The Blood Sky

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This is a story I have been working on for a while now. Warning it is very broken and needs a lot of work .

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Blood Sky

Submitted: August 04, 2012

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Submitted: August 04, 2012




Chapter 1:Red was never my favorite color


The rain had just stopped as Authur walked out to get the mail.The sun was starting to show itself

As he opens the mailbox , the sky darkens ….”really?” Authur said Auther looked up thinking the rain was returning ,as he looked he saw something he had never seen before “what the he…?” authur said before finishing his words the sky turned blood red in color . Auther was thinking of running to the house but before he could move a bright white light appeared in front of him . Booom,Crack! Is all he heard then it was black seconds later he awakes.

“Ugh…..that was some storm.” Authur said still recovering from the storms abuse, pain ran down every nerve of authers body as he trys to get up off the ground. His eyes still blinded from the flash “how the …. This cant be…?” auther said puzzled on the surrondings he was now in. “Where am I?”auther said fearfully “ Help! I need some Help!!” auther yelled . Auther waited “I must have blacked out and don’t remember walking here ,I must be close to home” auther thought.

Night was starting to come bringing it’s own problems, “Alright ill make a fire and camp here tonite .” he said. Auther collected firewood and starter fuel. “I really hope my lighter works after this”he said as trying to remove the fear that was building as time grew.With a fire going and the day’s experince bearing down Authur set to sleep.

As dawn broke authur woke ,still very sore but knew he must find help . So he started to walk trying to follow the sun as he proceeds he finds a path “finally a road now to find somone.”he said thankfully. Walking down the path he trys to remember landmarks so he cant get lost,He walks for seems like hours :remebering how he never wore watches “Figures the one time I need the time.” He said as reminding himself to get a watch after he gets home.Noon approaches with a surprise as he crests the top of the hill a town starts to become clear, happiness replaces stress as the town comes into view . The town is not what authur was expecting .On the edge of the town farms with ox and sheep are being tended to by their sheperds,houses look old and badly built.Auther proceeds into town as he moves into what seems like the town center , his eyes can’t belive what they are seeing .”Excuse me sir; Can you help me with something?”auther said. “An whet wud thaat be?” the villager said. “can you tell me where I am?” he asked” I was in a voilent storm and now I have no idea where im at .” he said “Ther hadnet bin a storm har fer ages.”the villager said almost giggling . “Ok…..well then can I ask where I am at “ authur said seeing the villager getting a kick out of his lack of knowing.the villager looks at auther ,,upand down then he looked as if he was trying to have a starring contest.The villager finishes and sits down looking as if he was surprised.”This is the town of Venering,I ..m regretfull though to tel u …”the villager said sadly. “Why ?” auther said.


As Arthur watched the old villager his eyes turned to more sorrow then before. “this town is the land of the king..”he said “wait what did you just say ?...king ….the only king and he isnt even a real king yet “ he said speaking of Queen Elizabeth hubby. “U sur r not from tese perts The King govoners these lands and most of the known world!”he said “Ok …”authur said thinking it was a joke. Then the old man jumped up with fear in his eyes ,panic filled him . He looks at authur “sorry ther coming I owe …I owe a lot…must must hide they care less if u not own they want thers!”the olman says almost running in place scared.And then he heard it THUMP…….thump…..Screech the sounds of the men riding into town, next sound you hear is a lone scream then silence. Authur was surronded before he had a chance to do anything, twenty men on horses in full armor circle him. Horses snorting as the men try to keep them still. “YOU There!”a horseman says. “what is your name?”he said . As authur pondered his sitution”I am Authur and who may you be?” authur said “You DARE speak back to a KNIGHT of the King!” the knight said angerly. Just then Authur had to think to try an not get him slef in more trouble.Just as he was about to say ,He relizes his surrondings Knights?...Horses?....Armor out of the ren fairs he used to go to .The question now is not where is he but when .”You mute .. I asked you something.”the knight said growing more angery. “Feeling this was his last chance to get information he tried something “I have already given u my name it is authur , I must tell you I am not from this area , to be honest I kinda lost.” Authur said hopefully. The knight looks at authur . “You did ask so I will answer you ; my name is John ,Knight General to the King.” John says . “if you are not from these lands then wear do you hail from? “ he says “The King owns most of the lands in the known world .” he said puzzled

Authur knew something was very wrong with where he was at even if he was sent back to the middle ages no king ruled over the entire world not even Alexander the Great.”seeing that you are lost it would be my duty to take you to the castle.”John said “yes I think that would be the best idea maybe I can find someone that knows what happen to me.”authur says. And witht hat he was on the back of John’s horse , within hours he was at the castle. As they approached it seemed that the castle was growing in sixe every foot it seemed to grow twenty , stone towers almost reach the sky’s embrace and the walls looked as if they were miles thick, then they arrived at the gate , wood and iron never looked so impressive the artwork in the gate made you forget it was to keep you out . The clanking of the chain as it lifted the massive door was almost to much for it sounding if it would let it go just to relive the pain of its weight.

