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Chapter 7 (v.1) - second contender

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Heading to the next town the group began to train, carol try to improve her creatures beauty and new ways to make her creatures stand out while Charlie train his creature to improve their speed and power. Archi flying improve but still couldn’t fly far or that fast while demon was fast and had good defense but his powers still were uncontrollable. Demon super bark and bite were tough but his new move he discover which was dark ray that he shot out a ray of black light. Every time he uses it, it always pushes him back along with it and where ever he aims it always misses. Charlie help him learn to control it while Archi was banned to land and if he did Charlie said he wouldn’t get feed until midnight. So he try too hard to stay up in the air, he was chuck things to attack and destroy.  Each one battle great and they seem to be ready for their next battle. When the training ended Archi went to land but his wings gave up to early and he smash right into Charlie and knock him over. The two fell to the ground and as Archi got up and put his wings away and look at him and said “I told you I can’t stay up for too long or my wings will fail”

“That way I getting you to stay up, you’re my only flyer so I need you to be strong in air and on the floor” explain Charlie getting up.

“Well me and fringer think creature shouldn’t be fighting but love and care for’ explain carol.

“When creature first came here they battle each other, and it not like we force them and me can’t wait to battle right guys” said Charlie fixing his hat and clothes.

“Yeah just cause your creature can’t fight, it too much of a sheep no star creature in it” said Archi then laugh it head off. The fringer walk over and shock him and said in her cute baby voice “I don’t fight because it wrong and has no point, answer this why do you fight?”

“I fight to be strong” said Archi

“To get stronger so one day, so I can protect who I love so that what happen before will never happen’ said demon in pride.

“That a good idea demon but Archi yours is horrible, there no reason” said fringer disappointed in him. Then carol said “yeah Archi people normally fight for a reason, I know Charlie just want to be a champion of the star creatures, many dream it but it never come true”.

“hay it could happen, and so what if Archi has no reason, were both heading to the top to be the champion and unlike you were going to give it our all” said Charlie all proud then look at Archi who sat there and he growled and said “who need a reason to fight, I’m here and if I didn’t join him he would have a week baby and would still be at that first place and you would have never left that first town”. Then they look at him shock, it was kind of true but still they couldn’t believe he said it.

They soon headed off and demon returns while the other two stay out. Fringer was all happy and cuddling up to her. Archi walk away from him and kept his distance.

“Archi don’t be mad, come and ride my shoulder” said Charlie happy.

“I don’t ride, I can walk just kept looking straight” he growled.

“Arch I can never get you, I wonder if we’re ever going to be friends?” he said. Archi look at him and though back and then ran and jump on his shoulder and smiled and said “I may be cruel but you accept me so give it time and maybe one day, I will respect you and maybe let you boss me around in battle but mostly not”

“Never boss, just some hints, no one the boss in my group, where just friends’ said Charlie happy.

“One step at the time, you may be a master to that dog but to me you’re under my commanded” said Archi.

“Let say no one the master or leader” said Charlie then patted Archi on the head and ran up to carol and said “so what can you tell me about this contender?”

“Nothing, I’m not aloud but this person has a mix creature” she explains looking up at the clear sky.

“Hmm, you know these contenders are very close to each other I could finish this before the year up” said Charlie all happy thinking about it.

“not really, there only three close to your home but others are overseas, and you don’t have to rush around, we could look at other cities, like the one surround by water I hear it a beautiful place and has a well famous race there held every year and if we get there on time, we could enter the race if we get some water creature who are fast in water” she explain thinking of the cities.

“Well archi could, but I don’t know how he is swimming, I think we should find out once we find water” said Charlie thinking about it.

“I can swim fine, so how far is that city?” ask Archi.

“well it between the 7th and 8th contenders so it pretty far and we need to travel by sea which means we need money and were in luck after this city there a race, were people can use two to four creatures to race, and the winner can some money” she explain pulling out a book and reading it.

“Cool, I could win, but first we need to find the contender and win that match and get that badge” said Charlie then started to run.

As they reach the town, it was full of houses and not many shops. It the biggest house belong to the contender and many people where here to battle that one person. As they reach the building it was big and black and had a black circle with a gold mark in the middle. When carol court up and seen him in a line she walk up to him and ask “why must you wait? We could battle tomorrow we been travelling and your creature need some rest”

“Look I’m here and were going to battle were pump and were not tired, and we will stand here all night if it means were going to battle the contender” he said being stubborn.

“You too Archi?” she ask.

“Yeah, beside look at all the people they will lose, they are nothing but week people with the lame creatures” said Archi looking at them thinking he all that.

“Fine, I’m not waiting here or spend my time walking around alone, come here” she said then grab his jacket and started dragging him to the fount and everyone was complaining and as she reach the fount door. A man came and said “go back to the end of the line, and wait your turn”

“My name Caroline and I came from the first contender and with me is my friend Charlie, he here for a match, can I see your boss, I’m sure he wouldn’t like it knowing another person who works at another contender place to be spending their time here, it bad” she said.

