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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Test of friendship

Submitted: February 20, 2013

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Submitted: February 20, 2013




As the enter the forest to start their journey following the path, Charlie eager to have his first battle and to make a true bond with his creature and to finial find out what he is and what his name is. As they walk, the young grey pup walking fast ahead sniffing out or danger and battles he too couldn’t wait to battle, but what got Charlie attention was why did he join him, normally wild creature don’t join human unless they want something from them or are friends. They weren’t friends so it something Charlie could give him that he can’t do on his own. Thinking Charlie didn’t notices he started walking of the path into a Gorlin nest. As he notice where he was he place his watch up and it transform into a mini blue laptop and information came up about them.

“Gorlin a powerful bird like creature that territorial and can be very calm unless attack or protection there young” he said. As he look at them and notice the mother with it long flowing tail and was strange is that instead of feather the bird was cover in fur.  She had no legs or claws with a lion mane around it head. It looks like a big bird size of an eagle. In it nest was baby Gorlin that had short tails and look like fluff balls with no mane and two small horse legs. Charlie wanted so much to pat one but he was already to close and the mother Gorlin watch him ready to attack. As he slowly head back he discovers his pup had already wonder off unsure where he went to Charlie look around and before he knew it he found more Gorlin. Before he knew it he was chase running for his life, unsure why they would attack him so violently when he wasn’t near their nest. As he hide behind a tree he notice his pup was the one behind it as he was after the baby Gorlin.

As Charlie ran over and grab him as the pup dug his sharp small fangs into Charlie skin piecing though his flesh causing him to bleed Charlie ran away and as he was far from the nest he throw his arm fling the pup to the ground. Charlie then shouted out “what was that for? You can’t go around attacking defenseless animals, what wrong with you? you don’t talk or anything how can we form a bond or anything with you”. The pup growled and his fur stood up it was so clear that they both hated each other and it was going to be impossible for them to do anything with the way they are now. Charlie couldn’t see why he wanted him in the first place but since their stuck with each other that have to learn to work with each other or at least get though the forest without killing one another.

Walking around they found their first battle, a young kid walking around the forest looking for beginner trainers to test their relationship with their creature if they win and show a great bond they can pass if not they are stuck and the boy won’t let them though.

The boy wore an army like clothes to camouflage with the trees and his creature was a young hotan, a cub like creature with small wings and a horse tail. He was up to his knees and ready to battle the pup move forward and howled accepting the challenge but he didn’t change his form so the young boy ask “isn’t your creature going to change, fighting in that form is weak and will lose as it can’t use its full powers”

“He will, come on pup don’t be afraid you can show your true form no one going to judge and I bet it super cool” he said. As the pup look at him and growled he didn’t like changing, he love being a pup but he soon gave in knowing he won’t be able to fight in his pup form. As his change his fur went yellow and has green stripes on him always ending at a point it never was too long nor touch his stomach. It ran along his back to his tail and up to his ears. He has two small horns near his ear on his forehead that was in a line like a rhino. He had a brown tuff of hair that was busy that sat between his ears. He had a dolphin tail that had stripes on it but didn’t touch his fins. He had two cut like stripes on his legs above his knees and under it with sharp brown claws. On his chest was an upside down crescent moon that was green. With an orange belly, mouth and checks, expert for the line heading to his eyes from his nose was green. He eye change to a deep blue eyes and grow brown tuff of hair between his shoulder blades. As move his paw forward bird wings appear from his back, Charlie amazed but what he really look like he was small and cute and his fur was smooth and fluffy he didn’t seem much like a threat, but he was a strange creature one no one has ever seen before. Charlie lift his watch and pointed it at him listing to it as it said “Archi a wolf like bird that love to play games and prank others, like a child he never take anything to serious and believe to be extinct”. Charlie shock and surprised said “you name Archi that so cool, ready for the battle”. Archi look at him annoyed as his put wings away as they disappeared and he howled which had a wired ring to it like another tune was with it, it was magical and also strange as it lift your spirits.

The battle begin as the two started tackling and head butting using their claws and teeth instead of power they were truly powerful, but out of it all Archi was winning. Using his speed and strength to win not caring about the pain and injuries he got. Only caring about the win he pushes on.

