Star creatures

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - first contender

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Submitted: March 01, 2013




They two finally reach the city and while it only took them 3 days to do it and make it without much food which is suprising as many people don’t take as long. The first thing they did was hunt for food and at an all you can eat restraint. Cheep for trainer and the two had more food on their table then anyone. Another thing they learn they had in common they both haave a huge stomiche and would eat anything. The whole restaurant was watching them eating everything in sight not taking any breathe and stuff down as much food as they can into there mouths. As they finish they were so full they couldn’t move from their seats.

“I love all you can eat” said Charlie rubbing his stomach

“me too, we better started heading to a place to get recover, you know that health place that professor went on about, maybe they have something for my foot, I can’t be carry everywhere it embarrsing” said archi taking a breathe after every word.

“Ok, come on let go and find it then find the contender I’m ready for my frist badge and I can’t wait to see what it like having an real full on fight” said Charlie as he got up and archi jump on the table and on to his bag then shoulder. The two begian there search but found them selves lost in  the city, as it was an maze and everywhere look the same and the two couldn’t even find out where they started trap they soon found a place they knew. The battle building also known as the contender’s gym, it was small and was new showing it only been open for a short time, with a huge sign at the front saying RED.

“so this is the place, it must be the red badge or something else, I guess I could ask them where the center thing is” he said and they walk to the door and try to open it but it wouldn’t open with there might it wouldn’t even move. As chairle gave up the door begian to open and a girl came out.  She had long wavy blonde hair with a light pink dress that went to her hips and short, short red pants. She had pink boots with little heals and look very cute and at first Charlie didn’t know what to say but the girl said in a sweet angel like voice “the place is close, till my sister returns came back in a few hours or tomorrow”

“Oh, well we were really looking for the place where the creature goes to get better, archi hurt his feet” said Charlie.

“oh, I can show you” she said then lead them to a centre it look like a shop that had a plus sign saying hospital with a star behind it. As they enter they place smelt and look hospital like and as they headed to the found desk a lady appeared with her blonde hair in a bun and wore a white coat and clothes. Charlie approach with archi on his shoulder, archi was sniffing carefully and knowing all the smell trying to find out what star creature had enter here.

“Miss, my creature need some medical help, see his feet hurt and he can’t walk on them without it hurting him, can you help him?” he said in a sweet quite voice, like he was shy. The lady looks at him with a smile and look like she was in her twenties and was very happy, also beautiful.

“ sure let me see” she said then archi jump down and limp over and sat and the nurse look at his paws and seen the problem then went to pick him up but archi bite her arm and wouldn’t let go till Charlie pull him away.

“Sorry he doesn’t like being carried or touch by people” he said. Then archi climb on his shoulder again and the nurse led them to a room where charile left him as he waited outside with the girl.

A few minutes later archi came out again bolting him at his cute speed where his ears bounce and his tail swing around side to side. As he sat by charile, charile was happy that he was better and even more that he didn’t have to pay as the nurses take care of al Star creature needs for free and the place even lets trainers stay over night. It was odd when charile found this out but didn’t question it as he learnthat it only free for trainers which made sence as trainer would be coming here a lot and so most of there money would end up here then anywhere.

As they left the place saying bye then the girl said “my name Caroline, what yours?”

“Charlie and this is archi, where going to be the champion of star creature which means your sister going down” Charlie said introducing him self.

“it wont be easy, but since she not back why don’t you go to the park, everyone goes there you can let your creature roam and met new friends or battle mine there, she like it there so I let her roam for awile, it better them being stuck in a building all day” she said then led them to the park.

The place was full or flowers, grass and trees, untouched and like a national park, wild or non wild creature could roam. Everyone loves it there making new friends and learning more stuff about the world and the battles. As they arrive Charlie sat down, his feet still haven’t recovered form his three day travel.

“So where you come form?” ask Caroline as she sat down next to him.

“Ockland, it took us we days to get here” he explain.

“really it normally take two, one whole day top the first town then another day to here” she said confused about why it took him so long.

“Well we skip the first town and found our way into the forest, well at least it help us under stand each other more also made me understand that I need to work on reading maps” said Charlie.

“Maybe but still I wouldn’t have been nice to have had something to eat, we have no food for three days, sure we found fish or apples that it till we got here, so where this friend of yours is it strong?” said archi complain.