“How do I know you work there?” he asks. The man was tall and looks like most security guards, tough, sunglasses and wore black.

“Hello we look alike and I have photo and ids, and believe me this guys tough and I think he would want to battle him right away” she said pulling out photos and ids.

“go on in” said the men and she said her thanks and grab Charlie jacket again and pull him in making it look like he was scared or her puppet. As they walk in and she push him to the platform and he walk and lights shine in his eyes and a tall man came out and had long brown hair and wore a black tank top and army pants with big boots. He looks and called out “are you my changer?”

“Yes I’m Charlie, I came here for a match” he called out.

“You can use two creatures depend on how much you have, beat both mine you win, you lose both you lose got it kid” he called out.

“Yeah” said Charlie. Then the men called out a cat like creature that was mix with a dog and had spikes all on it back and long fangs. Then Charlie called out demon, using Archi for last since normally the tough one is called out last.

Demon in his true form, growling ready for his first fight. Charlie pointed his watch at the contender creature who was snarling and he read “jilton- a cat/dog creature playful and loyal this creature can either be more of a dog or cat, they have no special power other then quick reflexes, flexibility, super fangs and claws”. then look up and the match began demon did the first move, he attack with his super bite which the jilton did the same and as the let go demon use super bark which jilton dodge and demon attack but it doge it by twisting it body in a wired shape that no one can do if they had bones.  Demon surprise at it didn’t know what to do every time he kept attacking it ether dogged or use back at him. As he look and seen Archi watching laughing at his fail, it pushes him more and Charlie called out “demon stay forces now use super bark with speed”. then demon look at him and nodded while ran after the jilton who wasn’t faster them him and as he got close he was about to bark and then jilton dodge and then demon bark when it was in the air which knock it and jilton was push into the wall and as it landed and hiss and ran back and grab demon tail with it fangs and refused to let go. Demon ran around trying to get it off it tail then he grab it tail and it as a full on circle. Then the contender called out “now scratch that dog”. Then the jilton scratch demon on the face then let go and jump back in front of it owner and bath itself. As demon shocks his head and then growled and was getting tired of it games. His barks did nothing nor did his fangs or claws. Charlie was running out of ideas but he couldn’t swap his creature around that wouldn’t be fair on demon after all his training and effort. As he watch demon dodge jilton the contender laugh and wonder if this kid was for real. Then Charlie called out “use dark ray”. demon look at him and he turn as jilton came and was right in fount of him then shot out a dark ray at jilton and it was a direct hit and it knock jilton to the wall and the ray kept going till demon run out of breathe then stop. He took a lot of deep breath and waited for the smoke to disappear. Once it clears jilton was up but then fell and was knocking out for the count as it turns into a cat. Demon tired and lost a lot of energy using that power, he then turn and look at Charlie and smiled then ran and jump into Charlie arms and smiled. Charlie patted him and hugs him saying how proud he was that he controls it. Then put him down to rest in his badge then Archi walk on to the floor and said ‘now it time for the champ, less end this quick’

‘Confident creature, I see you train him well but can he beat my strongest creature’ said the contender and call forth his strongest. He was a lion with spike along it back and legs, it had cheetah marking on it body and a fighting fish tail, like it standing on water and it mane was thick and the lion roar, it was huge and Archi was being to think maybe he spoke to soon. Charlie pointed his watch and read ‘mala, a cat like creature mix with a fish and some other cats, mostly traveling in pack, it able to control and use fire’. then the battle started and Archi dodge the move and attack him with his claws and teeth, Archi look small and foolish he try his best to get him, but when mala use it fire power Archi began to use his water, normally he would win but because mala was more experience and train for a longer time and on an higher level, it fire could turn Archi water to steam.

‘Come on arch you can beat him’ called out Charlie.

