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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 8 (v.1)

Submitted: December 18, 2012

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Submitted: December 18, 2012




Chapter Eight





Landon and I ran, our mouths still covered and our hoods still up. A fine lining of sweat began to drip down my face as the heat from outside attacked my body. The moon shone high up and the stars lit our path to the beach. After about ten minutes, we stopped running and stood on the sidewalk, gasping for air.

We didn’t stop because we were out of stamina, if that’s what you’re thinking. My heart was thumping, not because I had ran 18 blocks. My heart was thumping because of what we saw. Kailee.

I slipped out of my hoodie and revealed my beach clothes, a bikini and shorts. I could just feel Landon’s eyes on me. 

“Hey, I’m not all that fit. Eyes up.” I smiled, jokingly. 

He laughed and slipped out of his hoodie and he was in his beach clothes as well.  A racerback gray tank top and trunks. 

We made our way to my house so I could drop off the hoodies and do my hair for the bonfire party thing tonight. I left the hoodies on my bed and made my way to my bathroom. 

“Eve... you there?”

“Good evening, Hannah,” I head Eve’s robotic voice say. I shuddered at the memory of the guards asking us who we were before we ran. “You have the bonfire tonight. Would you like me to pick out something to wear?”

“No, thanks. I’m good, Eve. I just wanted to put my hair in a fishtail braid and drop off these hoodies.”

“Would you like me to braid your hair for you?”

“Yes, thank you Eve.” I smiled. Eve knew I couldn’t make a fishtail braid for my life. 


Landon was waiting outside for me when I came out. It was our second time going out to the beach together and quite honestly, I loved it. As a student, I never went out to the beach. It was always filled with the teenage workers. They were all so intimidating, but now I go almost every week. He held my hand in his as we walked down the sidewalk again, towards the beach. I could hear music drifting out of the windows of some houses, the slight whirrr noise the vehicles made, hovering their way down the streets. The usual things-- the ocean crashing against the shore, the birds chirping. A small tropical breeze wafted the scent of food cooking from houses, their families called to the dinner table. I could smell the barbecue wafting from the beach as the sound of the ocean and the music playing grew louder.

Landon stopped me. He turned me to make me look at him in the eyes. Those absolutely gorgeous bright blue eyes that made my heart melt. He held my waist in his arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself closer to him. He pressed his lips into mine and I couldn’t help but smile after he pulled just inches away. I could feel his heartbeat, and I bet he could feel mine. 

I almost forgot about the cells that night. When I reminded myself of it, I felt the skin on the back of my neck prickle and chills run down my spine. It was crazy enough they were keeping people in the back of the building, but what was even worse was that absolutely no one knew that it was happening. I tried to shake off the feeling that someone was watching us.

I walked over to go dance. I don’t think I knew what song was playing-- I don’t listen to current radio. I listen to the older things from 2011 or 2012. I danced anyways. The heat wrapping around our bodies on the crowded dance floor was energizing. The beat resounded through my body, tingling at my fingertips. I smiled, swirling my hips and closing my eyes. Someone grabbed me and pulled me close to them. I peeled my eyes open to see Jack dancing with me. His hands were on my hips, moving them from side to side. I gave him a look, stepping back and looking around for Landon. 

“What’s wrong, Hannah? Landon and I can’t share?”He smiled, coming so close to me that I could smell his breath. It was bitter and gross.

“Jack, have you been drinking?”I yelled over the music.

He smiled and laughed. 

I turned around, looking for Landon.

“Landon! Where are you?”I stepped out of the cloud of teens dancing and found Landon sitting by the fire talking with one of his soccer friends. 

“Landon, I’m glad that I found you.” I sighed, sitting down next to him. 

He turned around. 

“What’s up, babe?”He pushed some hair out of my face.

“Jack’s drunk. He tried to dance with me,”I looked into his eyes.

“Jack? Jack doesn’t drink.”

“Well, either that or he was high as a kite. His breath smelled like bourbon.”

“That’s weird.”

“I heard that he had been in rehab before,”his soccer mate suggested. He had bright green eyes, like mine, and blonde hair. “He was an alcoholic, he started after his dad died.”

I felt my eyes go wide. Jack didn’t strike me as the drinking type.

Landon was mad, I could tell. His grip on my hand got harder, but not hard enough to hurt me. 

