Star creatures

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Baby no more

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Submitted: May 09, 2013




Reaching a new town the gang found them self lost as they had no idea where the next badge or contest is leaving them trap within the town as they didn't want to go the wrong way. Waiting around bored carol was about to suggest an idea till Charlie watch began to ring. Charlie look at his watch and as he press a button an image appear of professor bray, surpassed to receive a call from him Charlie ask ‘hay professor, is something wrong?’

‘What have you done? I promise you mother that nothing bad would happen to you, if you get yourself into trouble’ he said mad till Charlie jump in and said ‘no I haven’t done anything, everything fine so how it going?’

‘Fine, how the journey going, I heard you got another badge, you have made it further than the others’ he explain

‘So I’m beating Kyle?’ ask Charlie excited

‘no, you’re one behind, how your team going, I heard you got an fur damion I would love to see it one day’ he explain

‘Wow is that professor bray? I’m so jealous’ said carol excited

‘Yeah he the one who gave me the watch, so what is it you need professor?’ ask Charlie

‘I was just calling to tell you I sent you an upgrade for your watch, it had new information and more, just go to the center and  receive it’ he explain

‘That awesome, thank you, I will get it right away’ he said and rush off hanging up without saying bye, carol shock rush after him. As he arrive he rush to the desk and ask ‘hello, my name is Charlie Michael I was wondering if I have a package sent here’

‘Yes I will need your id’ she asks as Charlie put her watch near she scan it and then walk off to get his packet. Archi confused ask ‘why did she scan that watch?

‘because it my id, it has all my information on here, it prove I’m a trainer so I can get discounts on meal, hotels and even health care for me and the star creature I train, the more badges I get the cheaper it gets’ he explain

‘That stupid if it stolen we have nothing’ growled Archi

‘that won’t happen, like the originals that appear when the star creature first appeared, they can’t come off, unless I say the password only I know, plus it only allow me to use it as you need my DNA to active it, so even if it was stolen they can’t use it’ he explain as she return with a small package Charlie then sign for it and left as carol court up saying ‘you don’t have to run’. As Charlie open the box and seen the small card he place it in the slot on his watch and as it downloaded it Archi ask ‘why doesn't carol get one she and trainer?’

‘because I didn't get my watch from a professor, to became a trainer you can buy your watch which is just the basic or you can get an high tech one from an professor, but to get one you need to pass a test’ explain carol

‘Wired, I would just buy one then do some test’ said Archi still confused

‘it hard to explain but everyone want to be chosen by the professor as it not only just an test, first they look at your background if you pass they give you a test to see if you have what it take, if you pass it mean they are confident you can pass and your journey it a lot more easy as they help you by giving you free things and it also cheaper to travel, so basically it like they chosen you and going to help you throughout your journey’ explain Charlie trying to explain it the best he could

‘although it easier to travel as you don’t have to worry about money so much but it has more pressure, because you be chosen you must get far as if you give up to early or not get far it would look bad not only on you but the professor’ explain carol

‘So carol didn't pass, that must mean you’re stupid’ said Archi

‘No it doesn't, they live far away’ complain carol

‘it working, cool I can find out more about my team, it has stat, abilities and even what stage, demon eagle come on out’ said Charlie and as the two appear unsure what going on Charlie put his watch up to eagle and read ‘loto stage child, fast and powerful but has low defense, special abilities is your ribbon as it unaffected by status, that would explain why it didn't freeze when battle that bird, plus you able to grow any feather you lose, I wonder if we can turn that into a move’

‘I feel like I’m going to lose a lot of feathers’ complain eagle in fear of what the future holds.

‘let see demon, you’re at the baby stage, you have amour fur, meaning you are undefeated by weather condition or attack are unable to reach your skin due to your fur, plus you can absorb any darkness or shade to improve you powerful, which is common in damion but the fur things is all you are the other damion don’t have fur, great power and defense but your speed is low’ explain Charlie holding up his watch to demon

‘So I need to work on my speed’ said demon happy it only that and nothing else

‘it impresses you never notice the deference between fur and no fur damion as it seem fur-less can only absorb and use the power they earn from the darkness when standing in it while fur one can keep that power even when there no darkness, I guess the fur trap it or something, no wonder people fear them at night they are very powerful even if it just under shelter they will absorbed it, it the only star capable as they are the only descendant of the star creature whom had this power’ explain Charlie impress

‘So what it not like he like that, aren't they meant to be aggressive he nothing’ growled Archi

‘Archi you really are’ said carol annoyed while frustrated

‘Archi, is stage child, that new I thought he was a baby, next is you are low at defense while when flying and swimming it speed, next is nothing as no one know anything about Archi, but I do know your water change deepening on the weather’ he explain while reading his watch.

