Star creatures

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Training

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Submitted: March 06, 2013




As they headed to the forest following the path before them, and like normal wild star creature appear to challenge the tame star creature. The battles are just like any other but sometime they won’t give up the fight until they know they can’t win or even death.

This battle was agents a creature with the power of light, it glow bright and was shape as a ball, powerful and strong, Charlie thought demon would be best, to test his strength and get him use to the ways of battle which many would say is smart but it wasn’t an wise move. Demon battle strong and never show any fear but even if he was strong battling agents the light wasn’t easy for him as he one of the dark. As it shine bright and made it impossible for him to battle as the sun light was too strong doubling the creature of light power while weaken him.

Losing Charlie was running out of ideas and demon didn’t know how to fight without his powers and he had horrible aiming skills as he would miss. Slow as Charlie been spending his time training him to battle then work on his strength and weakness, leaving demon defenseless as he had no idea what he could do to win, but he keep going ignoring the pain not wanting to give up. Charlie could see that there was no way demon could win, noticing where he lack he called him back in order to send archi who won easy with his speed the creature couldn’t even get one hit. As they jump in victory carol then push Charlie over and shouted ‘how could you be so stupid? You could have lost don’t you think?”

“I won, what wrong with that?” he ask getting up.

“you send demon to battle a creature of light which everyone knows they are weak agents even more so in the sun light as they get there power from light while demon need the darkness , what trainer are you not to know that?” she shouted in anger

“I didn’t think, but dark and light are opposite and just because he dark doesn’t mean he weak it also shown light is weak agents dark” he said in fear

“You don’t think, you want to be the best trainer and yet you don’t know what you’re doing, demon might be a fear creature and I hate him but what you did was wrong!” she scream

“What did I do? he battle and was getting tired I swap and put archi in, it what trainer do he also gain experiences” he explain.

“your such an idiot, they are not here just for fighting, they have feelings you now they hate each other think about it, you put demon in, he try his hardest to win but was replace by someone he hates and want to beat, you make him feel weak and useless, a trainer job is to make sure they know their creature feeling and understand them and know what to use agents other creatures, you want to be on the top, with this you’re going to be on the bottom” she shouted at him, and then push him over again and walk off. Charlie shock and upset, he understood what she meant but still felt what he did wasn’t all that bad.

“don’t worry about it, she dose shows not battles, for one thing I don’t care about this, and if he can’t handle the heat he should stay out of the way and go home, come on” said archi then he ran off. Demon the walk over and look at Charlie and said “I’m sorry I lost, I just wasn’t fast or strong enough, maybe I should go”

“no, it my fault, a trainer meant to raise and train them correctly all I’ve been treating you is how to fight, but no now I have an idea’ said Charlie then got up and ran over to carol.

As he grab some rope and a rock he tied the rock to demon, so he could pull it while walking, it was heavy and he wasn’t able to move as fast.

“Now this will make you stronger and much faster and able to do a mean tackle and now it archi turn’ explain Charlie.

“What I’m fast I can drag that easy” complain archi.

“I know, but you’re flying slow and weak, you can’t fly for long, you have no strength in your wings, so you’re going to be flying now not walking or being carried while you’re carrying a rock also, this will make you a better flyer and faster, face it you’re a bad flyer” said Charlie.

“I’m not, I’m great at flying watch” growled archi then he flow up into the air and started flying fast around but got tired quick soon his wings gave in and he crash landed and said “it not like I fly a lot, I think I should stay grounded”

“What if the next match is one in the sky you’re my only flyer’ said Charlie and tied him up to a rock. The rock weren’t big but they were heavy. Demon had a hard time pulling it at first but once he got the right way to pull it he was able to pull it without causing much trouble. Archi started flying but found it unfair that they have to work while he doesn’t.

“hay, if we have to train so do you, don’t you know the leader must always remind stronger the other or they won’t listen, if you want to be my alpha you better get strong’ said archi.

