Everlasting Dreams

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 11 (v.1) - Chapter Ten-

Submitted: October 02, 2013

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Submitted: October 02, 2013



Chapter Ten-


Laurel's eyes slowly fluttered open and her eyes searched around herself, realizing she was on Peter's bed, she rolled over to face him but he was no longer there apart from a crease of where he had slept. 

Laurel's arm was dead from where Peter had lied over it. She shook it awake and almost fell out of bed when she went searching for Peter, the boys and Rookie. 

She entered the main entrance of the underground home where the boys were already awake and sat huddled together on the moss-like carpet chattering like parrots. 

Tike was the first to notice Laurel and his face turned grim and Laurel too had a dreading feeling that something was not right. 

"Hello Mother." Tike greeted. 

Laurel exchanged him a warm a smile. "Good morning, Tike. Have you seen your father?" 

He shook his head, "We have not seen him this morning, which is very unnatural for him to not to be here at this time." 

The other boys nodded in agreement and Tike led the others back into their room leaving Laurel by herself. 

She suppressed a sigh; Laurel hoped he had not gotten himself into too much trouble as she knew he was quite impulsive. While she pondered into her mind to think of where on earth he could've gotten too, Granit appeared. He bent near Laurel and whispered. "Sometimes when Peter is depressed he goes to the lagoon." 

That was enough for Laurel; she thanked Granit and soared off to the lagoon where the mermaids inhabited the mysterious waters. 

She landed gracefully on a patch of soil, the coolness made her shiver. She searched around herself and saw a boy sat crouched in front of the lagoon, in such a depressive way.

His eyes lost and she could swear she saw tears spill down his cheeks but she was quite far away and was not completely sure. The morning breeze rushed through his skeleton leaf attire and blond curled hair. He looked so alone yet tranquilized. 

Laurel was hesitant whether to approach him as he obviously wanted to be alone and she did not want to upset him even more with her presence. 

"It seems Peter is going to miss you." A voice bounced into Laurel's ears making her gasp in shock. 

She spun around and found it was Tiger-Lily, her hair plaited, with a head band around her forehead. A quiver hung over her shoulder; it looked as if she was hunting. She then noticed other Red-Skins about hovering in the jungle. 

Laurel had never thought much of Tiger-Lily, mainly because she secretly envied her appearance and her closeness to Peter. 

"Seems so." Laurel replied spitefully. 

"You know, he may not admit it, but he does love you very much." Tiger-Lily went on. 

Laurel's eyes met hers and she knew instantly she was telling her the truth. 

"I know..." Laurel sighed. "But, even his love is not strong enough to remember me for an eternity."

Tiger-Lily nodded. "I've known Peter for quite some time, and the reason why he forgets is because he does it by choice."

Laurel raised her eyebrows, unable to whisper a word.

"You see, when Wendy left him, he was ever so depressed. However, he decided to keep her in his memories."

"So, when he said he forgot Wendy..." Laurel trailed off.

"It's because he had met and fell in love with you, and he chose to let go of the memories of Wendy." Tiger-Lily said solemnly.

"How can you just forget memories just like that? It's impossible." Laurel questioned.

Tiger-Lily shrugged her shoulders. "He is Peter Pan, a mysterious and magical boy; he can do so much more than others can." She briefly paused.  "Except express his emotions." 

Laurel nodded slowly in agreement biting her lip. 

"Talk to him." Tiger-Lily said finally. 

Laurel shook her head. "No, he wants to be alone. I shall give him what he wishes."

There was a crow call from one of the Red-Skins and Tiger-Lily turned in a huff and exchanged him a rather agitated crow back. 

"I've got to go, breakfast will not catch itself." Tiger-Lily said, gripping onto her bow and loading it with a finely pointed arrow, with a red and white arrow attached on the end, from her quiver. "But, please make sure you talk to Peter. It could do him some good."

Laurel exchanged Tiger-Lily a warm smile. "Thank you, Tiger-Lily." And they both gave each other a content embrace before she hurried into the belly of the jungle crowing and bellowing. 

A dreading feeling filled the pit of her stomach as she edged towards the beach, every step resounded in her ears and she was unsure if she should even greet Peter, besides what would she say. She had already apologized about leaving him, what else could she say?

Staying here was certainly not an option she had to see her family and friends again.  

When Laurel had fully approached Peter, she was lost for words; once her voice finally found itself she cleared her throat. 

Peter's attention was caught and immediately he protested. "What? I wasn't crying!" Scrubbing at his eyes with his grubby hands. 

She knelt beside him. "Peter?"

He turned to her, his eyes red and swollen. Even if he claimed he hadn't been crying, the evidence was plainly there on his face. 

"Please don't hate me for this." Laurel begged. 

Peter studied her with his blood red eyes. "Why would I hate you?" 

"Because I'm leaving today, aren't I?" Laurel sighed, picking at the grass in clumps and dumping each bit on her lap. 

He shrugged. "I do not mind."

"Yes, you do. I resent myself for doing this to you." She coiled her arms around him and held him close. He didn't hold her back nor did he cower away. Peter just sat there ever so still.

It was then when Peter noticed the red scar on Laurel's arm and he gingerly caressed it making her wince in pain. "I do not resent you, nor do I want you to leave but it is what you wish." He whispered. 

