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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Bird war

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Submitted: March 10, 2013




As they reach a new town that was small and isolated rich with nature and as the group waited outside, for the race to begin. Carol didn’t want to enter the race due to her only star creature was fringer and she wasn’t much of a runner and it known to be dangerous. While Charlie couldn’t wait for the match, with the badges on his team, he got them ready for the match. Looking around the competition was strong and many were teenage star creature whom had great amount of energy and speed. While only five other in the race were kids, looking around they needed to beat twenty two others and it all depend on where you finish to what you get. So the pressure was one for our broke travelers.

 ‘Ok guys you can do this, remember don’t fight each other, just run and get to the end and no using your powers’ explain Charlie.

‘I won’t, master, I will win this for you no matter what’ said demon all ready.

‘your such a wimp, I don’t get dogs master this and that, char I will win this and get the money as I love to win and food so you better have something for me when I win’ said archi.

‘Nothing wrong with being loyal, you must have some bit of dog in you I everyone know dogs descend from wolves, so deep down somewhere something is telling you to be loyal’ said demon.

‘yes loyal to only the alpha male, and if you can see there is none, so until there one I will do what I want stupid dog and also I have will power unlike you who just an slave’ said archi then he left and walk to his spot and got himself ready for the race.

‘Don’t worry dem, he just being arch, just try your best and whatever happen your still my dog and partner, also friend while archi if he wins we need earplug’ said Charlie and he walk away leaving them.  All the racers got in there spot ready and were keen to race. The race was they had to run into the forest and around a huge tree and back, it was long but not easy since other creatures around even wild so it up to the racer to ignore them and keep running, as they aren’t allow to use their powers even use once and they will be disqualified.

As it started they all ran and ran and not stopping for no one. Archi and demon were in the middle it was hard for them to get to the front with bigger creatures blocking their way, demon was able to run under them and bolt. The thing about the race you must be in your true form making it harder not to use your power. Archi soon gave up on the ground so he flew into the air, which is allowed as his wings are a part of him. Flying he made it to second and hope to get far before he landed. Demon still getting there uses his size to dodge and get past others. As they reach the tree they were all attack every single creature by a flock of birds, different types attacking everyone around them and even each other. It was a war zone, as anyone went near the trees there were attack y and flock of birds. As archi landed knowing there no way he could fly around with all these birds, as he dodge the birds hopping to get past using his size, as the birds seem focus on the tall star creature then the small one. Holding back he tried get past without using any of his powers of strength even though he seen many of them give in and fight back.

People back at the start wonder what taking them so long while someone said ‘the birds are attacking again a another war, the runners can’t get past without being attack, we have to get them before they get hurt’. The people wonted to run and help but if they did the birds would go for them too. Archi grow tired of this and flew into the air and started to fight knocking many to the ground, only the small ones and made a path for him to run. Demon and two other made it though they began to run as fast as they could away from the battle. Archi then landed and bolted them all head to head, then as they made it archi came in second and demon third as an older creature made it before them by it nose. The two kids were tired from fighting they didn’t have all the energy as the older one did. Charlie ran over and hugs his creature and said ‘well done, we might not get all the money but least you made it and without using a single power’

‘I would have won if it wasn’t for those birds that attack us, what there deal?’ said archi fixing his wings.

‘I was told it been going on for ages, three types of birds fighting for leadership territories it seem that area has no ownership so the birds are fighting for it, some of the bird are trying to break it up or even leave but it shown to be hard, the people hope they weren’t going to fight as it seem they quieting down but instead it gone worse, they are attacking anyone who enter the area now and that tree is the base of the land’ explain Charlie.

‘In other word who get the tree get the land, you guys ok?’ ask carol as she walk over worried

 ‘Yeah, but I want revenge no one attack me and get away with it’ said archi and he bolted back, Charlie quickly jump up and rush after him, the other follow him in hope to stop the two for going back. As they got there they seen archi in full combat, he hated being attack by others and now that he doesn’t have to hold back he was going to show them what it means to attack him.  As archi fought and the other stood back thinking what to do, Charlie told demon to go in and protect archi and get him out of there. Watching Charlie and other people try to get the birds away and save the other creatures who are trap. As the battle rages soon the birds attack the people even though they weren’t in the territory.

 The trainer soon return there star or even rush in and grab them running always people ran for their lives. While Charlie and carol remind trying to get Archi out, demon had no luck as he found it hard to even get close to him or even get his voice across. There were too many birds and soon it became hard for Archi or demon to even get away. Archi soon found an chance to break free from the flocks, as Archi went to return back into it an young bird stop him and wouldn’t let him fight the other birds. He fought bravely not only keeping Archi at by but others. 

