to think any of eagle move wouldn't work, thinking he soon watch eagle and notice something about him, Charlie then called out ‘whip’ confused eagle figure out his words and use the ribbon he had attach to his body to attack, since it has no feeling he could use it, as it hit the ice bird eagle felt no cold and as it froze it became harder and stronger. As he wrap the ribbon around the bird and carried him close to the ground he throw it to the ground as it almost hit the ground it twisted around and flew off near a lake where he return to the badge and as he called out his next creature into the water hiding who it was. When Charlie arrive and seen a fin out of the water he called eagle back and sent Archi out who look into the water and ask ‘you want me to swim, I never swim’

‘You have a fin for a tail so swim’ said Charlie as he tried to push him in. Archi then dive into the water and as he floated he said happy ‘who knew, I wonder if I can breathe underwater’ as the fin vanish Archi look for it before he was drag under the water. Charlie worried wanted to dive in but had to fight it as if he interfered he would lose the match. Wondering what was in the water soon Archi came out of the water as he flew into the air covered in bite marks. As Charlie was about to ask what happen when a shark head appeared, unlike normal sharks he had spike over his body and armor among it body.  As he watches Archi be drag down again as the shark grab his tail. Charlie called out ‘Archi! You have to get out’ worried the man said calm ‘no one ever beaten him in the water, powerful he defeats anyone who enters his water’. As it went quite and the water stop, worried  then the shark creature came out of the water as  went flying into the air surprise he called his beast back and called out resha as Archi came out annoyed and tired he flew to the ground and said ‘I don’t like being swallowed’

‘You ok to fight?’ ask Charlie

‘Of cause their no way I’m going to lose’ said Archi confident, despite his tired body

‘remember it fast, now let go’ said Charlie confident, as they rush over the men and resha rush off, chasing after him, Archi sot out water hoping to hit him but miss every time, he even use psy water, but he could never get one hit, tired Archi stop still in pain from the battle before he look at them and flare his teeth, as they stop the men said ‘tired already, I’m surprise you lasted, most trainer with young star never get far, normally people skip me only to return with strong and grown up stars’

‘it not over yet, Archi come back and rest,  demon come out’ said Charlie as demon appear Archi walk back and turn into his pup form and said mad ‘you better not lose, as once my energy back I’m ending this’

‘I won’t lose’ said Demon determined, carol was confused why would he call out demon who still can’t aim and is slower than the other two.

‘so back to dark vs. light I can’t wait to see what plan you have’ he said smiling, then began to move as resha rush off demon and Charlie chase after them with Archi on Charlie shoulder, he held on tight confused of why he would call demon out who at an disadvantage.

‘demon dark ray’ called out Charlie, Demon follow his command but his ray never hit as they were all over the place, it seem impossible while Charlie remind calm, it confuse everyone who watch as it seem Charlie didn't care like it was his plan.  As he demon stop and shot out a powerful ray it hit resha as it went flying into a tree. Surprised Charlie smile and said ‘never thought I could hit you, with demon bad aiming skill his attack are hard to read so dodging them is difficult when you’re running as you can’t stop to see where it going’

‘you’re a strange trainer, but don’t think it over yet’ said the men as resha appear as it shot out an light ray, demon dodge it attacks, as Charlie tried to think of an idea, he called out ‘shade stand’ confusing everyone no one understood his words while demon rush to the shade away from sun light he shot out an dark ray just hitting resha as she tried to doge it running into his attack. Thrown back she took on more damage than before showing the power demon gain from being out of the sun light.

‘You're using the tree for shelter, I guess it time to get serious resha fire away’ he called out and as she shot demon dodge the attack while trying to remind under the tree but as he dodge the attack the tree he hid under fell. As his shade was fading, Charlie had to think quickly. Tired demon stop to take a breather, Charlie called out ‘demon absorb the dark’ demon still dodging the attack making it hard for him to do anything as the tree around him were gone and he was in the sun, demon rush over dodging the attacks best he can, trying to get as close as he could. Then Charlie said ‘dark ray’ then demon shot out a powerful ray that push him back due to the amount of power hitting resha who went flying back. Both on the ground he ask ‘what happen where did that power come from?’