‘that new, so you’re the only baby, ha you baby, it the weakest of stage moving up an level is easy, so it must mean your unable to evolve’ said Archi as he laugh away

‘it true when there a baby they evolves quicker as all they have to do is master their ability and form a bond with someone, eagle had mastered his ability but had no one close to him due to the war so when he form a bond with Charlie he evolve while demon who has a bond and is able to use all his ability should have evolve meaning demon ether doesn't have a good bond with anyone or hasn't mastered his powers’ explain carol thinking about it

‘Dose it matter baby, child who cares demon is my partner and is strong just how he is, he help me get to where I am so I don’t care as long as demon is happy and healthy that all that matters, right’ said Charlie even if Charlie felt that why demon wonder why he hasn't, hasn't he master his abilities or is it he hadn't form a bond with Charlie, he felt close he trust him but was there more, was there something he was missing, he doesn't trust anyone like Charlie nor care about anyone, to him Charlie is all that matter, wasn't that enough. As Charlie began training them as Demon started to run laps and eagle and demon use their attack on each other as they practice defending agents themselves from attacks. As carol began training she also join in on Charlie battles in order to get experience in combat battle and to get use to tough battle and to be able to think under pressure. As Charlie was thinking of more idea of how to train and new ways to battle. As demon walk over seeing Archi be shock by fringer’s lighting as he tried to find away to defend himself agents it, before demon had a chance to talk to Charlie about the matter, they were interrupted by another trainer who knew about Charlie.

‘So your Charlie, the kid pick by professor Bray, you must be some trainer to be chosen by him, I’m Jaden and my professor is professor clay’ he explain all confident

‘I heard of him, he studies types like what they are good and week agents, while professor bray work on species, they are both famous to be pick by them is an honor’ said carol thinking about the name

‘So you’re like me, but how do you know me?’ ask Charlie confused

‘I ran into someone who was also pick by him, I won but when I heard of you I just though beaten two of you wouldn't be bad, as I’m going to be number one and to do that beating those chosen is great practice’ he explain

‘This person beat Kyle?’ ask Archi

‘No, Kyle not one to lose easy, plus if someone did beat Charlie they would have been injured and not as confident remember our battle’ said Charlie thinking about it

‘So you here to challenge Charlie I guess?’ ask carol walking near fringer who hid behind her

‘That right, two on two that if you have two?’ ask Jaden

‘of cause I accept your challenge, eagle you’re up’ said Charlie straight up as they went to a field eagle was ready for the match, as the other one called out a bird of his own whom had a long beak and a bit bigger then eagle. 

‘I hope you’re more of better then the last one; he couldn't even beat one of my stars’ said Jaden

‘’your confident, but I didn't get where I am now with luck, eagle let show him how strong you really are’ said Charlie and eagle let out a battle cry, ready to fight. As it began Jaden had the first move as eagle dodge the move swiftly. As the birds clash and attack eagle mange to dodge the attack using his ribbon to whip and throw it was hard to predict his move as Charlie called out random command that was hard for others to understand except his star that grew use to his strange words and were starting to understand him completely.  As Jaden called out a move he never heard before calling out bond. Unsure what it meant Charlie called out ‘eagle use twist wing’ as eagle made a huge twisted that attack the bird and as he got out the twister he was attack by eagle wings as he slap and then throw the bird onto the ground. Eagle then flew back to Charlie side as the bird began to glow about to change back eagle then fell to the ground and they both change back to their other forms.

‘What happen?’ ask Charlie confused

‘ the attack known as bond share the condition so if he status changes or is knock out the one who did it will also suffer the same fate, it a hard skill to learn but it come in handy’ explain Jaden

‘You have your own style, but it won’t happen again, demon I choice you’ called out Charlie surprised Archi ask ‘what? Why not me?’

‘You still hurt from the fringer attacks, plus I know demon can do it’ said Charlie confident. As demon appeared and looks at Jaden who called out a deer like beast it was taller than demon. As it stare at him ready to fight demon growled and prepare himself.