 ‘Look Archi attacking that poor bird’ said carol upset about it.

‘It probably a kid there many of them fighting’ said Charlie.

‘No it a baby I can tell and also my watch say it is, look’ she said then show him the information on her watch, it said it was a lotto, and the one Archi was fighting was at the baby stage. ‘What baby would fight at this age?’ ask carol worried.

‘well, he probably trying to protect his flock and family, don’t worry I will save it’ said Charlie and ran into the fight being attack by many he ignore the pain and as he went to save the bird he jump in at the worst time as Archi went in for the attack he scratch Charlie arm hard as he aim for the baby bird. Charlie ignores the pain and held the bird in his jacket and wouldn’t let it go. While grabbing Archi with his hand he drags him out. Calling for demon that see Charlie and rush after him keeping the other birds away. As he got out the five rushes away as the birds chase them until there were far from the tree.

Later that day Charlie sitting on the chair getting stitches in his right arm, the scratch he got from Archi was deep it bleed a lot before he got to the hospital, his jacket had to be thrown out and many seen him as an fool and seen Archi as dangerous for attacking his own trainer. As they waited for Charlie to be stitch up demon look at Archi with hate, he was close to attack Archi, while Archi himself sat there with an bored look not caring for what he did, he blame Charlie for jumping into the fight unaware of the dangers. As the young bird was still in recover Charlie refuse to leave it so he had a doctor come to the star’s hospital just to care for his wounds. The bird look like a pigeon small, he wasn’t in his true form and shown to be badly injure and tired and underweight due to the war food was something you didn’t get.

 ‘That was foolish why did you jump in to a battle field? You lucky you made it out with only a cut’ asked the nurse in her white clothes and a jacket on. The place look like other and had people sitting all around relaxing and waiting for the creatures to be heal form the bird fight.

‘Well I couldn’t let Archi kill the bird plus it was a baby it should even be fighting’ said Charlie.

‘Even if your intention were noble it was still foolish, your arm is injured your just lucky your nerve were cut, you should take a brake and rest that arm’ said carol annoyed and worry, his wound was deep and they said he was lucky nothing broke.

 ‘Were fighters, it what we do and I’m not done with those birds, the y are still probably fighting, if we take out the leader we can probably end the fight’ said Archi.

‘Yeah Archi let go and attack the leader who probably guarded and the strongest birds, were already inured and Charlie arm is stitches because of you’ complained demon.

‘I only just saying, beside those birds are idiot and useless, also it mostly kids fighting the adult battler are more deeper, beside if we use this as training it could improve out battling skills and help us learn how to defend ourselves better’ said Archi.

‘that a good point, also maybe we might find away to stop it, let go’ said Charlie as his arm was all stitch up he then he rush off, with Archi following demon ran after them worried about what could happen.

 ‘In one ear out the other’ said carol.

‘he so trusting, he was just attack by the creature and yet has still hang around him, he could have loss that arm, now he heading back where he could get worst off he need to understand that he can’t do anything’ said the nurse worried.

‘He impulsive and don’t worry they are stronger then they look, if it get too tough Charlie would pull them back, he won’t let them get too injured’ said carol and continued sewing.

At the field they watch the sleeping birds looking for the leader who was a bigger bird, it was a feartor at the moment he looks like a huge bird with a long beck but still they watch. He was the leader and as the two got ready to attack they were found by a younger ones who attack them, Archi battle and tackle the bird to the ground and demon held him down too and Charlie went to grab the beck so it can’t scream but it was too late and all the birds woke and attack them. They free the baby birds and Charlie ran for cover while the other fought back protecting Charlie and themselves. Fighting to survive, the birds made it harder for them to run away. Since the birds were now piss off and didn’t give up easy so they attack and wanted them gone not giving up until they were dead.

Charlie had to fight them off with a stick while demon try to protect him and himself, Archi just try to get rid of as much as he can and defeat the leader he didn’t care much about what was happening behind him where Charlie was. They battle hard and could never get away and this time they couldn’t leave as there ways out was block so they had to wait.

At the center carol could see the birds flock fighting and seen Archi power and hear demon’s barks. Worried she wanted to go and help but the nurse stop her and said ‘no, if you go there you have no chance, fringer not a fighter and these bird are serious they will kill without hesitation, they will be fine they are skill trainers and if you go they will have more to worry about all we can do is wait and hope they have the sense to run away’

 ‘What wrong with you? he could get hurt’ said carol shock of what she said.

