Star creatures

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Hunted

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Submitted: March 13, 2013




As they travel the three tired and Archi now ft or battle even though Charlie still swore from the last town, hope to find where he can get his stitches see and everyone wound check. As they walk pass Charlie notice a mansion that was surround by cops, police cars and dogs. As Charlie stop to look, Archi not really noticing as he was sleep in Charlie arms tired and still swore, while carol was writing down idea for her next contest she didn’t notice the police. Carol walk into Charlie and woke Archi who fell out of Charlie’s arms, annoyed they both notice the cars and polices, carol ask ‘what going on?’

‘I think a robber or something let’s check it out’ said Charlie but was pull back.

‘Wait a second, we have to keep going’ she said.

‘Well still come on carol’ he begged and Archi ran over and went to see what going on. Then Charlie ran after him so carol followed after and as they arrive the owner came out and asks ‘are you here to help in stopping Kendra from stealing my precious star?’

‘No, but I would love to help’ said Charlie.

‘What? Sorry sir but were just beginner so we would get in the way, I’m sure the police are able to protect your star’ she said.

‘you’re wrong, Kendra a powerful hunter and always get what she want, she almost got him let time, but we had some luck please help your dog look like a good tracker’ said the man all happy, he was in a white suit and had no hair, he was very rich and was in a lot of panic.

‘She after your star creature, carol we must help and stop her’ he said happy.

‘wait, if he said always, she not going to stop and we have no time to stop a hunter, come on Charlie you are still injure and we still have injures, we should get to the next town to heal’ said Archi.

‘He right, Charlie let go now’ she said and a big explosion happen and everyone started running and they look and seen Kendra with a ball in her hand which held the star creature.

Kendra was a young women with short brown and blonde hair and wore navy pants and a blue tank top and hazel eyes, she look gorgeous, you couldn’t stop but stare at her, but many other wanted to stop her, so Charlie called out ‘Archi, demon go and catch her’ then demon came out and ran after her in his true forma and Archi follow in his. Then carol look at him mad and he said ‘well I had to help’

‘you forgot someone’ she said and then Charlie remember and called out eagle to help, he flew after her and carol then said she was going inside, she wanted to help, but knew no matter what Kendra was going to get away, she knew all about her, strong and fast and never court and will never give up, it importable to beat her. Word spread around bout her and it seem almost everyone knows about her. So she though why try and also fringer was too young and not strong enough to keep up and there was enough creatures out there.

As demon and Archi chase after her with eagle in the sky, as demon found her he howled to let everyone know where she was, as they met up and stop her demon growled ‘stop right there and give up the star’

‘You think a few pups will stop me?’ she asked in an angelic voice.

‘I’m not a pup, I’m a wolf pup and the great Archi, and I will stop you, I have no idea why’ he said then began to think why he was doing this.

‘Your thinking? She a theft, evil’ said demon

‘I don’t really care but a fight a fight’ he said then shot out water and attacks her, as she dodge the water she called out a feator. He was big look like a sparrow bird, huge it could be ridden on, with little claws on its wing and long beck, with black feathers and spike on it body. Demon said ‘we just battle this bird awhile ago, what next a lotto’. Then eagle came and seen it and attack it head and flew to the front and the feator attack them using it powerful wings and beck, even though it was an powerful bird, the three mange to stop it from getting away, stopping Kendra who needed feator to get away. Soon Charlie arrives and called out ‘Archi water spin demon dark ray and eagle gust’. Then they join their powers together and knock feator and then eagle grab the ball and grave it too Charlie and Archi said ‘hard to beat, ha your weak and you can’t beat the great Archi’. Then demon and eagle look at him annoyed that he acted like he did it himself and Kendra whisper to herself ‘Archi’ then jump on feator and flew off. Then cops came just as she left, Charlie pass the ball over and the cop ask ‘where she go?’

‘She left’ he said.

‘left, she doesn’t leave, she sends more out’ then the owner came and grab the ball and hug Charlie and they ran back to free his creature and as the cops check the area out some of them left while some remind just in case she returns. Charlie put out his arm and eagle landed on it and they change back to their hidden forms and demon said ‘that was way too easy, if she was the best, why would she give up?’

