The No Good Life of a Teen

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Coysetta Newtman has an ordinary life (unfortunatly. She has two siblings, a little sister named Oceania and a bigger sister named Eliza. She's not that popular in school, but hopefully all that will change when she moves out of a small town called Watermill and into New York.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The No Good Life of a Teen

Submitted: February 27, 2010

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Submitted: February 27, 2010




I looked over my room again. Only boxes; all my stuff has been packed away for the move. I could her Eliza, my older sister, talking on the phone in the next room over, talking to all her friends, telling them she’ll miss them. But I heard her say, “All I want is to get away from these losers.” once, so I don’t fall for the fake that’s not showing through her voice.

I strolled out of my empty room and downstairs to the kitchen. My mom hasn’t come back from the market yet, and Dad was at his final day working at Watermill Recreation Center (also known as WRC) as an art teacher. I grabbed a banana and went into the family room.

 Oceania, the youngest of the whole Newtman family so far, was in her playpen mindlessly throwing stuffed animals around the pen. She accidently threw her pacifier over the wall of the pen and started to cry. I picked it up and stuck it back in her mouth.

“I’m home!” I heard my dad’s voice ring threw the foyer. “Dad!” I yelled and ran to the entrance.

“Hey Coysetta,” he said, hugging me. “How was your day today?” he always says this when he comes home, but nobody ever says anything negative.

 “Good, just waiting for the move. It’s taking forever!” I whined.

 “We’re moving tomorrow.”

“I know. But for a fourteen year old girl, that’s forever!”

He laughed. “I’m sure it is, Honey. Go ask Eliza if she’s all packed up.”


I trudged up the stairs and knocked on my sister’s room.

“What do you want, Coysmella?” she mocked. She made that name up long ago, and has stopped using it yet. The headphones of her CD player was hanging around her neck, blaring BSB.

“Dad wants to know if you’ve finished packing.”

 She opened her door enough for me to see in but not enter. “See? All packed. Now leave, weirdo.” and she slammed the door in my face.

I ran downstairs and faced Dad. "Yup, all packed."

"Great. You packed?"

"Not a single poster, stuffed animal, pillow, or makeup container in sight."

"Great." he said, and poked my nose. "We will be leaving at six tommorow."

"In the evening?"


I sighed. "Why?"

"Cause it takes awhile to get to New York from here."

"Okay. But you have to provide entertainment. No doubt I'll be stuck with Oceania again while Eliza gets to sit alone AND get the window seat."

"I'll make a deal with you. You get to sit alone, get a window seat, and Eliza gets 'stuck' with Oceania if you be pleasant the whole trip."

I waited a second, putting on my 'thinking' face. Really I wasn't thinking, but I want to keep my dad in suspense. The deal was a great one. No sane 14 year old would turn it down.

"Deal." I responded.

I love Daddy.

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The No Good Life of a Teen

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