‘ bring it on” said Charlie and archi found a nice rock for him at first he had a hard time pulling it, but eventually got there and the three were pulling or caring. Archi flew up high in his true form strangling to kept his body and rock in the air as it dangle underneath him. He tried flying higher and faster but gave up on that and just flew at a normal pass with enough space for the rock not to hit the ground. Demon pull the rock with his head forward and pull using every muscle in his body, while Charlie pull trying not to use his arms to pull on the rope using all their strength they could call for to move forward. Carol always far in front laugh and found it funning seeing them pull rock around and once they could use to it and able to kept up with her they always went and found an heaver rock for them to pull. At first it seemed cruel but they were all in it, and wouldn’t stop till they got to the town. Even when they slept they had the rope and rock still tied up to them. It was wired but carol was happy that he finely started to train them in other way then just in their power.

It been two days straight of pulling the rocks and they soon began to grew tired and carol always stop to wait for them ether sitting down or training.

After awhile carol soon walk with them and try to give them encouragement and most of the time she got shouted at or archi uses his wings to push her away. They almost reach the town but discover that a huge, steep hill was in there way. It was hard to get up even without the use of rocks. Carol tries to stop them but they didn’t listen so she got herself up there and rested while the three struggled. It look like Charlie had it easy as he could just fly high but in truth his wings couldn’t take it, he wasn’t able to fly high and only struggled to keep the rock from touching the ground. As demon and Charlie grew tired ad their legs were about to give in. Charlie soon started to crawl up the hill as his legs couldn’t take it, as they reach the top they soon took a rest, as Charlie felt he couldn’t walk anymore, archi wings kill him so much he couldn’t even move them while demon just wanted to sleep there and never get up.

Carol sitting there then said “I told you, it was a bad idea yet you didn’t listen, well the town just up a head and the hill, don’t worry it down hill”. As she finish the three got up and began to walk again as they didn’t want to rest until they got to the town.

 “come on don’t stop now that your almost there” she said cheering them on while fringer who follow laugh at them and said in her babyish voice ‘don’t you wish you were in show’ trotting off, demon and archi annoyed went after her, as Charlie rush after them the group found themselves running as the two determination to catch fringer and Charles to stop them they forget about their pain and keep going. As the sun was beginning to set they finally reach the town, in joy the three remove their rope and jump for joy knowing they made it all the way without passing out or quitting.

As demon wanting to head back into the badge Charlie told him that he should walk now and feel the differences. As the groups enter the guys just wanted to go and eat while carol want to sign in a hotel and get the creature heal and better and also to change clothes and wash which she kept hinting to the guys.

Heading to the center they sign in and the creature went into the healing room to get better and heal. Charlie and carol ran up to the stairs and Charlie collapse on the floor and carol keeps pushing him into the shower even though Charlie had no strength left. As he was in it carol look around the room and pick the best bed and got everything set up. It was like a mini house, it had its own kitchen and bathroom and the living room was in the same room as the bedroom and had it own TV. There had two single beds and they were upside and outside the room was a hallway. The room was all white and grey every room was the same expect for the number of beds. As she looks to see what on, she had seen her favorite movie on when she was younger. She scream in joy scaring Charlie was came out half dress in shock with only his pants on and still wet he ask “what wrong”.

“My favorite movie on, we have to watch it no matter what” she said jumping around happy

“A movie really? What is it?’ he asks annoyed she screams for that reason nearly giving him and heart attack.

 “The swan princess, I love it, it has romance and show love concur all and my favorite song, it was the first movie I watch when I was a kid that had a princess in it” she said explain jumping up and down.

“Never heard of it, but we need dinner first, it starts at eight and it five, we will go out have dinner and explore for a bit then head back” he said

“Ok, I set it in our watches so it will go off when an hour left now let go” she said as she put a timer in their watches and started to drag him.

