Star creatures

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - lost Damion

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Submitted: March 03, 2013




Now with his first badge Charlie couldn’t wait for his next one. Reading up he learn there are only fifteen he need to get, as the two were pump up for their next match all they could talk about was there next match and thinking up new ways to use Archi's skills, while carol couldn’t wait to get to the next town for her first show, to show off her creature power and beauty. As the group took a break at a lake Charlie hope to find new friends to join their team.

Charlie looking though his watch at all the creature located in this area hoping to see if one he might want in his group and would be able to handle Archi, while carol train fringer to show off it beauty and how powerful and beautiful it is. Waiting patiently Archi soon grew hungry and wanted food now and didn’t want to wait, tired of fish and fruit he wanted some real meat. As he left to hunt he fails to find any in as if the place was silent and they were the only thing around. Worried, he return to camp hoping they were ok to find Charlie tired and hungry he lay down ignoring the world around him. As got a drink and went to Charlie only to discover he got the hick ups.

Every time he hick up a bubble came out of his mouth and as he walks he left a trail behind, confused to what going on the hang around Charlie worried about why bubbles are coming out of his mouth.

“How cute, Archi has bubble power, hay I have a great idea, Archi could enter and use his bubble breathe and his psychic ability and make beautiful images, he would win for sure, and with his power and cuteness he could became a champion, what you say” said carol all happy asking Archi.

“Drop dead, I will never enter a show with you or anyone, it pointless and stupid, I’m a fighter not a shower” he growled but he soon started to hick up which annoyed him.

“Charlie pleases, you could enter him the world need to see his beauty” she complained.

Charlie unsure what to do, he was scared and he didn’t want to say no or yes as they both would seriously hurt him as he tried to speak no words came from his mind then Archi said ‘look no matter who you ask I’m not entering since, I’m a battler and also Charlie can’t boss me around as I’m no dog I’m an wolf who listen to no one he just my partner”.

“I’m hungry” Charlie said trying to end this before it get out of hand as carol was about to speak Archi stood up and look around as he smelt some meat he follow the smell leading the two away from the path into the bushes. As they ran over they found a damion, an fear species that normally seen in pack, they are dog like creature that look like a Doberman but unlike them they had no fur, with grey skin with a thick tail with metal armor on his forehead and around it ears but not coving the snout. Armor on it back and a spike collar around its neck. Spike around it legs with long fangs that stuck out it was as tall as a horse. Many seem them as devil dogs due to their two horns that were between his ears and with their red eyes. As it was eating from the dead animal it was hard to tell what the animals was as it had no skin. Archi walks over and started growling ready for a fight but unlike Archi the damion didn’t seem like it wanted to fight as it back off leaving the meat for Archi. As Charlie look at the damion he got a feeling it wasn’t a wild star creature. As Archi took the meat with pride not giving it to anyone, the damion whinnied as you got closer you could see it was wasting away.

“Arch that wasn’t very nice” Charlie said disappointed of what he did. Archi the throw meat at him and said “here some food, don’t worry it a damion they are born to hunt it will find more”. He then continued eating growling every time the damion came near. Charlie walk over to the damion and carol stop him and said scared “stop, they are vicious dogs, they will kill you before you have time to blink”

“I don’t think it wild, plus if it so dangerous why did it pack away from Archi who only a pup’ said Charlie and walk over and hold the meat out and the damion walk over and took it from his hand and gobbled it down and started panting.

“Look it has a tag, on it collar which prove it had an owner maybe it got out’ explain Charlie patting it

 “Or ran away, star creature don’t just leave without reasons and it wouldn’t have just got out” said carol

“We should still take it to town, to be seen and find it owner if it stays here it problem, it won’t make it” said Charlie and as he patted the damion then notice two puppies hiding behind the bush, both different yet the same. One was a female and had no fur like it mother, it had a very small tail like a Doberman and the ears were down, it had two small horn on it head next to each other and little fangs. The other one was a male who had black fur and a tuff of black hair in-between it ears that was also down, it had little fangs and a small tail as well. With a grey belly and under it tail and a grey circle on it chest and it had a black circle in the middle of it also with a golden bracelet around it right front leg nears the foot. They look the same beside for the fur and the male had longer claws and horns.

“It has fur, damion don’t come with fur no matter what they are born furless and never able to grow any’ carol said. Charlie put his watch to the black pup and Charlie read out “a damion are vicious creature that like to fight and very territorial and are very hard to train but if don’t right they can became great battlers or pets, normally seen furless but when damions were first born they had fur but in time they lost it so it said if one is born with fur they will be very dangerous as they far more aggressive and even harder to train which is the reason the fur one were bred out to extinctions’.