“Over there friger, and no she not a fighter” she call out and a lamb ran over then it turn into his true form. It looks like a lamb still just without a tail and had rabbit ears, with dog legs and two small horns on it head. It was pink skin and had a white wool coat and wore a bell around it neck. As she ran over it jump into her arms. It was a size of a lamb but light as a rabbit.

“How cute, how long have you guys knew each other?” ask Charlie.

“since she was born, my grandmother raises them and also sheep, any type of sheep and I just love her and one day where going to leave this place and enter shows, that when I find someone willing to have me with them, see I can’t travel alone my parent think is dangerous and since me and fringer are fighters it hard to defend yourself agenst wild star who love to battle” she explain.

“Well you could travel with us, well I have to win agenst your sister frist and if archi says yes, I don’t mind” said Charlie. She was happy to hear that but she ran of to play with friger then archi jump on the sit and ask “so you want this girl to come with us?”

“Well when you think about it, she not crasy and she able to read maps well better then me also it safer to travel in group it would stop my mum from freacking out that reminds me I have to call her” said Charlie then look at his watch and look for her number to call her. Arch then ran off to join Caroline and friger to see if being with them is a good idea or not.

After the call Charlie was going to join but was stop by his someone he knew to well. His name was Kyle, he grew up in the same town and the two knew each other since preschool. Ever since then the two hated each other and always have to compete with each over to see who the best. They both had there win and lose but this journey is the last battle they have, to see who will became champion and who would fail.

 “well, well isn’t it little char, gone for a walk in the park how sweet, I can’t believe you made it here, I thought would would get lost and remind trap within the forest for years” said Kyle in a mean stuck up voice. As Charlie look and seen him he way taller then him and had black spiky hair that was long and wore a red shirt and black pants sand shoes, with a brown bag. He had sunglasses on his head. Next to him was a small black pup that sat next him, it was taller then archi and look aggressive it made archi look like an angel.

“Kyle, I was wondering when you would arrive, every time sometihng nice happen you appear to make it turn grey” said Charlie mad that he here.

“Ouch that hurt, not so where you creature?” he said and Charlie said “over there in the flowers playing why” he said.

“Really play? What a baby and how do I know that him, how do I know you pass the test you could of just came here to make everyone thing you do have one” he said then laugh at charile

“No, he is nad I did pass archi!” Charlie called out, archi look at him but decides not to ran over and stay where he was.

“Yeah he totally your partner, look I came here hoping for a battle but I don’t think he see you as an master or anything” said Kyle.

“for your information, archi doesn’t hate me if ihe did then why would he join me as unlike yours he wild and an wolf pup not an weak pup, so if anything I’m na better trainer as I could tame an wild star while you need one that your grandfather had raise” said Charlie.

“Really, well if he that strong and your that good then why not call him over for an match or is it your lying” said Kyle

“No, we accept your battle, archi came here” he called out but archi didn’t came he just ignored him and stay with Caroline, soon she hared it and got up and archi then jump into Caroline arms and as they started walking over. Charile surprise about what he seen and was hurt and Kyle notice it

“Ouch, it looks like archi found a better trainer, sorry char it looks like you have no partner, or friend just like school all over again, call me when you became an trainer and not some failer who can’t even find an partner’

 “We will battle now” complain Charlie.

“Face it your not ready to be a trainer and never will, you have no idea what your doing get let who ever your creature is go and head home before you kill someone or yourself, come bruce let leave this baby and his imagery creature alone” said kyle then walk off and his pup bark and walk off growling.

As they left Caroline walk over and archi in her arm making himself all comfy, which he had never done with him, so it made Charlie more mad and jealous.

“I think he like me” she said.

“Great, archi see you around, met you later at the centre I have something I have to do” said Charlie and walk off. Archi look at him leave confused as he just jump out her arms and sat there wondering what to do now.

As the time flew by archi went back to the centre but didn’t see Charlie but found Kyle. Unsure who he is but remembers he was with charile walk over and ask him “who are you?”

“You must be Charlie fake friend, were your owner, that girl?” asked Kyle sitting down waiting for Bruce to come back from recovery.

“Owner? I don’t have one and I hate Caroline, Charlie my partner, what gave you that idea” ask archi.

“Really, then why did you hang around that girl and not your partner and came when call normally a friend or what ever you are to him would come, I knew it he was lying like before, look pup go home and leave a loner, alone” said Kyle then he walk off and behind him was bruce who follow him out. Archi kind of understanding what happen ran off looking for Charlie and as he found him at the park laying down no the sit showing no sign of leaving. Archi jump on his stomach and wouldn’t let him up till they sorted it out.

