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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: June 04, 2012

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Submitted: June 04, 2012




Chapter 3

After work, Landon and a couple of his friends and I all went to the beach together, happy to leave the disgusting, heavy air of the Tinkering buildings. We were laughing all the way there when I realized I didn’t have a bathing suit. 

“It’s fine, I’ll walk you home so you can get one.” Landon eagerly volunteered while his friends snickered behind him. Landon and his friends changed out of their work uniform, but I was still in my green tank top, jean shorts, and construction boots. He had changed his shirt to a blue and white striped tee shirt. He was still wearing his jean shorts and converse. 

“Yeah, Landon, we’ll wait up!” One of his friends, Jack, smiled. He had jet black hair, bright green eyes, and tan skin. He was wearing a pair of black board shorts, a white tank top, and his sandals. He was tall and strong, with a smirk plastered across his lips and his arms always crossed across his chest. 

Another one of his friends, Andrew, who was tall and more lanky, smiled too. He had a slight acne problem, with paler skin and darker eyes than I was used to. He was wearing a vintage tee shirt with the words “WE ARE YOUNG” on the front, that looked like it was supposed to be one of those old 3D movies from over 40 years ago, jean shorts, and black converse. He traveled here from Free Eagle Country, which explains his paler olivey skin, but it was still unusual for me to see someone like that here. 

Two other girls were there, one with platinum blonde pin straight hair, sun kissed skin, and freckles. She was like a model, with long legs and a perfect smile. She wore a yellow and gray short tank top, white shorts, and white sandals. Her name was Jamie. 

I could see that she didn’t like me all too much. 

The other girl was paler too, seeming as she emigrated here from Krignes. Her accent was hard to understand at times, but she just laughed that off. She had dark brown curly hair and big blue eyes. She was shorter and more cutesy, with two always blushing cheeks and a huge smile. She wore a long pink tube top, jean shorts, and black flip flops. Her name was Skye, and she liked me a little more. 

I pushed some of my hair to one side, playing with the blonde ends and trying not to look into Jamie’s eyes. I may look tough, but the girl was intimidating. She had hard eyes and she didn’t twitch once when she was staring me down. 

“We’ll meet you at the beach.” Skye smiled, batting her eyelashes. 

I was glad to get out of Jamie’s sight. I didn’t understand why she hated me so much. Skye tolerated me, at least I thought so, and Andrew and Jack liked hanging out with me too. 

Landon and I walked down the dusty roads, listening to the birds in the trees and the kids outside playing. I smiled at how amazing the sun felt on my face and how relaxing the town was. I looked over at Landon. 

He looked amazing. 

He stared at his feet, his hands in his pockets, a small smile spread across his lips. His eyes, although I never noticed it before, he had little spots of gold in his eyes that stood out in the sunlight. He looked up, staring out to the horizon and the sun that was still high in the sky. 

I smiled and felt the butterflies in my stomach again. 

We finally got to my house. From the outside, it was a modest little house with a small lawn and bright flowers surrounding the porch. It was painted white, with the smooth steps up to the porch glimmering in the sun. The pillars and fence surrounding the porch were a soft blue, matching the window panes. The door was a sky blue with no doorknob. We walked up the steps and to the door. I pressed the small button next to the door. 

“Voice Recognition.” A computer voice relayed. 

The button glowed a neon green.

“Hannah Steele.” I spoke loud and clearly to the small speaker in the door that I couldn’t find at the moment. 

“Retina Scan.”

The button became clear, a small red laser shooting out from it.

I leaned over, staring into the button for about 5 seconds until the door slid open. I stepped into the house, the wooden floors welcoming me. 

“Mom, I’m home!” I called into the house. 

“Kay, hun!” She called back. 

My mom was sitting on the couch in her pajamas still, watching T.V. on the plasma flat. 

Vintage, I know. But I’m a sucker for that stuff!

The pictures of the family, both close and long lost, were up on the walls. The china cabinet was in the corner, right next to the other couch. 

“Landon, you can sit here while I get dressed.” I smiled at him, motioning to the couch.

He nodded and quickly introduced himself to my mom. 

“Please, call me Renee.” I heard my mom say to Landon.

I could tell she liked him by her voice. 

I smiled and walked out of the room, untying my hair. The dining room was much like the living room, with wood flooring and light blue walls. The table was a dark, smooth chocolate color. There was a room to the left and a room to the right. The one on the left was the kitchen and the room on the right was a hallway to me and my mom’s bedrooms and the bathrooms. I pushed a small button in the middle of the blue door and watched it slide open. 

The carpet in my room was soft, like memory foam. It was a light green.

“Hey, Eve!” I smiled, clapping my hands. 

My ceiling glowed white, Eve powering up. Eve was basically my virtual assistant, helping me with work, my outfits, and anything else I needed.

“Hello, Hannah. How was your day?” The robotic female voice droned, its tone only slightly changing with every word. 

“It was fine, Eve.” I smiled, untying my ponytail and slipping my arms out of my vest. 

“Is there something you need?”

I nodded, walking over to my makeup station. 

“Pick out an outfit that I can go to the beach in.”


My closet whirred behind the translucent, white doors. All of my clothes spun, shirts on top, shorts underneath, and shoes on the bottom. The doors opened, the hydraulics hissing to a stop. 

I had taken all of my makeup off, replacing it with waterproof eyeliner and mascara. 

Eve had picked out a bright blue crop top and light blue jean shorts. She also picked out some tan colored strappy sandals. For my bathing suit, she picked out my old vintage Roxy bikini, that was black with white, neon blue, pink, purple, and green dots that looked like confetti on it. I changed quickly, then walked to the bathroom for Eve to do my hair. 

I walked out with beach waves in my ombré style hair and a smile on my face. 

When I got to the living room, my mom and Landon were in deep conversation. Her green eyes showed interest in the new toy I’d brought home, but it was time for us to go. 

We walked out the door and down the road again, faster this time. It wasn’t until I looked over at Landon that I noticed that we were supposed to be racing. He was a couple of feet in front of me when he turned around and smiled at me with a mischievous look in his eyes. I smiled and started to jog slowly to him. 

He smiled, turning around and running faster. I chuckled and began to run. I noticed the sun beginning to set, the sound of the crashing waves nearing. There were small sounds of the cars hovering slightly above the dirt roads, making a quiet whirring sound. 

It was paradise. Or at least my version, anyways. 

I finally caught up to Landon, laughing under my breath as he just ran faster. When we got to the beach, both girls were just tanning on the sand and both boys were in the water, being... well... boys. Jamie looked up, stared at me for like 5 seconds, then rolled her eyes and laid back down. I rolled my eyes and walked to an open space next to what looked to be Jack’s stuff and slipped out of my clothes. I dropped my shirt and shorts next to my towel and took off my sandals. 

I ran into the water, feeling a chill run up my back as the water engulfed my legs. I felt a push, catching myself before I fell into the water. Before I could turn around, I felt an arm wrap around my waist , pick me up, and throw me over a shoulder as if I were a bag. 

It was Landon, of course. 

I laughed and screamed. He started walking into the water until it was up to his waist and then he threw me in playfully. I gasped before the water surrounded my face and pulled me under. 

I got up, gulping air. The water was so clear that I could see my legs. I smiled as Landon swam deeper into the water. 

We swam for a long, long time. 

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