“Wait I’m half dress, let me get dress first” he said as he rash to get his shirt on as he was getting pull out.  As he was getting dragged down the stairs the creature just came out and seen them go and ran after them confused. As they look for a restaurant carol ran into the closes one that she knew would let creature in and was cheap and fast. They got a table and were looking at the menu. Demon sat near the window and archi on the other side of Charlie, while carol sat on the other side of the table with fringer sitting near the window. The creature had to be in there true form to prove they were star creatures and also you must be their trainer or shower to allow star creature in and the more ribbon, Badges or metals you have the cheaper your meal is. As they pick archi got into trouble when creature kept coming and wanted to battle or hid. Soon Charlie had enough and made the two swap sides. As they pick food carol still kept pushing them to eat fast and got annoyed when they order a lot.

“Why are we in a rush?” archi asks

“She wants to watch a movie that starts as eight so, she in a rush just picks and eats fast” Charlie explains. As they pick food and began to eat, Charlie and archi both order a huge stake while demon orders a bowl food of meat ball and dog food. Fringer was milk and oats and even hay while carol had a salad. Even after dinner and desert archi and Charlie kept complaining that they were hungry and wanted more, but they weren’t allowed anymore, while demon didn’t understand since they just had more food then he normally get in a week. Soon they headed out and explored the town but soon something court carol eyes a salon as she enter and get her hair trim and shape again, and fringer was getting her wool cut the guys sat there doing nothing being bored as other walk by laughing as seen them wait soon the boredom was too much and they left to train after promising her that they will be back in time for the movie.

Heading to the outside of town they found millions of stones, rocks and logs.  They practices there tackling and head butts, flying or even running with a heavy rocks and even challenge a few trainer coming in and even wild creatures. Soon the time flew by and they realize they only had a half an hour, as they bolted back as fast as they could, tired and swore out they push themselves to the center as they enter they bolted up and were force into the shower again which cause trouble since demon hated water so as they try to get him wash. They only just made it and carol walk in and seen them all ready and smiled. As they boys look at their newly cut hair, it didn’t look any different. But they complain on it any way or they could get a chance of getting shock or even hit. As they sat down in there Pjs Charlie wore a black long pants and t shirt while carol wore a white night grown that went to her knees. As the movie start archi ask “what it about any way?”

“A princess that get turn into a swan and her princes want to find her” he explained.  Archi look at him with hate, he didn’t want to watch a love story when he could be training. Demon just went back into the badge to avoid being bored, while archi couldn’t, for one he hated being locked up and two he will never go into it and if he ever dose Charlie could send him back when ever, so he refused to give him that power. As archi sat on the bed and Charlie sat next to it they watch the movie as carol sing along with it and fringer did too. They were great singer but it didn’t make it any more fun. As it finish she turn over to see what the guys thinks but found them asleep Charlie fell asleep on the floor while archi took the whole bed. Upset about that they wouldn’t even stay up to watch it with her she then stone off to bed. As it reaches morning they got working up by carol stomping and they ask “what up?”

“You fell asleep, you didn’t even watch it with me” said said mad and also upset.

“We did we watch it all but when it finish we fell asleep, you should be happy we did that out body wanted to sleep so mush” said Charlie.

“Yeah, if I did stay up I would have complain about it, on many things in there confuses me and we would have started a fight and really I wanted sleep” said archi.

“It ends with the two getting married and her not a swan any more, the bad guys are killed by an arrow and the frog stays a frog” said Charlie.

“Have you watched this before?” she asks

“no, first time and I know it was about a girl turn not a swan because of the title, come let go and get some breakfast and head to the next town” said Charlie then rush into the bathroom to get change, while archi stretch and grab Charlie stuff and headed out the door.

Another town gone and the next it the main town with the contender there, full of excitement Charlie couldn’t wait, while carol was happy they watch the movie even though they hated it. She felt loved and started singing song form the movie which made the two ran even faster there trying to get far away from the songs.  

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