The Gift To The Gods

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When Ocean finds out that the characters from one of her favorite books are real, she can't believe it! But when she's taken on the adventure of her life with her new friends, she doesn't want to lose them, and risks her life to save them.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Introduction- Ocean's P.o.V.

Submitted: June 06, 2014

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Submitted: June 06, 2014




I had just got done reading the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus books by Rick Riordan. They were literally the only books I could read without throwing them against the wall, since I have dyslexia. But I’m actually really smart without reading anything, like I was born smarter than everyone.


But my teachers at Public School 6 in New York City say that I still have to read the books, and I can’t do that because of my dyslexia. They say I don’t try. Well, they can go die in a hole for all I care.

Maybe I should introduce myself. I’m Ocean Blu, the foster daughter of Juliet Smith and her new husband Adom Smith. My foster mother told me to change my last my name to his, but I blatantly refused because Adom is a huge jerk-face. He’s a cop and extremely handsome, but he treats me like crap, and never in front of my mother.

Let’s get off the sad note and back to me.

I have long, wavy, dark hair that reaches my lower back with natural purple-silver highlights. My eyes were owl-shaped and oddly changed color depending on my mood. Knowing me, I know that they’re usually black, since Adom always pisses me off. My nose is small and straight and my lips seemed normal enough for a sixteen-and-a-half year old girl.

Now that you know what I look like, I can tell you what this is about. This is about me, some people, and me. I may sound vain, but I can’t tell you completely what this is about.

Peace until further notice.



*Hello, my Homo sapien fans! Don't be insulted, Homo sapiens means human, basically, so donut cry, my possibly human fans! I am 12 yrs old though, and if this ain't good enough for you, go read some other partially Percy Jackson fanfiction, and see how that compares to this. I wrote this out before typing it, and it has 172 pages that I wrote. With my hand. I started on the second one, which has better descriptions. I hope you Homo sapiens like it!*

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