 “I think we should go fur damions should be extinct” said carol scared and hold fringer tight in fear of what could happen.

 “Hay girl are they your pups? Don’t worry where not going to hurt you, where talking you home back to your owner” said Charlie all comforting. As they started to leave the forest with the mother damion and it puppies following not straying far from Charlie side, the female pup was playful and jump around happily while the male pup growled and stared at Archi with hate like he was ready to attack.

“What up with the pup?” ask Charlie.

“Don’t you know damion males are naturally aggressive to other males, he probably want to fight for dominance” explain carol. As they walk on the path they notice the mother and puppies were getting slower and more tired as they began to find it hard to follow them. The gang didn’t have any food ether so Charlie asks Archi to hunt food for them Archi at first refused but later decide he should as if he didn’t they could just die. As he return from his hunt with fish as he place it down on the ground he walk over to Charlie and let them eat it all.

As they finish eating they soon could see the town close by excited  they started to walk a bit faster, as Charlie was about to run Archi growled and bit Charlie as he stop and was about to shout he notice an pack of damion in his path ways. It was true damion are aggressive as they look at them like fresh meat. As they look at the female damion they knew they were here for her, as not only is she without a pack but had a fur child which has said to never happen so she was a prize and the pack leader wanted her.

The leader was taller and more muscled, its horns where huge and looks far scarier than the others. The packs were ready to fight as they move forward Archi move forward and growled.

The leader growled and said in a deep voice “come here damion, came join our pack, where the best in the forest and better then these humans”

“Go away, leave me and my children alone I must return to my master” said the mother tired and wasn’t fit for a fight.

“You hared her, go away” said Charlie standing his ground.

“Go away human, this doesn’t involve” he growled.

“It does when a poor mother is force to join a pack that it doesn’t want to join she just wants to go home” said Charlie.

“Listen to the nice dog, and let go before were torn to pieces” said carol scared as she tried to drag Charlie away.

“Yes listen to you friend and get lost” said the Damion.

“No” said Charlie determined not to move.  The damion grew impatient, tackle Charlie as he went flying pass everyone. As he got up and held his ribs hoping nothing was broken. As carol rush over to see if he was fine Archi growled ‘nobody can hurt Charlie but me” then shot out some water and knock the leader over and as the pack move forward Archi eyes glow white and a wind blew from his feet as his fur went up and soon all the pack was up in the air then was chuck away as Archi went back to normal and said “that a warning, I don’t care about this dogs, but if anyone hurt my pack they dead got it”. The leader got up and walks over.

“you think you’re so tough just because you have psychic ability but watch this” then he shot out a dark powerful blast that went for Archi as he jump over it and got his wing out and flew to  the leader and kick him with his feet and knock him back then head but him in the stomach than use his wings to blow him away and said “you think you’re so tough, your nothing but an weak dog if you where and true damion you would be much strong and faster I would have lost straight away”. Then the damion pack ran off leaving the behind as fear took over.  Charlie walks over and carol was surprise that he took on that pack by himself. Charlie ran and hugs Archi and said “thank boy it so nice of you to help this small family I know you had a heart”

“I didn’t I told you, I defend my pack and you’re in it, beside it all talk he more of a dog then a creature a true damion would attack first talk later and we would had be killed within seconds” said Archi then jump on Charlie bag and lay down on his should like normal and said “I’m tired, now move let get these pets home”. Charlie then check if everyone was ok and started walking and soon they found a small country house and as they went to ask if they knew who owns there damions to their surprised the small boy was her owner. As he explain that one day she got pregnant and this hunter came and try to steal her and he let her go hoping once the hunter gone he could get her back but he could find her. He was happy to see her but he didn’t know what to do with the puppies, he could sell them or give them to someone who need them, but he knew no one would want the male pup since he has fur everyone knows they are hard to train and more likely to kill you then listen to you, it didn’t even listen to it mother and always seem to growl. Staying at the house for the night Charlie walk over to the black pup and said “hay boy, what a wired day, you know you don’t have to be aggressive or vicious if you don’t want, take it from Archi, they said he was meant to be playful and a child and he just plan aggressive and rude so what I’m saying it you can be yourself”. The pup looks at him with an ear up and one flop down. He looks at him like he was confused or trying to think of to attack or not.

“I hear you guys were made to be top creatures, that your ancestor was a great and powerful star creature that fell for a dog and gave birth to powerful creature but each generation they grew weaker and lost their fur but the fur ones are meant to be just like the first litter, I read it in the watch” said Charlie. The pup growled and then stared at Archi and growled some more look like he was going to attack.

“You want to beat arch, is it because he beat that dog, you know I might be full on cheering you on by you see Archi has been train while you haven’t so I think it best to hold of any fighting until you get some training in’ explain Charlie.