“Landon, it’s fine. You don’t need to go after him.”

He sighed, grabbing the bridge of his nose and closing his eyes. I smiled and giggled a bit.

“What?” He smiled at me. I could tell he was still mad, but didn’t want me to know. 

“I do that all the time when I’m stressed.”

“Well aren’t you two the fucking couple of the year?” Landon’s soccer mate groaned. “Ugh, that’s enough lovey-dovey shit for me. Landon, you’re lucky to have her. I might just have to steal her from you,” he winked at me and laughed. “By the way, my name’s Ashton. Nice to meet you, Hannah.”He smiled at me. Landon rolled his eyes. 

“Ashton, stop hitting on my girl.” He smiled at him. I could tell they were close. 

“Hey, man, just saying.” He laughed, throwing a playful punch at his shoulder. “Bye Hannah, see you around.” He smiled at me. 

I smiled back, “Bye, Ashton.”

Ashton walked to the drinks and took a sip of whatever was in the bowl. It must’ve been spiked-- this party was for workers only and the Tinkering House was sponsoring it. They didn’t endorse underage drinking and the majority of us were under 21. I looked around, quickly realizing that almost everyone was completely wasted. 

Landon got up and took my hand, leading me to the dance floor. He smiled at me and pulled me in close, his hands on my hips. I began to sway, smiling. His eyes dazzled me. They were so beautiful it was almost hypnotizing. I never noticed the gold flecks in his eyes, sparkling when the light hit them. I smiled, putting my arms around his neck and closing my eyes. There were so many things I had never noticed before, how because he was sitting close to the bonfire he smelt like smoke and vanilla. I wasn’t sure where the vanilla came in, it just made him smell irresistible. I felt someone’s hands jerk me away from him.

I opened my eyes and came face to face with Jack. He was biting his lip and breathing heavily as he gripped my waist violently. 

“Ow!” I yelped in pain. His grasp only tightened around my waist as he forced me to dance. I tried pulling away from him, but he only pulled me in closer. “Let go of me!” I screamed, louder this time. “Landon! Help!” I screamed, his grip only growing tighter and tighter. 

I pushed him away from me with every ounce of strength I had. It made me topple to the floor. I felt Landon help me up, then gently push me to the side. 

“Get the hell away from her!” He growled, pushing Jack. I knew this was going to end in a fight already.

“Or else what, Landon? You gonna hurt me for touching ‘your girl?’” He laughed, and I heard the record scratch. People were beginning to gather around them. I was somewhat inside of the circle of interest, which I never liked.

“Just stay away from her, Jack.” Landon and Jack’s faces were inches apart. Landon’s hands were balled up into tight fists, his chest puffed out. I had never seen him this mad before. Jack was calm, though. 

“What’re you gonna do if I don’t?” Jack pressed, a smirk playing on the corners of his lips. 

“Let’s say you won’t look all too nice afterwards.” Landon growled, his eyes like steel. 

“Hm, I could deal with that.” Jack smiled, making his way towards me. Even though Landon and Jack were the same height, Landon was stronger than him. Jack was thinner, but he still had some type of build. He slipped out of Landon’s way and tried to get to me, but that’s when it happened. I must’ve blinked, because I don’t remember seeing the first punch. But I heard the crowd gasp, and then cheer. I remember seeing Jack fall, yelling in pain and gripping his eye. There was a cut on his lip. It all happened in slow motion, Landon turning him over on his back and standing over him. He was yelling and telling him never to touch me again. I realized, he was crying. He had just punched his best friend in the face. 

“Jack and I have known each other since pre-school.” I remember Landon telling me with a smile on his face. I still couldn’t believe they were fighting over me. I watched as Jack scrambled up and threw a punch back, aimed at Landon’s midsection. Landon blocked it, throwing a punch and then another, harder this time. He just kept on punching. I ran out into the center, grabbing Landon’s bicep and holding him back from punching anymore.

“Come on, Landon, I’m okay. I’m not hurt, it’s fine. I’m fine.” I looked at him in the eyes, grabbing both of his hands in mine and calming him down. Tears still slipped down his face, a small cut on his cheek was beginning to bleed. I looked down at Jack. He was on the ground, coughing up blood. He slumped up, standing on his feet, no longer confident. He looked like an alley cat, slinking away and down the street to wherever he was going. 