‘No idea, come one guys least get carol and leave’ said Charlie. As they headed back and begian to leave they told carol she too was confused. Kendra would never go unless she had to. Archi thought she was scared of him but they all knew it some something else. As they walk away from the mansion carol still thinking what he did was pointless and wasted of time. Charlie didn’t care and was happy he could help others, as they went to take a brake and check on Charlie stitches but before he could see they found themselves being attack by a gust of wind only to notice Kendra was back.

 ‘What do you want?’ called out carol.

‘I steal rare and powerful creatures and give it to my master, I travel the world looking and I have found one I been searching for’ she said standing on her feartor.

‘What? I have nothing rare or powerful’ said Charlie confused.

‘that dog Archi, and your other dog, it rare to find one with fur, it less than 0.1% and that Archi could be the one my master want, you can hand it over or I will take it by force’ she said.

‘I’m not giving up any of my friends’ said Charlie.

‘Beside why would I go with you?’ ask Archi. Then Kendra jump off and sent feator to attack while she tries to get Charlie badge which contain demon and eagle. She shown to be a skilled fighter which causes problems even so Charlie was able to keep her away and defend himself.

Carol called out fringer and told her to attack, hoping all the training she done would pay off, even so she shown be weak compare to Archi and feator.

 ‘Archi watch out!’ called out Charlie and Archi was about to be hit, then Kendra called out anther creature it was a unikey. Bear like creature that Charlie and Archi first battle together, just as strong and powerful as the one in the forest. As fear arises in Charlie as he remembers it he said ‘great she has the stars that hate us’. Than Archi ran and attack unikey, as demon and eagle appear they went after the feator, even so she didn’t show any sign of giving up. The battle was harsh and Charlie has to watch all his stars and keep Kendra from taking them away. Most of the time he was in the fight pushing them out of Kendra ray which trap them.  As it seem like Archi and demon were going to go, Charlie called out ‘eagle twister’. Then eagle got enough wind and made a massive twister, a move that would take years to master, but eagle had enough air around him to pull it off. As it blew feator away into the unikey, Archi got away and return to Charlie side, while Kendra move out of the twister away. As eagle made another twister Archi join in helping, as the twister grew and began to move, demon super his super bark and push them into the twister that carried them away. Kendra look as they blew far away and said ‘I will get them even if it takes me forever’ then ran off. As they were happy it was over demon and Archi walk over only to hear eagle scream and started glowing white. As carol said in joy ‘he growing up to his new form.

‘He growing, to a kid’ said carol. Then eagle grow into a 1.5m bird he look more of an eagle, he had a long crest that reaches his back that was now dark brown with a blue ribbons near his neck which are arm like, as his wing grew to suit his body. His tail was longer and curl near the end as flow in the wind he was unable to move it as no bones were in it. With little Egyptian marking near his eye and with a brown and white chest, he had a black circle on it forehead. Eagle had now became an kid becoming prouder and stronger, flying into the air to test his wings he wasn’t use to the ribbons that clung to his skin, he soon learn he was able to move it as they became like whips as he could move it and make them grew longer and shorter at will. As he got use to his wings he said in joy as his voice change to an kid voice ‘I’m a kid, yes now a step closer to my goal’ then flew to Charlie but due to not being use to his new wings he didn’t relies he faster making stopping harder for him, so he smash into Charlie knocking him over. Even so they were happy and Charlie hug eagle in joy. Demon smiled as he wag his tail said ‘yeah, were next’

‘Not till we master our powers, he was a baby so it easy for him’ said Archi.

‘I’m a baby too’ said demon.

‘Well it seems that bird is smarter and learn faster than you’ said Archi.

‘He been fighting all his life, I was just trying to survive I never had to us my powers until Charlie come’ growled demon.

‘What float your boat’ said Archi and turn to a pup again and walk over to Charlie as eagle flew around playing and messing around he then flew over to carol and sat on her head.