‘I know, for months this has happen and everyone tried but the more who join in the more who get hurt, I’m not being mean, the bird war is the worst, nothing can stop those birds it won’t end till one flock reminds’ she said and carol just watch. In the room the little bird woke and seen the fight and flew out and smash the glass and went to the fight. Carol tried to stop the bird and then said ‘I’m going, that bird could get killed he not yet recovered’ then ran after him. The nurse unsure what to do ran to get help to save the kids.

Back at the battle, Charlie was injured and bleeding, peck and hit by wings and wind having a hard time standing since every time his feet touch the ground he went flying or was attack. Archi was always in the air fighting and his wings were being attack and demon try hard to get them in the air and hit them, his bark was the best power to use but he couldn’t make a strong enough bark since he couldn’t get ready as he was attack every second even using his dark ray was difficult as he couldn’t aim or power up. As demon was about to be hit from behind the young bird came and knock the others away with his wind power.

 ‘It that bird, demon protect the bird’ called out Charlie then he was push to the ground. Demon tackles away and kept the big birds away from him while Archi try to get rid of the stronger one before they got the others. Fighting away they grew tired and they were close to being knocked out. So Charlie ran and grab the baby bird and Archi and bolted while demon followed as the flock chase them attack, Archi shot out water and tried to keep the flock of birds away along with demon while the bird try to help but he was far too injured and his winds was in need of medical attention. Every time a bird came to hit the bird Charlie jumps in front. Charlie tries to lead them all to safety but all the flock got in the way. Soon another flock got wind of the fight and came straight for Charlie; the others couldn’t get close to him as the other flock of birds keeps them at bay. Charlie dodge there attacks and tried his best to get far away. As he was blown away and feel the ground. He felt the pain rush though his body and felt his stretches starting to snap. As they went to finish Charlie off Archi appeared and blew them away with an gust of wind and then demon bark as loud as he could knocking them all away with his strongest bark off all, taking every strength he had left. As all the birds were confused or trying to get back up, demon grab the baby bird and rush back to Charlie as Archi landed and keep his eye out for the birds while seeing is Charlie was ok. as the bird return and with more than ever, soon carol arrive and fringer shock out an powerful thunder bolt which knock out the weaker and injured bird. As carol rush to Charlie and help him up putting his arm around her she help him walk back as the other tried their best to keep all the birds away. As they rush back soon the town people arrive and help with their help they manage to get to the center as Charlie sat down and nurses and doctors came to see them all. One of the people went to Charlie mad with an scar on his face he said ‘you lucky you came back alive, many are in hospital and some are killed, your luckily your creatures came out alive, they could be worst, like that bird, what were you thinking?’

‘I was helping, your town, we thought if we took down the leaders the birds would leave but another bird came and stop us, we tried we only wanted to help’ explain Charlie.

‘foolish child, you don’t think we tried what would happen if you died or one of their stars don’t you think before you act’ said the man annoyed and the bird came out and landed on Charlie head and said in a banish, boy voice like he only just learn to talk in full sentence ‘it won’t work, outsider can’t stop the war. Only a bird from another flock can take out the king, then it will end, humans would just make them madder and try to take your home in revenge who win the war get the land and each flock leader once it’

‘You can speak?’ ask Charlie shock.

‘Yes you attack the prince. So the king order his bird to get revenge, the smallest is the prince the biggest the king’ said the bird.

‘Well that stupid, well I think your king should kill the king in his sleep’ said Archi.

‘arch, don’t worry bird when your heal you can head home and while you’re here we can help you think of ideas for one were not going to fight those birds again, for one my back can’t take anymore hits’ said Charlie.

‘Weak, it should be you training and not us’ said Archi.

‘hay, don’t’ speak to him like that if it wasn’t for him you would be killed, you just upset those birds beat you’ said demon.

‘beat ha, I only left because I was drag and second, what the point fighting them when everyone gone’ said Archi and jump on the conch and push demon and demon growled and attack Archi and the two fought even though in banged and in great pain they battled hard like they didn’t came back from an huge battle.