‘ok demon let start with tackle’ called out Charlie as demon ran off the deer dodge the move and shot out a green energy ball, as demon bark which push it back as the deer dodge it Charlie put the watch up to it and read ‘dalrima beast of nature it a peaceful creature but if anger they became very powerful as some say they can use the plant around them to fight for them, interesting’

As demon dodge the attack but as time went he found it growing faster while him slower. As Charlie watch the movement thinking of ways to attack, while demon just tried to keep it away from him, as a huge energy ball rush toward him demon let out a huge bark pushing it away as it was push away dalrima then tackle demon sending him flying. As he landed, he got himself up to see it charging at him. Dodging it attack, Archi commented annoyed ‘such a weak dog, I knew sending in a baby, was wrong were going to lose because of you’

‘Archi, we haven’t lost, I believe in demon and no matter what happens I know he tried his best, and as a team member you should be supporting him not discouraging him, ether support or go away’ said Charlie trying to sound nice even though he was annoyed at Archi

‘Whatever’ growled Archi

‘Don’t worry demon you can do it, I know you can I believe in you so don’t worry win or lose who care just try your best’ explain Charlie as he smiled confident in demon. As demon look at dalrima confident as it charge at him. As demon loud out a huge bark sending dalrima back, as he went back it let out a huge energy ball that hit demon send him to the ground.  Tired he wonder if he could do it, many though came to mind, but he knew he had to try as Charlie believe in him, the first to trust and care for him. As he heard Charlie call to him, he felt a strange feeling, he wanted to try harder and became stronger for him that protecting him wasn't all he wanted, he wanted to remind by his side and that Charlie felt the same. He wanted demon near even if he wasn't strong. As the emotion went though demon body he began to glow. As a dark light took over his body as he glow he grew taller and Charlie said excited ‘demon is changing’. As the glow vanished demon grew taller, as his horn grew bigger as they slowly turn backwards. With a thin tail with spike at the end of it. He grew two silver bumps on his back that go from one side to the other long and thin. With long fangs and two sharp spikes on his back legs he looks more aggressive then ever. With a small silver bracelet on his front right leg. He look ready for battle as his body healed he became to look more like the fear damion that went extinct. As demon howl and let out a huge bark that sent the dalmira back, then demon rush over biting into the deer’s neck as dalmira attack forcing demon to back away. Demon then shout out a huge dark ray knocking it out, returning to it deer form. As demon growled turning to Charlie he walk over, with a mad look he began to get closer as carol move back and Archi watch, keeping an eye ready to attack. While Charlie walk over bending to it high, he then put his hand out and touch demon head and smiled ‘you now a child, isn't that great demon, your growing closer’ demon not saying a word as carol said scared ‘maybe you should return him now’

‘Why? His fine right demon, see told you, you will become grow’ said Charlie happy as he went to hug demon who growled. Everyone unsure if it was safe but Charlie didn't care, as he hug demon and pick him up saying ‘man your heavy? Can’t you talk?’

‘ Aren't you scared?’ ask demon

‘No, you’re my friend, why would I be scared, you might look aggressive and like you could eat me but your demon right and I told you when we met you are free to be who you are and I will love you no matter what, beside the only one who would kill me is Archi, as he more likely to hurt someone’ said Charlie smiling as he hug him

‘Hay, I might say hurtful things but that it, I would never kill’ said Archi mad at that comment

‘so you have a fur damion, your got some guts kid, that last damion kill it master, you better hope he not like them, you won this time but next time I will be the winner, catch you later’ said Jaden as he return his stars and left.

‘that scary, maybe you should get rid of him, I mean he could kill us, there a reason they were wipe out’ said carol backing away

‘carol, that be so judgmental, just because the past damion were aggressive doesn't mean he would be demon different, and like I said Archi is most likely to turn on us, demon sweet and loving Archi is cruel and evil’ said Charlie looking at Archi

‘And I see my first victim’ growled Archi

‘so sweet, Archi I feel so honor but before that let get some food, to celebrate demon growing up, now I have three children, great I really need to study teen hood soon’ said Charlie happy then worried

‘I’m sure you will be fine’ said carol

‘Can we eat now?’ ask Archi

‘sure, let go and eat’ said Charlie as he place demon down rushing off, chasing after him once again carol worried about what going to happen, is demon going remind the way he is or change into the aggressive creature they once were. As she watch them run off she couldn't image demon turning on Charlie  but anything can happen, as no one understand these creature just like you can’t understand a human heart. With another day gone by Charlie team grew stronger and closer as Carol watch she began to feel maybe she as well should work harder to reach her dream.


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