‘I told you not to go to the site now your been hunted down’ complain carol.

‘Hay, it not my fault demon has fur and Archi, is him, it will be fun, beside we beat her twice’ said Charlie fixing his hat and his bandages.

‘lucky, first time she left so she could get us, now she know what creatures we have, she could be planning something or attack us in our sleep’ said carol worried.

‘True but, come on, she one girl with two creatures we have four who get stronger everyday’ he said happy.

‘I think you should listen to the girl, she right’ said eagle and started to rub his head on her face.

‘Eag your turning on me?’ ask Charlie shock of what just happen.

‘I always side with the lady’ he said and started hanging around carol. The three stared and Archi said ‘before he was more into training now he side with carol he never care about her’.

‘Well they say you change when you age, I guess he into girl now’ said demon.

‘He a kid teen are into girls while kids want to play right, I’m not ready for a teen or the talk’ said Charlie worried and began to freak out.

 ‘So what, he an kid who has side with girls, just return him and be down with it, let go’ said Archi not really caring or see the problem. As Charlie return demon and eagle they began to head out once again worried about what going to happen in the future as he has no idea how to raise teenagers yet. While carol just tired to calm him down but had no luck.

Not so far away Kendra was standing on a cliff watching them,  pull out a phone as she open it an image appear of an men sitting down with grey hair, he ask annoyed ‘did you get the prize?’

‘No, but I found something better, something I never thought we would find’ she said

 ‘What is it?’ he asks all calm.

‘ there two, you hared of damion, I found one with fur, just a baby but already has the power to use dark ray and is fighting at a kid level normally damion don’t learn dark move till kid or teen’ Kendra said then downloaded images of demon.

Where the man was at his office looking at a huge screen which shrunk Kendra image and a bigger picture came of demon uses dark ray and it kept changing and it soon stop and his picture was spinning slowing showing every inch of him and writing went around him telling you how powerful and every information she got about him.

 ‘this is impossible, the fur damion are meant to be extinct, for one to appear is impossible, he the last of its kind and to use dark power show he more link to the first litter of damions’ he said amazed as he look at the picture and reading everything she had on him.

‘the other one is a creature everyone though died year ago, I’m unsure if it cross or was created in some experiment but there an good change he might be the real one’ she said and brought out Archi images and videos. As information went up the men was surprise he couldn’t believe his eyes and said ‘in all my time researching them I never thought he would be real, the star who save his kind and send them to earth, Archi the one who says it the child of gods, your job is to watch over them and if this is Archi you must bring him to me at all cost also for the damion I want you to watch it and when you get a chance catch it, but for now get me that star I have a customer waiting’. He then hung up on her while reading the information and looking at the videos.

Kendra look at them for a distance then ran back to get the other star before she head out to watch over the two.


‘Charlie you need to take this seriously, I been reading and Kendra going to get them, at first she study them to find a weakness then attack, are you listing?’ said carol annoyed that Charlie doesn’t care about Kendra or seem to be worried.

 ‘Look, she might be famous but Archi and demon are getting stronger and so is eagle, soon they will be able to beat her and then eventually after a lot of loses she will leave’ said Charlie.

‘no, she won’t, look she want demon and Archi and she will do whatever it take to get them even take you life, Charlie demon is the last fur damion and Archi could be the star who brought all the star creature to earth’ explain carol, jumping in front of him.

‘carol, I think I would remember saving the lives of thousand beside she can’t take me, I hang with who I want and I will not work for anyone else so if I am taken I will just brake away’ said Archi sitting on Charlie shoulder.

‘Fine, don’t say I didn’t warn you, before we had to the next town do you think you can train me to fight better’ begged carol.

‘Sure come on out demon while I’m at it I can train too’ said Charlie then carol grab fringer and hug her tight and said ‘no way, that dog is not touching my fringer, he will kill her’

‘he won’t, we won’t use the full power and we will go easy, ok ready’ said Charlie.

‘What am I going to do? watch I want to fight’ complained Archi.