“I know someone that might help ,he lives just down from here” John said. The lower city was filled with markets and shops selling all types of items they hoped you couldn’t live without.they reach a small two story skinny but tall house like one you would see in italy’s old sections. John knocks on the door shaking it almost enough to take it off the hinges.”Ho…Owaine you in”he said a few secs later a man comes to the door and opens it. “You take my door down again and you will be doing the repairs, took me two days to get new hinges.” Owaine said angerly. Looking at this man Authur wondered what was keeping him up he couldn’t be more then five feet tall ,had shoulder length white thin hair unkept too. He was not to thin but looked as he could have done with a meal or three.” Owaine I have a problem that I was hoping you could help in” he said. “A Problem…..I remember a problem that you got me in with a troll .” Owaine said frustrated. John looked as if he was going to cower in a corner when this small man yelled, and John even with his massive size looking like a wrestler more then a knight. The old man keeps yelling at John for it seems like a hour , then as if nothing happen the old man looks up with a smile on his face and says”so what is this problem John and if it is anything that has claws and pointy teeth you better have a good reason!” . The old man listens to john as he tells him about me once done the old man looks at authur and says “So… you’re a lost little dog aye?” then looks at john and almost makes the knight flench “ I will have him stay here with me I need to get his ful story , so out with you before I decide to find something more to yell at you about!”he said . And with that the knight left without a word seemingly upset about what he said. Owaine stands up and goes out of the room ,a few minutes later he returns with two plates and sets one down next to authur ,then sits on the other side of the table. “Eat you look as if you need a hot meal afterwords you can tell me your story.”he said.

As the two eat their meals not a word is exchanged just slurps as the broth is enjoyed and

Authur has never had a broth that tasted so good it was rich but not to ,it was perfectly seasoned and every bite was like tasting something never before had. As they finished the plates Owaine picks up and takes them back from where he got them from, then returned back to the table. He set himself so that nothing could distract him from what he was about to hear . “Ok now would you please tell me why you are here and do not leave anything out please .” he said eagerly . Auther begins to tell the Owaine his story ,how he was going after the mail and the sky turned blood red , how the white flash appeared and then how he found himself here . Owaine looked at Authur for another few mins and then said “ so what we know now is : one you are not from this area maybe not even this world, two something happen to your world that sent you here and third you have no idea where you are at or know anything about the workings of this place.” Authur looked at him as if he was surprised that he belived him and more then anything else would help in any way he could. “so you belive me then ? I was starting to not belive it myself.” Authur says happly . Owaine explains that it is not un heard of that a person could be teleported to another world , his world is full of things that I would prolly find unbelivable . Then as he finished he says” There is more to this world then you know and since now you are in it you to may be able to learn things which in your world is immpossiable .”


Now with both of them knowing alittle more about each other he shows authur to a spare room for him to stay , both tired they decide to start again after some sleep . As night speeds by and morning comes Authur wakes with a new hope “maybe I might get back home “ he thinks to himself as he is changing his clothes seeing his wont look right here . Owaine has breakfast out on the table already eggs and sausage from the looks of it. Both sit down and eat their meals trying to do it quickly since both men still have a lot of questions for one another.

It was Authur’s turn first this time and Owaine said his would answer anything he could, as he askeds questions he gets to one that authur wouldn’t belive “ So what is so different from my world like what kind of things is possiable , you were kinda liite on that subject?” he asked . Owaine looked up at him and smiled “so you wish to know what is different hmm ? “he said and got up out of his chair , looked at Authur and with only what seemed like a few words mubbled out . The old man was laughing so hard he could not stay upright “What are you laughing at Owaine?” he asked . Then it became understood he was floating five feet above the ground . Scrambling for traction Authur tried to get down but it only made him laugh harder. “ok you have had your fun can you put me down please old man ?” And with some more words he was back on soild ground and very happy to be there, Authur regains his balance and thoughts for a moment then says “so that is what is different this world has magic.” “Yes and it is in everyone , most only have enough to save them in a life or death event . But there is some that have power that can be wielded by their will .” Owaine says. As he took that in he now understood what the old man meant when since hes there now he may be different, he was wondering if he had magic and now Arthur was wondering to. Owaine explains how magic works in this world all magic is connected to the user and to the world around him. Magic ties you to the elemental world Air, Earth,Fire,Water and if very strong Life and Death. He explains that you use the elements alone and together most users have to use incantations to evoke their magic, but there has been few that can wield without speaking a word . He goes on to say that there is a test to see if you have magic and to some extent how strong it is, but he warns that once you open the gateway to magic it can not be closed and that I must Learn control of it .

“This test is not taken lightly depending on your level you could be overwhelmed with it and I do not have the power to help you “ He warns and then sits down back at the table. “Well if you think this is something I should wait to do I will not object.” Arthur says . With that the two men agreed to wait for now , Arthur was not ready for magic if he had any he wouldn’t know how to use it or control it.

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