The town soon left and Charlie two in bandages headed out back to train his creature in hope to drain them of their energy or make them relies they pain and limitations. Sadly it didn’t work, Charlie try to work on demon aim. ‘demon when you shot you take your time and so your opponent move making you miss, watch Archi as he aims and shot and see how to do it’ said Charlie and Archi walk forward and said ’yeah watch me, newbie’. then he aim at the he rock and shot fast and strong and made a hole in the rock and Charlie said ’see, demon as you power up aim fast and shot out, don’t think just do and don’t worry about what going on around you just focus on your enemy ok, ready try and hit Archi’

‘yes let see if you can’ said Archi and flew into the air and smiled and demon had to be quick like a real battle as he fire he just miss and Charlie said ’you getting better and faster but you fire to early I know what can help, fetch while he doing this Archi fly around the big trees and people also building around the town and not hit anything or anyone fast and kept going till you can’t fly no more then landed perfectly’ he said. Archi annoyed flew up and left and Charlie grab a Frisbee form the center and chuck it far and demon chase after it always missing ether jumping too early or late. Then the bird flew over and said ’I want to train too, I seen how powerful they are I want to be strong’.

‘well Ok, you’re a great flyer, hit my hand as hard as you can with your wing’ said Charlie and the bird hit his hand but it didn’t hurt much and Charlie said ‘your wings are still young, attack the rock with your claws and let see how strong they are’ he said and the bird flew and attack the rock and the scratch could be seen but not deep, he was powerful for a bird, but something was wrong he need to find out what, soon demon arrive and he chuck the Frisbee again and kept doing so till demon got the hang of it. He train the bird to attack with it claws and peck and in hope he could get strong and help him control his power better. Soon Archi return and landed and said ‘well I flew around and I didn’t hit anyone, why are you training the bird?’

‘Well because I can, fly again and this time faster in your true form’ he said then Archi turn and said annoyed ‘this is an odd way to train’

‘well I’m the trainer and this will help you control your wings so you can dodge faster, remember moving people, be quick’ said Charlie and Archi flew off, he didn’t have the balance thing down and the bird said ‘he has no balance and to eager’

‘yeah, but he still young, he will learn, so will you, now fly up real high and speed down as fast as you can and the pull up just a centimeter of the ground’ said Charlie and the bird flew up high and speed down and demon ran back and with the Frisbee in his mouth and seen this and the bird just miss the group but smash right into demon and the bird mouth stuck in the Frisbee. Charlie then pulls the bird and free he and demon said ‘my Frisbee, you made a hole’

‘just control, but bad stopping I found your weakness you can’t stop that why you spin around it slow you down to a stop, you can’t stop yourself which after while hurt your wings, less start training. Then carol came out all bright like she was being shock and she said ‘hay look I’m bright, this show trust which will get me far, how training?’

‘Great, demon still needs to learn to aim, and Archi well to be patent and dodge’ he said and they heard screaming from Archi attempt. Then carol look and seen a flock of birds coming and ask ‘what? did you head back?’

‘No way, I been here and Archi hasn’t’ Charlie said protesting.

‘no the prince he wants revenge you embarrassed him when you beat him before, he want to take you guys down to prove he a worthy prince’ said the little bird.

‘Ok then least take him down’ said Archi as he arrived. ‘No you’re not, there too many and Charlie you and your creature are in no condition for another fight you shouldn’t even be training’ complained carol.

‘do you think that prince care, demon shoot a powerful dark ray and Archi use your water and psychic to take control of the ray and lead it to the right direction, together it will be a powerful hit and knock the prince from the sky and the birds will fly away’ said Charlie.

‘really?’ ask Archi not convince it will work but went along with it and demon power up and shot out his ray full blast, demon was push back a bit and Archi blasted his water gun and it went around the ray and soon they merge together and hit the prince straight in the face and as he fell the flock still continue to come.

‘They are still coming this why are they still coming?’ said Charlie shock and scared.

 ‘No the birds will keep coming till told to turn around or outnumbered’ said the bird.

‘ok then Archi carry demon over and demon do a power bark and then Archi use your wind power and blow them away kept going till they all fall or turn around’ said Charlie all confident.

‘I’m not carrying that flea bag’ complained Archi.

‘look it training, and if you don’t they will come here and we will lose and be unable to move or do anything for awhile, which mean no training battle and carol making us watch her movies’ explain Charlie.

