Star creatures

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Show time

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Submitted: March 04, 2013




 As the sun was up and the group was full of energy they decide to head out to the stadium, they found out that show start at twelve and it was only seven so they though to use this time to. As carol tried to think of ways to show of fringer cuteness and beauty in it looks and power. As they sat in the park full of trees and flowers, many others were training also but only Charlie was training to battle which made him stand out.

“Charlie what do you think of this move?, fringer show of your lighting” she call out and fringer shot out a powerful blast of thunder and made the lighting go into a circle and she jump though it as she did some of the lighting went and hit her fur making her connected to the circle. It was a compacted attack but show the power and control which made fringer stand out, as soon the lighting past and she drop and landed gracefully. Charlie clap and said “wow that must of took a lot of control and practices but doesn’t the trainer have to be involves some how?”

“not in the beginning ones you don’t have too but later on you do, so do you think I could win?, well first round anyways?” ask asked

“Well it depends can she do it again?” he ask

“Yes, well that part one the next one the bond then battle, hay can fringer battle demon?” she ask

“Why not Archi? I’m just training demon” said Charlie walking over to demon.

“Well, demon is scary but Archi unlike him Archi doesn’t go easy and I want fringer to be ok, please it great training for both” she pleaded.

“Ok, come on demon let have your first battle, be careful she might look weak but her thunder power is very shocking” said Charlie. Then demon walks over and got ready for his match. Fringer turn into her turn form which still look like a sheep with the wooly coat but had no tail, big rabbit ears dog feet and legs and two horns on it head. As fringer seen demon she felt fear taking over and as she scream in fear a burst of lighting came out and knock demon over. He got up and growled as he ran over and jump on fringer as he landed he grab her skin and bit down hard refusing to let go.

“demon get off fringer, this is not hunting for food, get back here, you can bite but not in a way to kill, now use super bark” said Charlie. Then carol call out “uses lighting shock”. As demon barked and the grass was pull of the ground along with the dirt, it was like a supersonic power that knocked everything over and away from the creature. It was also a loud bark that kill the ear around them as the lighting was shot out of fringer it was push back so fringer dodge the lighting and tried to get away from the power of his bark, but sadly carol didn’t think of that and was knock over.

 “Sorry, you ok?” called out Charlie frinking out

“I’m ok, good dodge fringer now head butt” she calls out. Demon dodge it then grab fringer’s ears then chuck her across the field then bark again and fringer was knock over which scared her causing her to flee away from the danger.

“Charlie, this isn’t a real battle, and when do you chuck the other cross like that, she just a baby” she complained.

“I didn’t and if there a battle in the show you’re not going to win with that attitude, you meant to give it all you got, dodge every move and don’t stop for a second or let them get close plus if she run away she will lose” he explain.

“this is my first battle, your meant to go easy, you’re so mean, I would hit you if your weren’t so far away” she complain.

“What a baby” complain Archi as he sat and watch. As fringer walk back she heals herself and was ready to battle once again. This time Charlie and demon went easier, they still won the match as in the end Charlie was unable to remind clam as he got to serious.

 “I guess, it because he train in battles, well I don’t care I will win no matter what come fringer where going to train away from these bullies” said carol and left not looking back as she was annoyed at her lose and of Charlie. Charlie unsure what to do just contiued to train both his creature and learn more about there fighting styles.

 As carol walk around seeing everyone train and how powerful there are, she began to worry because fringer wasn’t as powerful or talented, sure she was cute and their bond was so powerful but the final match she would lose, since she can’t even beat any untrained pup.  Soon it became starting time and with no more time to train as carol thought the move was perfect and there was no way to improve, as she headed to the stadium as they went to the back of the stage where carol got ready. As she seen everyone dress up she started to panic as it started to feel real. As she got ready with her wool bottoms and boots, she put her hair up to make it shape as rabbit ears. Her dress was blue and so was her boots. Ready for anything she groom fringer and waited for her turn, so nerves she couldn’t move and started to panic thinking of the worst.  Everyone went and came back all relieved and happy it over, watching everyone go up, it made her move nerves because everyone look perfect and talented while carol felt uneasy and that she was going to fail. As her name was called out, she got up and walk out as fringer change and the enter the middle of the stage and the bright light shine on her, she look out dead in the middle was Charlie and Archi along with demon calling out to them, saying good luck cheering while Archi look bored out his mind. Carol then call out “go fringer thunder”. Then she started her move all perfect and everything was going great the thunder look great and everything come out the way she hope she felt her fear go away and tried to pretend that she was only doing the move in front of Charlie instead of the whole crowd and judges. As she finishes she fell and carol jump in the air court her then did a back flip and landed on her two legs while fringer jump out and smiled as she landed. Letting out a lovely loud call out of joy then they ran off holding her dress they made it back stage and were so glad it over she jump around smiling and fringer dance. They didn’t care if they pass or fail they were happy that they pull it off.