“Hay, where were you? I been waiting for ages and I hate waiting” said archi

“go away, I though I made it clear, the reason I didn’t met you is because I letting you go, you don’t want to be here just leave I think it clear where not going to be an good team” said Charlie turing over.

“hold it, I never said that, look I told you I have no idea about being around others since I lived alone and I never came when called, and beside the reason I was being nice to that girl was cause you wanted her in the group and I though I was doing you a favour you know I hate being carried or playing who plays” he said.

“a favour you never let me hold you without being bitten or hurt and you jump right into her arms and didn’t came when I called, if you call I would of come, face it arch this is not working and it hasn’t from the beginning, I’m heading home tomorrow” he said then got up pushing him off.

“so your giving up, just like that, just because a no good punk think he better then you, giving up mean he wins and beside were ever you go I go and I know you don’t want me to go and if you do head home I wont make life easy for you” he said

“How do you know that I don’t want you to go?” ask Charlie mad.

“because you need me, for your dream, our dream, I told you I pick you because I seen your heart and courage your unlike any other person I met, we could be champion, but that wont happen if we give up when the rode hard eveyr dream come with challenges and this is one of them” said archi.

“Right” he said then kept walking. Archi ran in front of him.

“look, I hate this girl you want in our group but I though if I let her think I like her and you think too she would come, but I know that plan was supid but I’m not smart and it was funny, I’m a kid and love to do prank and mess with people minds and after you risking your life to save me I knew I could trust you and that girl if she wants my friendship she got to do something to earn it, so partner” said archi putting his paw out.

“Partners, but this time came when called next time tell me your plans before doing so” he said.

“Sure, and also any more loser you know?” he asked

“Nope just him there others but there easy to handle just that jerk we need to work on” said Charlie. Archi nodded then jump on Archi shoulders and then on his head.


The next day they started to head to the contender for there frist battle to see if they have what it takes. As they ran into Caroline and friger archi was back to his old self, attacking anyone who came near unless their Charlie, which confused carol as he change completely from the loving pup she met yesterday.

The contender looks to be nineteen. She looks like Caroline but had short straight hair. Also unlike her sister she wore yellow and unlike others she didn’t wear shoes as she hated wearing shoes indoors. Next to her was a white cow that stood there eating away like there was no one around him. As Charlie walk over and stop at the line and said “I’m Charlie Michels and I challenge you for a badge”.

Like most battle the contender can choose to battle you or not, if they don’t they give you a reason why and you can improve or not battle, most of the time they don’t battle is because they just did and they have no available creatures or they think your creature or you are no ready.

Archi stared at them and growl, he was ready to fight and though he could take down that cow easy. He was wrong as the cow move forward and turn into it true form, it didn’t look like a weak cow or something to mess with. It looks strong and tall and it was the tallest creature Charlie had ever seen. Unsure if he should fight or ran it was scared as even in archi true form he was like a small mouse agenst a tall and powerful tiger. It had the cow body and stood on two and had a cat like face with no tail and was bright pink. It didn’t look scary but the size made it something to run form. If it wanted to it could step on archi and beat him straight away.

Archi turn to his form and was ready to fight showing no fear as he love the challenge the stronger the beter he wasn’t one to sit back or run away. As it stared archi let out a blast of water that hit the cow but didn’t do anything since it absorbed it and blasted it back at archi. Knocking him over and push him agents the wall, as the water stop, they knew his water ability was uses less and only his speed and strength could help him.

Fighting away archi was at his limited they been battling for only a couple of minute and Charlie had not found away for archi to hit or even hurt  the powerful cow, while archi only could run making him self tired and soon there was an good chance his body was going ti give in and  collapse. Charlie reaches out his watch and look up the cow. It was called a Colton a powerful creature that realise on it size and it skin can absorb anything thing that hit it. With out any help Charlie was about to call it off but came up with a great plan as he call out to archi and said “arch fly, don’t arm for skin, from above”. Archi flew up high and shot water into the cow mouth, all it did was give it a drink, and archi had no powers that could do anything. 

