Gray, Gray, Seattle part II

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Tyler, a sunny, warm, Florida girl, has moved to stormy, gray, Seattle. She doesn't think this will be a problem; after all, she was used to change. Plus, it's all just another big city.
Of course, 98% of the time she's wrong.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Ballad Of Mona Lisa

Submitted: November 13, 2011

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Submitted: November 13, 2011



"There's nothing wrong with

Just a taste of

What you paid for.

Say what you mean, tell me I'm

Right, and let the sun rain down on me..."

-Panic! At the Disco

As Taylor walked down the streets of Miami alone, he dragged his school bag behind him.

"There does the emo kid..."

Taylor turned to Jack and Soda, the steriotype highschool dropouts.

That's just what they were, too.

"At least I know how to spell my own name."

Soda stood, his eyes wild and his breath smelling of drugs and alchohol.

"You talkin' to me?"
"Who else, dimwitt?"

"Listen, man. I know your girlfriends left you, but that doesn't--"

Soda didn't get to finish his sentance, because in a matter of 10 seconds he was on the floor, unconsious.

Courtesy of Taylor's fist.

"Dude!" Jack screamed, kneeling down to check on Soda.

Taylor grabbed him by the collar and rammed him into a wall. They were so close that Taylor could smell his disgusting breath.

"Listen, dropout. I'm gonna give you--"

As Taylor looked into his eyes, he saw the drunk behind the car's steering wheel's eyes.

They were the same blue, and had the same spark that that man had.

"You... you did it..."


"You killed Jade..."


"No, you listen, you disgusting discrase to humanity!"

Jack's eyes were wild, looking for an escape that wasn't there.

"Man,I didn't kill your girlfriend," Jack lied, hoping he wouldn't notice, "I was with Soda when it happened!"

Taylor rammed him into the wall again, harder this time.

"Liar! You killed Jade!"

So much for that attempt.

"But really, it was an honest mistake!"

Taylor spared him, throwing him to the floor. Taylor then kicked him in the gut 5 times.

"Next time you do something like that, I won't be so nice."

Jack and Soda were left there, coughing blood.


As Tyler walked to her next class, Art, she heard whispering.

The bad, gossipy kind.

She walked in, greeted by the smell of paint.


She spun around to see Brooke and Spring, smiling at her.

Tyler walked over, forcing a small smile.

"Come and sit with us, we have a free chair."

She sat next to Spring.

Brooke was wearing a sleeveless shirt with a vintage flower print and ruffles, straight-leg light wash skinny jeans, a pair of brown heel boots with laces, and a bunch of bangles on her right wrist. Spring was wearing gray skinny jeans, checkerboard Vand, a tee with the Superman logo on it, black and green fingerless gloves, and silver angel with earrings.

It seemed to Tyler like they had switched clothing.

As the teacher, Mrs.Nicholas, began teaching them a new project, Tyler noticed that one of the sides of her glasses was missing, so she held them up like a masquerade mask. Mrs. Nick had a lot of character to her, from her brick red curly hair to her big eyes.

Tyler Renee Williams

"Your middle name is Renee?" Brooke asked, her head cocked like a curious dog.

"Yep. Don't ask me why, my mom was in love with that name."

"I think it sounds super pretty." Spring smiled.

"Thanks," Tyler giggled, continuing to draw.

Across the room, a bunch of girls began to whisper and point at Tyler.

They would whisper, then laugh.

They were all wearing pink in some form, whether it was a pink headband or a pink tee shirt.

And they were all staring at Tyler.

She decided not to pay attention to the girls, looking the other way and blockng their gaze with her hand.

They all gasped.

When Tyler looked back, they were covered with bright orange paint.

Everyone started laughing at the girls while Brooke and Spring sat down.

"Where were you guys?"

"We were just getting some orange for our projects," Spring started,

"And we thought we could put it to better use!" Brooke finished her sentance, starting to laugh.

Tyler started to relax a little.

Some kids took out thier phones to take pictures of the girls.

The girls screamed and hid thier faces as Mrs. Nick stopped everyone and yelled at everyone to get in thier seats.

"Sure got what they deserved," a male voice mumbled, just loud enough so that Tyler could hear.
She turned around and was brought face to face with a guy about her age, with black hair, pale skin, freckles, and big blue eyes. He was tall with a build similar to Allen's.

For the first time in Seattle, Tyler's smile wasn't forced.

And for the first time ever in her life, Tyler actually blushed.

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