‘it look like you spoke too soon, no amount of water can beat my lion, mala finish it’ he called out and a fire blast was shot, but Archi flew up into the air and just miss it and Archi stay in the air dodging his fire ability. Archi use his wings to blow the cat away from him and get rid of the fire. Charlie then had a great idea and called out ‘wind water’. normally no one understand Charlie words, so it up to his creature to understand him, luckily for Charlie Archi understood every word and demon was getting there and as mala use fire blast ageist Archi he blew it away and the shot out water and got it in mala mouth and mala couldn’t use it fire for awhile. Then he flew down and uses his water and made it spin around him and hit mala with his great speed, he kept in good balance and his wings didn’t give up on him so he was able to do a direct hit and even if mala did move Archi would follow him like a tracer bullet. As he hit, mala flew back and Archi but the force move back and slammed agents the floor. Archi got up and his wing tired and a bit injured from the land,  looking at mala and started to growled while mala roared and still had some fight left, as they ran to each over and attack with one final blow, with water agents fire. a massive explosion happen and when the smoke cleared the two stood and it was now the wait to see who would fall, Archi stood strong and look at the lion using his wings to push the air underneath him to lift him into the air. As he flew up he tackle mala from the sky then tail slap him before he flew away. Waiting to see what happens, hoping his wings would stay strong. Caroline began to wonder what would happen if Archi wing did fail then he would have no way to win, as mala was a skill hunter and could easily catch Archi. Charlie hope that Archi would stop uses them and give it a brake so his wings wouldn’t be too tired and they already were injured. Mala roared and shot out fire Archi use his wing to make a massive wind and blew out the fire and the wind knock mala away and he smash agents the wall and Archi wing then vanish as they gave up, losing his wings he fell to the ground and was unable to bring them out due to the pain. Mala went for the attack Archi tired didn’t know what to do, stand strong; Charlie then called out ‘Archi freeze’. Then Archi use his psychic powers and froze mala while slamming him everywhere. As mala broke free he fell to the ground and as he got up and went for the attack. Using his powerful claws Archi was no match as he was still only young his claws wasn’t strong enough.

 ‘I told you, you should have gone to the center’ said carol.

‘well, either way, Archi would still be like this, uses one thing till it to weak then uses something else, Archi arm for the throat’ said Charlie and Archi grab on to the throat with his teeth and claws unwilling to let him go. Archi made sure he was on the back so mala could hit him with his claws. soon the lion fell and Archi let go and mala turn back into a real lion and Archi ran over to Charlie injuring his cuts and pains and sat next to Charlie and Charlie bend down and pick him up and hug him tight smiling and was so happy and Archi now in his pup form was mad but had no imagery to stop him. the contender walk over and said ‘well-done, I haven’t met someone like you in a long time, your creatures has the power but Archi he all about power, the next contender going to be a challenge for him’ then he gave him the badge and Charlie jump up as Archi held on to Charlie head and Archi said to the contender ‘you know I maybe all about power, but I still manage to beat your cats’

‘True but if Charlie here didn’t tell you what to do, you might have lost, nice to see you carol’ said the contender and he walk away and return his cat and went to get the healed. Carol then said ‘hear that Archi, you need to think, ever a shower or battler everything not about power, you need to think of a plan and not just rely on one thing, come fringer we have a salon calling our name’.

‘Don’t worry Archi, were a great team and together we can win, each day we became stronger and soon you, me and demon will became champion’ he said. then they headed to the center so demon and Archi could get heal and recovered while Charlie explore the place seeing if there any all you can eat or anything they seem like fun. After while Charlie headed back to see if they were OK then headed to an all you can eat, where carol met them. Archi and Charlie battled to see who could eat the most, while carol tried to hid and act like she doesn’t know them, while demon tired to figure out where all that food goes as they never gain weight yet they are never full an bottomless pit.

 ‘you guys are pigs, and also can you eat more quite and use your manners, this is a restaurant not your home’ she said then started to get louder and then the two look and see people watching them and Archi said ’well, I grow up in the wild I have no manners, but Charlie here he just plan disgusting’

‘hay, you’re the one who eat like a pig and just because you live in the wild doesn’t mean you can’t eat right, many creature were born wild and yet they are more kinder and have manners’ said Charlie then started to eat right.

‘yeah but unlike most creature I’m more wilder, and I didn’t give up my wilderness once court, I’m only traveling with you to became stronger and once I get there you and that dog can do whatever, so really I’m still wild you don’t see many star creature walking off the badge’ he said like he knew all and began to eat.

‘he got you there, but ether way and we need money were getting broke, unless there some way we can get money we have to find food and get a free room’ she said.

‘What isn't there anything close by we can enter?’ he asked.

‘I told you there a race outside the city, if we enter and win we have enough money till we find a way to get more, but we need fast creature, also the contest says you can’t use power, so you will lose since Archi and demon are fast but they use their power to help, unless they can learn to not use them’ explain carol.

‘we can win, right guys a race to the end, Archi and demon are fast and even without their gift I’m sure Archi could fly’ said Charlie.

‘Yes fly, then I fall and smash, I will only use my wings in battle, they are a pain and unless it training or battle I will never use them for this pointless race’ explain Archi.

‘Think of it as training’ said Charlie.

‘Maybe he scared’ said fringer.

‘I’m not and I can win blindfolded with or without my wings’ said Archi full of confidence.

‘That if you beat me fish, Charlie enter us in the race, we can win this, and I will bring that fish down’ said demon then growled at Archi.

‘This is going to be fun to watch’ said carol drinking her coffee. While the two fought and Charlie try to separated them.  After they left they headed out the town to the race, hoping they will win and get the money they needed. Also hoping that one day Archi and demon will became friend.

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