‘You’re too strong and beside you don’t need training, just watch and give pointers, ready’ said Charlie then Archi jump off and sat down watching them with his ears half flop down. As the battle began, Fringer shot out lighting while trying to hit demon who dodge her attacks before he jump into the air, as the lightning bolt went to get him, he did an super bark that push the lighting away which went back and shock fringer who was then hit by his bark.

‘You said you would go easy’ complained carol as she ran over to fringer.

‘That was, look if you kept mothering her, she want be able to protect her’ said Charlie. Then as demon landed he sat down wagging his tail.

 ‘hay fringer, use wool to absorb the lighting attack, and don’t just attack, use everything around you to fight back just relying on your thunder attack’ said Archi trying to give advised, he didn’t give any to demon not because there none to give but Archi didn’t want to help him or care if he got hurt.

‘Ok ready?’ ask Charlie and carol step back and fringer nodded. Both off them turn into the true forms for more power and demon growled. Then the fight began and demon ran over, but in fear Fringer ran away shocking demon if he got to close. Annoyed demon did his super bark which send fringer flying, in fear she shot out lighting which hit demon. Even though it hit him hard he shocks it off like it nothing. As he ran after fringer, he tried to confused her as he change the direction he was going, as she stop to figure out where he was going to attack. Demon jump and bit into her wool trying to reach her skin but before he reach, he was shock. Releasing her he jump up and shot out a dark ray which send her flying,

 ‘Fringer’ called out carol in fear as she ran after her. Demon started coughing out wool saying ‘that wasn’t a smart idea’

‘No but funny’ said Archi and began to laugh as demon try to get rid of the taste off wool and get it out his mouth. Soon someone walk over and lend on the tree as he hid in the shadow and said ‘well it look, like little char has finally got himself a star, sad it a baby’. Than Charlie turn and knew who it was, as he came from the shadow, Kyle stood there proud and next to him was Bruce.

 ‘Kyle what are you doing here? I thought you would be miles away by now’ ask Charlie.

‘No, I had to do something important so I’m heading to beat the second contender, what about you, lost again?’ said Kyle.

‘no I already won and got my badge, now I’m heading to the next and yes I have a new stars, I have three now you?’ ask Charlie all happy about what he has and knowing he got more badges then him.

‘One, but Bruce is enough he could beat your entire weakling in a heartbeat’ said Kyle all stuck up.

‘What? Your fur ball couldn’t beat a worm, look kid, I have beating more creatures and face powerful and made it plus won, so don’t think that dog can beat me, even that wimp here could beat that mutt’ complain Archi mad that something think he weak.

‘Oh look it the creature that you calm to be yours where it owner, there she is’ he said.

‘Hay, you must be Kyle, the guy from before, I’m carol and this is fringer’ said carol happy.

‘that weirdo not my owner I don’t have one, I have an partner Charlie and that before was a misunderstanding, Charlie wanted her to join so I try to act loving, but really I hate everyone, beside Charlie’ explain Archi. Carol was insulted but said nothing knowing she didn’t want to get involved.

‘then prove it, less battle and see who has the better creature, Bruce come’ said Kyle and Bruce came over and demon got up and Archi step forward and said ‘I will battle him, this isn’t just a match it more than that, so stay back dog let me handle it’. Demon understood and stays back, as they made room for the battle Archi change into his true form and let his wings out, while Bruce howled, his body began to glow as he change into his true form.

He was still full black but had two horns on his forehead and one on his nose with bat wings and a thin tail. He had little fang coming out his mouth. He look very evil and full of power as carol put her watch agents him and she read ‘kota, a dog that said to be breed for the underworld, aggressive and it known someone of them are all talk, when young they shown to be friendly but when they grow they became aggressive and if not train they are very dangerous as they only obey the one who train them when they are pups’

Hearing it Charlie worried but Archi said ‘you’re a Kota; this is going to be fun, let get the match started’

 ‘You’re going down mutt, and you will wish you never open your mouth and talk trash about me or my master’ said Bruce in a harsh tone.