“Great plan now, keep thinking” shouted out archi now dogging it hooves and teeth. Thinking with all in his might but couldn’t think of an idea, he knew he wasn’t ready but he couldn’t back out know not after what they been though and what will Kyle say or his mother knowing he lost, Kyle would laugh and neer let it go thinking about ti made him push harder he didn’t want to fail and he didn’t want to let archi or his mother down who bealive in him.

Archi now hurt and tired his wings couldn’t hold him much longer and his leg hurt everything time he moves them. Thing began to look grim. As Colton was about to use his last resource of power with a finale hit, Charlie called out “qsy!” archi understand what he said close his eyes and Colton had froze. Charlie than knew that archi couldn’t lift him but could make him move around. Archi uses his power to make him attack it self and eventually fall over almost landen on his owner. Archi then some how lift it up and chuck it across the room. As his wings finaily gave in and fell charile went and court him, now it was just to see who will get up and who would remind down. Archi with his not giving up will power was able to jump from Charlie arms and stand ingoring the pain form his legs he waited for colton who was lening on the wall as it tried to get up it found it self unable to stand as th wieight of it own body keep it from standing. Soon the battled ended knowing there no point in contiuining of Colton couldn’t even stand.  Charlie now the winner hugs archi and spin around happy knowing he won. Archi to tired to attack him for picking him up they ran over and get there badge

“You a great trainer, I have never seen a beginner knock down my cattle, I see a champion out of you yet” she said in a deep, voice. Then Caroline asks her sister if she was able to travel with Charlie. Unsure she soon let her knowing that Charlie was good kid and that she will be fine. Getting the badge the two jumps round happy knowing that they won and that there on they way to becoming the champion and reaching there dream.

“The next one is 2 towns away,you also have to remember that each one different some have more then one and each with there own style” said the trainer

‘I know but that wont stop, I had enough of giving up for now I’ I’m not going to stop till I reach my dream right archi’ said charile all pump up

‘of cause and if you try you will have to deal with me as I’m no quiter’ said archi smiling. As they left to the center, as charile waited for archi and caroline he look at his badge glad that he won it and it was prove he wasn’t some failer and there an change he could reach his dream

Charlie tired and wonder if they will make it seen they had a hard time with him and if archi could make it in another battle. As archi came out and ran over and jump on the sit and said “let move out”

“Yeah but we have to wait for carol, since she now in the group” said Charlie still sitting down slouching.

“oh yeah she coming, she may walk with us but she not in the pack so don’t expect me to look out for her, hay since you won the battle you are now able to have other creatures join the group, but only three so we have to pick creature who are tough and that I like” said archi laying down on the sit.

“No arch, you don’t get to and beside both the human and the creature must want to join together so who know who but who ever dose must be out there mind to join your pack’ explain Charlie. Archi upset about that growl and said “funny, but know this if I hate them I wont protect them nor be nice and they will not enter my pack until I like them’.

Charlie laugh and patted archi knowing he would say that, since archi will never befriend anyone unless force. Which he fill he has to with him, which dose course some trouble. Soon carol came running and with fringer beside her and the gang headed out the town and carol said so exited to have left that town behind to start her new journey

“I can’t believe I’m finally free from the city, thank for letting me came along, I swear I wont cause any trouble and I will help out in any way” she said.

“The only reason you here is to read the map and lead us to the towns, so just shut up and walk, I don’t want you here in the first place” growled archi.

“Arch, sorry he doesn’t know who to act around others, I’m happy you’re here and it nice to have someone to talk to other than archi” said Charlie happy.

“Thank, here you go the badge so you can now have three other creature, see if they accept to join they go in here and can only came out when called. They get sent to a dimension where only it kind is, where other trainer tame creature are so your ones aren’t together but with others cool isn’t it, I have one” she explain.

As she past over the badge it was golden and look like a wing with a red stone in it that was very small. It was very clean and shiny and wasn’t too big or too small. As he grab it and put it on his jacket, she then added “oh yeah don’t lose it or put it somewhere where it can get taken you only get one and that the only way your creature can get out, if you call them or it smash and once it is there free, also you can realise them by not calling there name out but thinking it while holding it, so be careful” she said then started skipping and singing away.

“Strange girl, you know I could get rid of her and no one will know” said archi.

“It ok, as long as she can read a map I don’t care how she acts, come on another battle awaits” Charlie said happy and started running. Archi ran along with him then carol came and fringer behind. All happy and exited to be on the journey and ready for the battle to come and friends to met. One badge gone and there one step closer to challenge the top four trainer in the world.

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