 After waited for the next trainer to finish the winners were called out and she just made it. Ten came out of thirty and now the bond test was called, a small watch came and as one of the judges, the nurse from the center in her work in front but this one was blue and yellow. She had short brown hair and wore glasses.

 As they walk by and she sends people away as the bond must be at a certain level to pass as they believe the bond is the most important thing. You could be friend with a creature for years and still not have a perfect bond, carol was hoping her was a good one as she felt they had a strong bond but never once had it tested. Charlie and Archi knew their bond would have not made it or even demon, since they all didn’t really trust or have a powerful bond as they still have there doubt about this relationship. As it got to carol, she closed her eyes and as it ping they told her that she had passed and her bond was almost at the top, she got big points for that, she hug fringer and was so happy. It would be expected since carol did raise fringer since she was a baby showing carol and fringer had a mother and daughter relationship.  Now only four left and the battle start, they took a short brake so in this time she ran to Charlie hoping he could give her some help or a creature to lend as she was panicking.

“Charlie I need help, one of them is a plant and another is thunder, the water I can handle help” she ask pleading.

“calm down, it just a battle and I would lend you one of mine but Archi doesn’t want to and demon still training but doesn’t mean I can’t help, look just uses your thunder moves and dodge, you don’t have to use thunder” explain Charlie.

“beside fringer can absorb thunder so plant is your problem and she can heal and jump up high, just jump, dodge and attack, fighting easy in this completion but what not easy is our battles, your showing beauty not power and strength so it easy for you” said Archi on Charlie shoulder.

“Ok, I can do this, what if I can’t?” she asks

“Nothing wrong with losing as from it you can learn from you mistake and learn what need improving, plus it your first time so relaxes’ said Charlie.

“You won first go with a creature who hate everyone” said upset and mad

“That was a fluke Archi was already a skill fighter, beside just have fun that what my mother’s says win or lose as long as you had fun and tried that all that matters’ he said.

“So you lost, a lot right?” ask Archi.

“I didn’t do it to win, only for fun plus I didn’t always lose also get off me” said Charlie trying to hold in his anger. Carol still nervous knew Charlie was right, if she dose try at least it was her best and she can try again, now ready she ran back, to the back stage while Charlie and Archi even demon went to watch the rest of the show even though Archi and demon find no interest in it Charlie had to keep them from wondering off.

 The next round they watch the water and plant one, it was a tough battle but the plant creature won, it was a big butterfly with vine like wings with leafs on it and cover in plants, shape as a huge butterfly. While the water one was a cat who was blue and had duck feet. The next match was thunder vs. thunder fringer going agents something call a Molton who was a thunder like cat. It looks like a kitten that had a thunder tail and ears; it looks cute but would shock you if you get to close. As the battle began, as normal fringer was unsure to battle, she was shy around new creature and normally doesn’t like to fight. Well right now she didn’t want to fight. She just ran around jumping and dodging all moves. Carol try to stop her but she kept running soon she was hit by a huge bolt of lightning which was just absorb by her woolly coat, it did nothing to her and she look and shot it back at the cat who couldn’t absorb it and was hurt badly. She got point for that, it show strength and power. With that fear gone she attack the cat  and jump back off it, full of confidence fringer easy beat the cat since, the cat was only train to fight with her lighting and thunder moves, with that out of the way she was powerless to fringer who was train to fight both ways. The winner was announces carol and fringer jump for joy as they won their first match. Now it was the finals and it was up agents the plant creature. Who also could absorb thunder moves so fringer was left with her tackles and head butt while the other one had all the moves and was ready for the match. As it started fringer dodge all the moves and ran fast, trying not to get hit but soon was court in a vine, with no way our she was trap. She was attack by thorns and was hitting everything in sight. As she was let go and attack by pink flower pedals. Fringer got up and heals herself, but didn’t know what to do. Charlie knew that if fringer was going to win she had to find a week point, like Colton weight, and demon lack of trainings. As fringer let out another bolt of thunder it somehow went inside the vines into the true creature and badly injured it and fringer tackle making it a victory. Given her first ribbon and metal, they were full of joy. Heading back to the hotel she was so happy but then Archi said “you can thank me with food”

“What?” ask carol

“Charlie broke, you’re not and I was hungry, you weren’t going to win so I use my powers to make sure the lighting went to the right spot, don’t feel bad be happy you won  now time for food”  said Archi and ran into the room.

“What?” ask carol still confused

“oh that way his eyes were glowing, well least you won and now fringer has confidents in battle now, with more training you can win next time plus there nothing one can do so for now let go eat’ Charlie said all calm.

“What!” she scream and started shout and attack Charlie and began chasing Archi, upset that they help her win, and expect to be feed for it.

That night Charlie was hurt bad and lay in bad all night in pain while Archi stay hidden, he wasn’t scared he just didn’t want to get hurt since he doesn’t use his power on any humans unless there name is Charlie and in the pack or going to hurt someone.  Carol upset about what they did but glad that they did. She knew now she must learn to fight and find a new move and learns more about the world of star creatures, before going to another show, with more to learn she knew that she had a long way to go.

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