 ‘That what wrong with you dogs, master seriously’ said Archi then the battle started, at first they attack with their fangs and claws. After awhile they began to use their true power, Bruce using his thunder powers, as Archi dodges them knowing as he a water type his attack would be more painful and could easy take him out. As he use his psychic powers to keep the lighting away as he control them.  Archi only use his water powers when he could. Archi never once got hit but neither did Bruce as it shown Bruce is faster than Archi and if it wasn’t for his psychic powers he would have lost. Even so Archi never gave up and tried his best but after awhile using his psychic power took its toll as he grew tired. Before long Archi was hit, Charlie the called out ‘Archi try your water’. Archi understood what he meant and ran up to Bruce and shot out a powerful blast of water that hit Bruce who uses his lighting which not only shock Archi but himself as well, but due to Bruce being soak he got hit more than Archi.

The two was blasted away from each other and Charlie ran and court Archi, who got up and flew into the sky along with Bruce. Now they battle in the air, with all their strength and speed. Archi was faster than Brice in the sky due to his training

As they battle tackling each other and Kyle and Charlie shouted out commands, Bruce follow them all while Archi follow some, or use his idea and change it to suit what going on. As Bruce hit Archi hard with lighting an Archi then started to fall, Charlie called out ’Archi!’ as he woke from his slumber he shot back and powerful blast of water that hit the lighting Bruce had shot which was absorb by the water and hit Bruce’s wing. As his wig gave in he fell from the sky crashing into the ground. As Archi stop himself from falling he stood on the ground and waited to see if Bruce is still able to fight. As Bruce got up he look at his wing knowing he can’t fly anymore had to rely on his feet. Archi took this chance and bolted over and stab Bruce’s neck with his fangs. As Bruce run around and roll over trying everything he can to shake him off. But Archi refuse to rely his grip. Even with the bolt of lightning going with Archi he refuses to rely. After awhile Bruce stop and his leg gave in, Archi relies his grab and felt proud only to rely his leg had giving up on him. Falling next to Bruce. The two tried to get back up but there body refuses to move. Charlie rush over and pick Archi up who change back to his pup form, while Kyle walk over and seen Bruce in his pup form struggling to get up.

Kyle unhappy his was first to fall but happy that it was a draw, see in battle the winning is the one still standing and in there form they both change at the same time and both fell.

Charlie tried to wake Archi up with his voice as he held him like a baby. Archi waking up tired ask ‘did I beat that dam pup?’

‘It was a tie, but you did great, you withstand a lot of electricity, plus that was the longest you stay in the air without crashing’ said Charlie happy.

‘I lost’ said Archi upset then he jump down and seen Bruce get up and Archi growled ‘next time you’re going down, your just lucky this time if I still wasn’t swore from all the battles before you would have lost’

‘No you’re lucky and next time we meet your dog food’ said Bruce.

‘am I, least that better than being nothing, next time I will beat you so bad that you go to the afterlife’ said Archi.

‘I guess we both were tired from battle before hand, I guess next time we battle it will be when there both are fighting fit’ said Kyle.

‘of cause and next time you’re going down, you able to walk Archi?’ ask Charlie.

‘no by I can fly’ said Archi rubbing it in that he could fly while Bruce wing was badly injured that he couldn’t move it. What they both learn is that Archi is the king of the sky; nothing can bring him down, unless he takes you down with him. Saying there byes, they left, Archi jump onto Charlie shoulder too tired to walk but didn’t want Bruce to see it.

 ‘So you loss, what happen to being unbeatable?’ said demon being all smart mouth.

‘well, I didn’t lose, it was a tie and even so you still can beat me’ said Archi then demon snarl ‘oh yeah’ then the two started to fight as he jump down, so Charlie grab Archi and tried to brake it up while Carol watch, as return fringer into her badge to give her a brake. She knew that even if Archi and demon hate each other least they have some respect for one another even if it only small. He just hopes that one day they will become friends or stop fighting. Even though they all knew it was impossible.

Far in the distance Kendra had watch the fight as she video it and send it to her master and he said ‘well it seem he could be the young Archi and even after that battle he still manages to move and fight again, he could be the one I’m looking for’.

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