“Archi use water blast” called out Charlie knowing that his water move would win the fight and reduce any bad danger to his skin. Archi ignored his called and attack with his claws and teeth. As the boy watch he knew Archi didn’t respect Charlie or care about what he had to say. Archi love to battle on his own and refused to listing to others. The battle soon ended with Archi winning but he had badly injured his legs as he walk over and give him his paw to Charlie who didn’t understand what he wanted. Did he want him to heal it is that why he join with Charlie so he could battle and he would be left healing and taking care of his wounds. The other boy seen them and refused to let them leave blocking the way he lock the gate. Archi could easily fly over but what that would prove he would be on the other side unable to battle or show of his skills so he watched and try to force the boy to open the door.

“I will not open till I see a bond, it clear that if I let you go you will just fail, he might be strong but the bond between a trainer and their partner is for more powerful and with it you know you can make it though anything, came back once you guys have form some sort of bond” he said then left.

Charlie then sat down and said “great now were trap because you won’t listen and think I’m your healer”. Archi still refusing to answer or even look at him he just wonders off to find some food. Charlie look at his watch and it did say Archi could speck full English he juts wont since he doesn’t respect or care about Charlie. So he then got up and started to head back home, Charlie mightn’t be the smartest kid but he knew that there was no point that he shouldn’t stay with a selfish, non caring creature who doesn’t want anything to do with him. As he headed back, Archi return to find he was gone, he had an apple for him he drop the apple and rush after him not wanting to give up. The two might hate each other but they both have the same goal to become the champion. As Archi found him he howled and jumps in front of Charlie and wouldn’t allow him to pass.

“Look, why should I stay you don’t care or listen how can we go on and win or travel we aren’t friends or even close, will you say anything or is talking to be pointless” complain Charlie.

“Why speak when there nothing to say” said Archi with a cute pup like voice.

“What?” ask Charlie confused

“Look, you and I are very different but we do have a goal to became champion, that way I pick you” he said

“What?” ask Charlie again confused.

“For ages I seen kids come and go with new and weak creature and always head back in failure I waited and you came risking your life to save a small creature. I choose you and I don’t listen to you because I’m not use to having company. Since I came here I have seen many creature and battles and the time you save me I was able to use water, I don’t know how so it up to you to train me and I will train you also and I didn’t want you to heal my leg I was giving that thing you like to do, the paw thing” said Archi.

“Really, I thought you were selfish, normally wild creature hate humans, why don’t you?” he said

“Wolves travel in pack and protect their pack, and since you are my partner I’m force to treat you as a pack member, so you in or out” said Archi and put his paw out.

“Ok, but who the pack leader?” he ask as he shock his paw

‘That something we will discover later on” he said then the two agree to team up. They still weren’t close friends but they treated each other as a pack so they must protect and listen to each other. As they headed back to the boy and said they had found some ground and are slowly forming a bond and that they can’t do it here they must travel since Archi did come from the wild and this is his first partner they can’t learn everything at once but at least now they will respect and value the other option but that doesn’t mean they don’t hate each other. As the boy let them past seeing a change the two started travelling unsure where they were going they headed north hoping to find a city.

It been 2 days and yet they haven’t found any town or city, any homes or signs of people. Hungry and tired they soon begin to give up on walking. “I’m so hungry I could eat anything even this pieces of grass” complain Charlie.

“I could go hunting but I haven’t seen any sign of live where are we anyway?” he asked. Charlie look at his watch and at the map and they weren’t even near the town but had pass one and it just the same distance at the other one. Resting from their long walk, the two begin to grow distance and madder; the smallest thing could set them off.

“This would have never happen if you seen that town on your map” he said.

“This wouldn’t have happen if you went hunting and found us some food” Charlie said in defense

“Hunt what?” Archi said getting frustration

“It call food, you’re the one who get the food and I’m the one that leads now go and find some food”

“You find us a quick way to get to town” growled Archi. The two frustrated and hungry soon got up and started walking Charlie following the map and Archi looking for any type of food but they put came up empty. Till they found an apple only one but it was more than anything they found before, but who will get it.  As they stared at it they both charge at it but with Archi speed he got to it first and grab it but was tackle by Charlie then the apple went flying and the two ran after it, instead of trying to find out where it came from the two chase and heading more and more off path and getting more lost. Eventually falling into the water, Charlie grabs the apple and Archi gave up on it because he found a better thing to eat, fish. He started hunting and courts the biggest fish which isn’t that big so he grabs enough and the two started eating. Archi now full Charlie still hungry that one apple wasn’t enough but it did give him enough energy to head back up the hill to the path. As they reach the path and look around they hope to have found someone or a sign saying which way to go since both of them couldn’t read a map. Eventually Archi flew into the air and look around Charlie following him hoping to find a quick way to town or some food.