“Why do you care? Like you said and everyone I’m aggressive and meant to fight, so why can’ I fight him?” growled the young pup, his voice was so young yet aggressive like he was trouble and pick on, Charlie could see that he hasn’t had a great child hood.

“Well he a train creature and you’re not, with training I think you will be able to beat him” said Charlie. The pup stared at him as he watches Charlie leave. The group stayed that night just in case the people return and also it was too late to leave.

It was morning and as Charlie woke from his slumber on the chair he seen that in his arms was  the black pup, as he jumps in shock and didn’t know what was going on because it wasn’t there when he was a sleep. Archi ran in along with carol to see the pup next to Charlie, carol didn’t know what to think, she seen that pup was a thing to fear and she also though it was cute.  While Archi hated it, he didn’t like anyone getting close to his partner he didn’t know why he cared but he hated it. He growl and walk over as the pup woke up and jump down as he look around and seen Archi growling thinking it a chance to fight. The two attacked one another but Archi had to upper hand and easy beat the young pup without breaking a sweat. Charlie got up and told Archi to stop and pick up the pup and made sure he was ok. He didn’t have a scratch or a mark like it was imposable for anyone to break though his coat. Then the young boy can out and ask “what happen?” unsure what to say they just made a little giggle of confusion as they didn’t want to say a fight broke out in the house.

After breakfast the group decided to leave the house and began there journey once again. The young boy happily gave them food and thanks them for their help. As they started to leave the young black pup ran out and started braking as he ran to Charlie and said “I may not be strong yet, but I was hoping with your training I could became stronger”

“You want to join us in our travels? It fines with me what about you’re Archi?’ ask Charlie looking at them bended down at the damion pup height.

“As long as he doesn’t attack me or came close I’m fine” said carol

“I don’t want him with us, but fine as long as he doesn’t get in my way” said Archi mad. Charlie picks him up and said “you coming with us” then Charlie badge glowed and the pup went red and so did the badge and he then went into the badge.

“He yours now” said carol. Charlie happy to have another member jump up and down as he was so happy then called out damion and said “You’re now mine” then the pup barks and licks his face.

  After that a new member joins the group and Charlie couldn’t be happier. Heading to the new town where there first show was held they began to prepare but before they went to find somewhere to stay, they found a store with clothes for creature and their owners. As they stop there they decide to get their friends something for them. Charlie got a black collar for his pup and it had a skull tag with his name engraved on the back of it, Charlie decide to name him demon since that what his kind is describe as. Archi didn’t want anything and carol brought a mini bell bracelet for her arm to match friger’s.

As they left the store and look at the town which was full of shops and hotels, and in the middle of the town was a huge fountain and behind it was a huge stadium where the creature show was held. As they were able to walk Charlie bend down and put a bandana on Archi and said “I think you need something, since you are my partner and not a wild creature, I even have on tied around my arm, well until I find a place for it’. Archi look at his new red bandanna and smiled while saying “fine, do I have to wear it all the time?”

“Yep, like demon has to wear his collar, come on you two let head to a restraint, most likely an all you can eat” said Charlie standing up and looking for somewhere to eat.

“you and food, I see our money being wasted on it, I wonder why your no fat, everywhere we go it food” said carol shacking her head in disappointment that all he care about was food and battling. As demon walk over to Charlie with his new black collar what blend with his coat and the silver skull shining in the light. As Archi was about to jump on Charlie back the two walk into each other and started to growl and a fight was about to began.

“Stupid dog goes back in the badge where you belong” growled Archi

“Stupid dog? Your one as well idiot last time I check” growled demon.

“No I’m a wolf smarter and free minded not slave to the word of it master or tame I do what I want when I want” growled Archi

“Stupid fish, wolves are in the dog family, and beside went I get train I will beat you and became the top creature of this group and you second place where you belong” growled demon.

“Ha, you couldn’t beat me even when I’m asleep, so back off”

“Well then this means a start of a challenge’

“No this mean war” snarled Archi

As the two were about to attack each other Charlie bend down and pick them both up in different arms and said “I think this is a start of a beautiful friendship and team, right ach and demon?”

 They both growled and Archi jump on the shoulder and put his back legs on the bag and went to his position. While demon wanted to grow stronger and faster decide to walk and not to be lazy.

“You knew they hate each other and most likely will kill each other by the end of the day” said carol

“Yes but they will grow to like each other it just they don’t know each other, now come one let go and eat” said Charlie and he ran off. Carol followed with little fringer running behind, shy even so she was a fast runner and always about to keep with the group.

The group grew and became more full of hope and passion as they were ready for anything, that was in there way, because they had all they needed friends and hope.

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