‘Fine come on dog’ said Archi and pick him up by the collar with his teeth and flew. They watch from a distance and as the two arrive still keeping there distance, demon did a super bark and knock many from the sky and then Archi use his wings to blow them away but they keep getting up again and kept coming, the two grew tired and the pain began to overwhelmed them, as they began to run after the birds who made it pass them  it as shown to be too great for the two to deal with so as Charlie return demon to his badge, Archi dodge the attack but soon his legs gave up and he fell. As Charlie pick him up carol grab his arm and drag him into the center for safety as the flock of birds attack the center not giving up until they took revenge for their prince who just return to the fight not giving up till the three have falling. As they sat inside Archi growled ‘you left me, you save that dog but left me to be bird food’

 ‘You had wings and could save yourself, demon didn’t beside I can’t return you into the badge’ explain Charlie. Then the nurse came and said ‘you must leave, the flock want you gone, take your stuff and go and never come back’. Force out the back, in pain and without care they were force to leave the town as the young prince and his flock took the town as it own. As they fled some of the flock found them and leaving fringer alone to deal with them as Archi couldn’t even make a bubble as he ran out of his water power. Being led by the small bird who shown them where they will be safe from all flocks. As they lost the flocks and hide within the trees and bushes waiting for time to past when it would be safe to travel. Archi in his pup form lay on the ground tired and found it impossible to move. Leaving fringer the only fit creature to fight and defend them from danger, as the young bird told them they are in the clear happy it over the bird stood on the ground resting his wings while Charlie sat down happy he made it and hoping his stitches didn’t break.

Carol annoyed said ‘well were banded from a town, what next a city, boat or island, you never think’

‘Hay, we did what we thought was right, also that prince had it agents us’ said Charlie to his defense tired and in pain wishing he could just sleep for the rest of his days. As the bird look at Charlie and said ‘I would like to join your team, if I return now my flock would end me, as were not allow to help other who aren’t from our flock, even so I wish to train with you and become stronger so one day I could return and end the fight, I don’t know much only that since I was born I watch many of my flock die in the war, please I know it much but I  know with your help I can became strong’

 ‘why not, I don’t see the problem, Archi here only for training who will one day leave, same with demon also I did get you kick out, sure I will be happy to have you on my team’ said Charlie happy as he grab his badge and the young bird place it wing on it and as the red light came out and took the bird within it. Charlie then said happy ‘yes another member, I would jump for joy if I didn’t fear of braking something’

 ‘you know, you should find someone who want to join you, because none of your member are going to stay, and unless they stay until your dream come true you might find yourself without anyone’ said carol

 ‘ isn't it know for most stars to join trainer in hope to get stronger, it rare for them to remind by their side forever, anyway what shall I call our new member come out lotto and demon’ called out Charlie, as they came out of the badge in an red glow demon seen the bird beside him and said ‘so the bird join us, I thought that might happen’

‘Yes and I will called you eagle since you look like one, well on my watch anyway’ explain Charlie happy with the name he thought off. Then the bird changed to his true form, he grew taller and shown to be 50cm tall he was a small plump-bodied bird, his feather turn to brown with tips of cream on his wings. With black marking around his eyes and a small crest of brown and cream feather above it eyes. In the middle of the forehead is a black dot his tail was small and had cream underneath.

 ‘Yes eagle it is, eagle the lotto welcome to the team’ said Charlie happy.

‘Eagle do I get anything? The others have an item I assume that something you give you team’ ask eagle.

‘Oh, what do bird need, a bandanna or am I have no idea what can birds wear?’ said Charlie confused thinking hard about it.

‘Don’t worry, I don’t need anything, beside I won’t be for long just till I’m strong enough’ said eagle.

‘So how strong do you want to get?’ ask Charlie.

‘till I’m at third stage, a teen then I should be strong enough to beat them as an baby I’m shown to be quite strong so as an teen I should have enough to take down the kings’ he said and Archi laugh and said smiling ‘a teen?, please that will take years, you’re a baby and to grew you must master all your ability and have a bond with a friend, so when you’re a teen you would have an bond which will make it hard to leave, beside we already have an weakling we don’t need any more’

 ‘Hay, I’m not the one who can’t carry a pup, you been training to fly fast for days now and you haven’t improve’ complained demon.

‘least I can aim’ said Archi as they began to argue everyone could see they would start to fight again in fear of them hurting themselves more return eagle and demon and grab Archi and said ‘let get to the next down and see a doctor as I doubt any of us are fighting fit’.

 ‘Yep and since you came second and third we got enough to last us, if we have free stay at the center’ she said.

‘that good, let get going’ he said and started to run with Archi in his arms forgetting his pain as he rush to the next town in hope for an comfy bed he can spend the reminder of his days at. Caroline ran after him as they head to a new town, hoping the next one would be calmer and free from wars. With a new member they were getting closer to their dream of being champion of star creatures.

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