 As the night came and the sun went down for the night as the two found a quite place to sleep, Charlie pull out his blanket and wrap himself up with it while Archi fell asleep within the tree high up so he could see for any danger and be safer from the bug and night walker below. As it reaches morning the first thing they heard was there stomach growling for food.  Headed out again the two begin to argue once again blaming the other for being lost and lack of food.

“Your meant to be the trainer, who provides food and health I guess I pick the wrong one” complain Archi.

“look you have been living on your own for years and yet you can’t hunt down some food so don’t blame me for your lack of skill, look just fly up in the air again and find the town or something” said Charlie getting frustrated.

“fine but if I find the town I’m flying there so kept up I’m not stopping or going back to find you” he said then turn into his true form again and flew up into the air and look around till he found the town. It was a huge city with big building and he could smell the food and life running among it. As Charlie seen him fly faster he ran after him taking a short cut though the trees so he could see him running though bushes and thorn he kept going till he made it out the forest as Archi flew down to the ground as they were out the woods and the city was just a couple of feet away.

As Charlie got out all of the thorn he had and look at his cuts, he look a mess as Archi look and laugh his head off and falling to the ground he couldn’t hold in his happiness.

“Funny, you know you shouldn’t have flown this way you could have gone around” he complained

“Could of but it wouldn’t be as funny so get the twig out your hair and let go” he said getting up. As Charlie pull the twigs out, Archi then shot out some water to wash off the dirt and blood so he looked clear and presentable. They started walking and Charlie couldn’t take this trouble and Archi annoying behavior. So he asked “Archi for a pack member you suck, do you know how to work as a team or have a friend?”

“Well I do I think, ok no I don’t but what wrong with what I’m doing I’m just being myself and isn’t that important to be how you are and not to change isn’t that what you said” he said

“Really it says you’re meant to be playful and childish all I seen is a selfish, no good creature that always has to have his way and is cruel to those who care” he shouted,

“I don’t remember acting that way, I have forgotten everything like how to use my power or even who I was I didn’t even knew my name till you told me all I know is how to survive in the wild, so it will take time and I also prank people who I find annoying don’t worry it will past soon” he said then started walking.

“Really? That must have been a bad childhood no wonders your evil” Charlie said now upset for what he was told.

“Don’t worry that what it like now, creature have been crossing with animals so new and more aggressive creature are around, but least I learn how to fight and defend myself and met you the first human to help me and love creature come on our first real battle just a foot away” said Archi smiling.

“Oh I love you Archi, I knew were going to be close friends once you stop this loner act” he said as he hug Archi.

“Sure one day but no hugs, I hate them and my feet hurt” he said.

“You have been walking much” said Charlie putting him down.

“it not that, you wear shoes so no rock or thorns can hurt your feet, or have fish biting at them, well I guess I can’t walk to town and I’m not being carried like some pet” said Archi licking his paws.

“Or you can ride on my shoulder or head that way I’m not holding you and you can relaxes or sit on my bag or in it” he said.

“Ok for only a while” he said then Charlie bend down and put his arm out and Archi walk on him and went to his shoulder and put his back legs on the bag and body on his shoulder while his front leg relax down his shoulder. In his pup form he could easily do this as he could change his size. As he began to walk Archi love the rest, he could have flown but he wasn’t use to flying and it took a lot of energy out of him and since he hasn’t eaten much. As they almost made it there they knew their understanding of each other grew, Charlie know knew why Archi has acted this way and wasn’t opening up much and is always mad. While Archi knew more about Charlie one he can’t hunt or read a map and that Charlie really dose care about him and is willing to help him in any way and stay by his side even if he act selfish and mean and even leave him. The two were ready for anything and that they now know they are ready for the first contender and whoever it creature is. As there bond grew stronger they wouldn’t wait for their next match and to see if they really have what it take to be a champion.

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