‘While dodging he absorb all he could, the problem was actually hitting resha so getting as close as he could was important, so you ready for more’ explain Charlie

‘we are always ready, out on out’ he called out and the ice bird reappeared. Annoyed knowing he almost won it, but knew resha wont be coming out to fight and since there no water around leaving him with only one. With demon tired and along with Archi so he called out ‘demon return eagle let end it’ as eagle reappeared and flew into the air. Ready to fight carol watch in a distant and knew that the match could end any moment, but it seem Charlie was at an advantage due to his creature having more energy than the other two but with the ice bird none of Charlie star had an good chance as they can’t hit it and with it being in the sky demon out and Archi is an water creature so he can’t use his water ability leaving eagle whom only had one attack he could use but it wasn't safe using it. So even if Charlie had three stars he could use none of them were able to do anything. Leaving him trap as he had to think of away to win or give up.

‘A sky battle again, I hope you ready for a real snow storm’ he said and as the bird scream snow appear from it wings freezing everything it touch. As eagle flew away dodging the attack and getting away from the attack. As it ended he look and seen the ground frozen and the never ending snow, as it change the weather from sunny to snowing. Charlie knew he never use this attack due to resha but with it gone it able to go full out. With the snow it became too cold for eagle that like most bird had the cold and normally fly away seeking warm. As eagle found it hard to fly as he found it hard to fly as his temperature was falling.

‘smart, eagle won’t last long, I know eagle use twister’ said Charlie as eagle made an huge gust of wind with took the falling snow as it went for the ice bird as it grew close it froze it and as she broke it into million of peace eagle appear from behind and attack it with it whips and threw it to the ground as the bird flew back up and went to find eagle but couldn't find him only t be attack by water  which froze on it body making it wing freeze in a spot till she broke  free from the icy trap to see Archi in the sky.

‘You change?’ he ask surprised

‘eagle couldn't last long as they are tropical birds, but I knew eagle wouldn't want to leave without doing something while I also wanted to see if water attack would work’ he explain as Archi flew back to Charlie side to look at the bird. With his wings out flapping the cold didn't anything to Archi as his fur grew into his winter coat and he looks ready to fight

‘I see he grew his winter coat, aren't star creature something, they can adapt to any environment as there body change to suit where they live, but it take time, so while your bird attack you had Archi adapt to the cold, you are indeed a cleaver trainer but that not going to insure your victory’

‘You talk a lot let end this now’ said Archi ready to fight. As the Archi went head first carol surprised wondering what going on in his mind. As he bird got ready to the attack Archi shot out water then flew into the air and as the bird broke the frozen ice.

‘icy wind’ he called out and a gust of cold wind blew at Archi who endure the freeze attack as he flew out of it he eye begin to glow as he court the bird and threw it to the ground only for it to brake free surprise they knew it was too strong for Archi to control so he had to think of another way to attack. His water move would only temporary stop it movement but that was it, he couldn't touch the bird in fear of being frozen so he had to think of another way. Wishing one of his had fire powers or even light but as it was now Archi had no attack he could use and demon wouldn't be able to hit the flying bird, it look to be the end. As Archi dodge the attack and the cold wind, that was until the bird lot out an powerful icy wind that blew at Archi unable to get out, she then shout out ice shard that hit Archi hard as he was unable to dodge as he couldn't see where they were coming from.

‘Archi, get out of there, Archi!’ he called out in fear, watching Archi in pain, Charlie then shouted out ‘Archi!’ then as Archi open his eye they glow even brighter and the wind turn into a twister and the ice shard flew around in the twister as he move it he then threw the twister back at the bird along with the ice within it, trapping it. The ice bird broke free and went to attack then Archi flew away as he flew past Charlie who called out ‘water blast, summer style’ then Archi stop and as the bird came at him he shout out an huge blast of water that cover the bird body

‘That not going to work, she will just break free from the water’ he comment

‘no one said it was normal water’ Charlie said back, then he heard his bird scream and as she broke free her body was steaming and glowing red, Archi howl  and as his eye still glow he look ready for more