“Landon, let’s go.” I looked up at him. It was the first time I noticed he was a couple of inches taller than me. I had his hand in mine, holding it delicately. The workers here were beginning to stir. I could point out Andrew and Skye in the crowd, looking at us with worry. Jamie was looking straight at me with disgust. I didn’t linger on her face for too long.


Landon and I walked away from the party. The music started up again, the cheers and chattering beginning once more. We made our way to the pier. It was lit with small candles. It was a perfect, cloudless night. everyone had their boats out, small lights decorating the sea. A small breeze blew through my hair, leaving light kisses on my cheeks. I smiled, sitting down on the edge of the pier and letting my legs dangle. I had slipped off my flip flops, letting my toes dip into the warm water. He sat down next to me. 

“You didn’t have to do that, you know.” I said, staring at him. He stared off into the distance. I could tell he was still upset.

“I just...” He couldn’t even finish the sentence. I watched tears slip down his face. He looked down at his lap, ashamed. 

“Landon, don’t cry...” I wrapped my arm around his shoulders. He looked up at me and I saw that little boy that I haven’t seen since my first day at the Tinkering house. That seemed to be ages ago. I saw fear in his eyes.

“What if we’re found out?” He whispered, his voice trembling. “What if the Boss realizes it was us and she takes us in, too?!” More and more tears spilled out of his eyes. 

I wiped away his tears, feeling my eyes beginning to burn as well. I managed a smile as a tear slipped down my cheek.  

“Well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it,” I whispered, holding him close. He held my face in his hands, and I did the same, turning my body towards his. Our foreheads against each other, our noses only barely touching, our lips only inches away from each other. The waves crashed beneath us, our faces only illuminated by the candles and the lights coming from the boats far away. I slid my hands from his cheeks to his neck, and he placed his hands on my hips. I smiled as he pressed his lips into mine, sending chills up my spine and goosebumps all over my arms. 

I stood up, slipped out of my shorts, leaving myself only in my bikini, gave him a teasing smile, and ran off the dock and jumped into the water. It was warm, engulfing every inch of my body. I pumped my legs and surfaced, looking up at him. He had a mischievous little smirk playing on the corners of his lips as he slipped out of his shirt and jumped in with me. I slipped out of the way, swimming out so he wouldn’t be able to catch me. I felt a hand grab hold of my ankle, and I looked back at Landon. His eyes were still as blue as ever. He pulled me his way. He pressed his lips into mine while we were still underwater, wrapping his arms around my waist. I entangled his legs in mine, smiling as we kissed. Our bodies were so close, his chest against mine. We came up, still kissing. I felt his hand move from my waist to my hair, then back to my face. I ran my hands through his hair and then up and down his back. I felt him shiver as I did this. I could feel his lips pulling into a small smile.

I smiled and pulled away from him. My cheeks were burning. I had never ‘made out’ with someone before. He seemed like the expert. 

“Wow,” He breathed, smiling mischievously. 

“Am I any good?” I asked shyly, smiling.

“You,” He pulled me in closer. “Are amazing.” 

I slipped out of his arms, swimming towards the shore. I sat up on the beach, waiting for him to get up and out. He sat down next to me. 

“You wanna play a game?” I smirked, turning towards him. He looked up with interest. 

“What’s it called?”

“Too Hot. It’s really old, but I’ve heard it’s fun,” I smiled.

“How do you play?” He smirked, leaning back.

“Well, we have to kiss,”

“I’m good with that!” He smiled, leaning in to kiss me and hold my waist.

“Uh-- and whoever touches the partner first, loses.” I smiled, pushing away his hand. He looked to me with mock heartbreak, crossing his arms.

“Whatever, I’ll probably win anyways,” He flicked invisible hair off of his shoulder.

I smiled. 

We kissed, and I held my hands behind my back. It was harder than I expected. I smiled, trying not to let my hands wander to him. I teased him, tracing the outline of his lips with mine, and before long it became a hands-off make out session. I bit my lip as he teased back. I smiled, leaning in closer to him. Before long, I felt his hand on my hips. He pulled me in closer to him. 

“You lose,” I whispered into his ear as he planted kisses down my neck. He smiled as he began to press his lips into mine once again. 


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