The Blue Flame part 1

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This is what runs through my mind when I'm not doing something. So now,you can tell how much of an obsessive freak I am... Oh and I was just too lazy to change the names so I used everyone's original name.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Blue Flame part 1

Submitted: December 14, 2012

Reads: 175

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Submitted: December 14, 2012



It was my 25th birthday and I wasn't expecting anything. I already knew by now that birthdays were nothing special,not that they ever were. So when my birthday came, I lazily sat on my couch and watched my favorite TV show, Bones. I was to the part where Brennan goes over the victim again when my phone startled me with a loud ring. I paused the episode and answered. "Hello?" "Hay Shy," my mom's familiar voice comes through my phone. "Oh,hay mom," I said cheerfully. "Happy Brithday,"she happily chirped. I chuckled and said,"Why thank you." "Are you busy,"she asked. "No..."I said cautiously. "Then you should come visit. We have a present for you," she taunted. I sighed and replyed,"Okay, I'll be there in twenty minutes." "Cool. Love you," she concluded and hung up. I rolled my eyes and laughed at the fact that my mom is 41 and she still tries to be cool. I went to my room to change out of my pajamas and brush my teeth. Then,I put my shoes on,grabbed my keys and walked out the door. While in the car,I put in my Adam Lambert For Your Entertainment CD and started singing along. I had heard these songs so many times that I knew them all by heart and I could sing them almost perfectly. Sooner than I expected,I was pulling into my old drive way. I shut off my silver camero and got out. I had won a singing contest and used the money to buy the car. I walked up to the door and went right in. "Knock knock," I said as I stepped in. Instantly,my parents and two brothers started singing "Happy Birthday". When they finished,we were all laughing and hugging. My mom cut up an icecream cake and searved each of us a piece. After that,she disappeared for a moment. When she came back,she had her hands behind her back,hiding something. "And now a very special present for a very special girl,"she stated dramatically. I was expecting some sort of wolf sculpture or some other useless trinket. She pulled the gift from behind her and handed to me. I took it and smiled as I unwrapped it. As soon as I saw what it was,my heart stopped. I felt like laughing and crying at the same time.I was so happy I thought I would explode. "Hjbuvuv...bububuh...You got me VIP tickets to Adam Lambert's concert?!?!!" I was flustered and happy beyond words. My mother had a huge smile on her face and said "Yeah. I mean, we know how much you love him,so we got you these tickets." I hugged her so hard, I thought I was going to break her. "And we got you two tickets so you could take a friend"she concluded. "OMYGOSH,THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!" I exclaimed, almost passing our from lack of oxygen. My family laughed and told me I was welcome. We spent a the rest of the hour talking,but my mind was only concentrating on one thing:Adam Lambert. "Well,you better get going so you can get ready and invite a friend"my mom suggested. ",what if I cant find anyone else who wants to go," I asked,concerned. She frowned for a moment while she thought. "Well,you're gunna have yo go alone and exchange your other ticket for something else,"she shrugged. I nodded and kissed her on the cheek. "I love you,mom," I said. "I love you too,sweetheart,"she smiled. I hugged my dad and my brothers goodbye and walked out. I got back in my car and pulled out my iPhone to call the first person who came to mind,which was my friend Haylee. "Hello,"she answered. "Hay,do you wanna go to a concert with me," I said,getting straight to the point. "Which concert,"she asked. "Adam Lambert,dub," I said,trying to contain my excitement. After a moment of silence while she thought she said "Sure. When?" "Tonight," I said happily. "What time do I need to be ready," she asked. "I'll be there about 7:00 since it starts at 9:00. We need to get there early," I suggested. "Alright,see you then,"she said. "See Yuh," I replyed enthusiastically. When I got back to my house,I changed into the hottest blue cloths I had,which was an outfit with blue,studded pants and a matching blue leather jacket and I spiked my short,dip dyed hair. I put on some black eyeliner with some mascara and finally,blue eyeshadow. The only thing not blue was my lips,which were a sexy,scarlet red. When I was finished it was only 6:00. I was so impatient that I decided to go to Haylee's early. Yet again,I got into my car and I drove to her house. When she answered,she looked me up and down and said,"You are really freaking blue."I smiled and told her the absolute truth,"Gotta look good for Adam."and winked.

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