‘Archi has an odd ability in winter he able to use hot water, this is an survival technique which allow it to remind warm, in the wild all water would be frozen so it with attack it able to unfreeze it allow it to swim and drink, while in summer he can produce cold, so your snow storm back fired’ explain Charlie

‘You know a lot about your star, most new trainer don’t know about there unique skill, till a lot of time as past’ he said shock

‘I only just notice, when Archi shot out water it fell to the ground and some of the snow melt, plus she broke free from it fast, meaning the ice was weaker, see Archi is an rare star that no one know about so I couldn't just read up about him, so I watch him trying to figure out his movement and attack, plus when his eye glow his power double the down side to it, he get tired quick so let end it Archi water blast once more, this time melt that bird armor’ said Charlie as Archi rush into the fight the bird tried to dodge it attack and as ht attack the water began to melt all the ice around and removing the snow storm effect weakening the bird who grew faster and strong in the snow. As Archi it the bird it flew to the ground and as he fire another ending the snow storm and then freeing the bird, Archi eye return to normal and he then fell from the sky. Charlie rush over catching him as he landing in a pile of snow. As they look and the bird on the ground as it return to a small blue bird. Surprised he look at Charlie in the snow smiling away ad he held Archi close happy. As he return his bird Charlie turn and the men said ‘well done, you won fair and square, I though with the snow I had the advantage but it seem it back fire’

‘It was an good idea, and I would have lost completely if I didn't notice Archi ability, I doubt he even knew about it, I was about to give up’ he explain smiling

‘You win, here your badge, I will led you back to the center’ he said and Charlie sat up as he was giving the badge, he called the two out and said happy ‘we won guys, it was because of you three we won, and beaten the odds won, but we should still train, as we almost lost’ said Charlie

‘We won only due to my unique ability’ growled Archi

‘No we won because of everyone, demon beaten resha and if it wasn’t for eagle tiring him out and we would have lost’ explain Charlie

‘I would have done more, but I’m not a snow bird’ said eagle upset

‘that doesn’t matter, now let get everyone heal so we can begin our training for the next battle and one day we will battle the four elite and become champion’ said Charlie full of hope

‘Confident young boy, but it not going to be easy and being confident isn't the only thing you need to win’ he explain

‘I know, you need, skill, spirit and heart I know it going to be hard but I don’t want to give up, I want to see it through to the end, like this match everyone told me it was hard but I had to see it though and I’m glad I did, I want to see how far I can go, right guys’ he explain happy

‘I’m with you all the way master’ explain demon sitting as he wag his tail

‘being with you I have grown stronger and learn more about my ability and myself, one day I will surely have enough power to end the war back home and know how to prevent it from happen, so I might not be with you all the way but I will help you none the less’ explain eagle as he landed on Charlie head

‘You guys are babies, I’m here only to grew stronger and to become number one, so until he not useful anymore I will remind’ said Archi confident in his ability and showing no care for anyone else

‘still the same old arch, thank for the battle and your concern but I won’t give up on my dream, now let go’ said Charlie happy and begin to run off as the three follow he said ‘even after an battle he and his team still have lost of energy to burn, it make me feel like I didn't do anything’

‘that just them, even if they are push and shove they will keep moving, as they don’t know there limits’ said carol worried

‘they should learn them soon, watching it seem he keep an eye on his star but if they told him they are fine to battle he would listen, instead of looking at their condition, a trainer should listen to their star bur when it concern their well-being they should do what right, he is talent but he care too much about his star happiness that he forgetting the basic of care one day he will end up losing and it might cost him more than just losing a match, tell him that’ he said and vanish. Alone she shouted scared ‘what don’t leave me alone, Charlie where are you? Don’t leave me here’ as she rush off looking for him.

 Another badge won and getting even closer to his win, as they grew stronger he still had a lot to learn, and as they left unaware of what happening in the distant.

‘they are far more stronger then what I thought, the boss is going to be please, and soon I will have them in my grasp’ said Kendra as she watch in the sky. With upcoming dangers young Charlie yet to understand the dangers of the star world and what it mean to truly be a trainer.


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