Laurel nodded slowly, small tears forming in her eyes. She faced him. "Once I leave." Laurel began, her voice losing its strength. 

Peter gave a small nod. 

"I want you to forget about me." Laurel finished biting her lower lip to prevent herself from releasing a stream of tears. 

Peter shuffled awkwardly on the ground, gripping onto her arm tightly. His green eyes flitted between hers, desperately searching for any sign that she did not want him to do so. 

"No." He said finally. 

"You have to." Laurel pleaded. "I'm not worth being depressed over; you could do so much better than me." Her eyes falling to the floor, to prevent Peter from seeing the hurt wash over her eyes. 

Peter's eyes widened. "Laurel, you have made this past week a wonder. Do not speak of such things." He then tilted his head awkwardly. He had never kissed a girl before by his own free will and he hadn't a clue how to lead it. 

He gently bumped noses with Laurel before pressing his lips against hers, letting his pupils dilate, and arms relax and head spin with dizziness. 

Laurel broke away, shock filled her face. "No, don't." She whispered. "You need to forget about me." Releasing her grip on Peter, she hurried back a few paces, shaking.

Peter too got up and side stepped around Laurel and placed his hands on her shoulders. He inhaled a deep breath, studying her beautiful ocean like eyes; he had never said the word before. 

"Laurel, I--" He was unsure of how to approach this situation. 

"I- L -"

"Don't say it." Laurel warned. 

"Laurel, I love you!" He blurted. He stood there awkwardly, the silence thronged around them. 

She was about to reply but she suddenly fell forward into Peter's arms. Her legs, arms and neck instantly felt heavy. Her head lolled in Peter's lap. 

Her back was strained with pain that shot down to her legs; she could barely breath a word. 

"Peter." She mouthed, she tried to catch his eyes but they were wide with shock and anxiety. His leaf, green eyes laid upon her back where an arrow was shot deep into it, a small pool of blood began to form around her. The scent coiled around Peter's neck making his breath in short gasps.

He gave a sharp, piercing whistle and soon enough the boys and Rookie emerged from the jungle. They hurried over to the commotion and all of them froze in their tracks, Laurel read their eyes and they were all filled with disturbance and awe.

Laurel had a terrible feeling in her gut that something was definitely not right. 

"Tike and Rizz, go to the Native Indians, find Chief and his medicine maids." Peter ordered. "Now!" He roared. 

Both timid with fright, they zoomed off into the stomach of the jungle. Laurel had never seen him so uptight and full of this much rage. His hand found hers and squeezed it. 

"Peter." She said finding the strength to speak. 

He nodded. 

"What's...? Happened?" 

"You've been shot, with an arrow." Peter said darkly. 

"I didn't know arrows could inflict that much damage. Look how deep it's gone in." Granit said in almost interest forgetting the fact it was his mother who had been shot.

Peter shot him a deathly glare which made his lips tighten instantly. 

Laurel groaned in pain and attempted to roll back but Peter had to keep in her in position. "No, don't do that." He whispered. He noticed that her entire back and skeleton leaf dress was coated in blood which worried him deeply. 

"Peter..." Laurel managed. 


She exchanged him the warmest yet weak smile she could. "Forget me." She breathed. 

It all happened in that moment. 

Her head fell to the side; her tightened grip on Peter's hand loosened and went limp. 

Peter's blood immediately ran cold and his heart beat resounded in his ears. He began to shake her by the shoulders. 

"Laurel?" He repeated, shaking her, he caught her eyes they had lost its innocent shine.  "No..." He whispered and began to shake her more violently. "Wake up! Wake up!" He cried. 

But, she did not do as he commanded and Laurel lay there in his lap lifelessly. It was then when Chief and his two elderly women appeared in long animal skins, their black hair in two long braided plaits that fell past their shoulders. Every wrinkle they had represented how strong their wisdom was.  

"Help her, please." Peter begged them. 

The medicine maids gently knelt beside Laurel's corpse and carefully removed the arrow from her back and set it to the side, one of them stared at the arrow with the darkest expression. 

Peter took no notice; all he could think about is Laurel being OK. For some reason, he would not accept Laurel was gone even if he had viewed the entire process. 

"Please, help her." Peter pleaded again. 

The two women stared at each other with doubtful looks. They knew how naive Peter was, but obviously he must've known that they could not lure a soul back to its own body after it has been set free. 

It was like a balloon, if you let it fly up into the sky, once you let go, you cannot bring it back.

One of the medicine maids sang their traditional peace song, while the other hummed to it, sewing Laurel's wound up in a tidy stitch. 

Peter knew what was happening, they were making sure her spirit soared up into the clouds and into heaven where she could not be bothered and be joyous. 

He crouched onto the bank of the lagoon and wept, even in front of the boys and Rookie. Chief strode in front of him, his feather head-dress trailing behind him. 

"Peter be sad no more. Peter Pan will stay with Red-Skins." Chief ordered in his slow drawl. 

"No, I must stay with Laurel." Peter snapped watching the medicine maids’ mop up her blood off the ground and from her dress. Her beautiful golden locks were soaked in it. Her perfect cheek-boned face was chalked white and her cold lips were parted ajar from where she had taken her last breath. 

'Forget me.'  She had told him. 

No, he wouldn't dare forget her. Not after what they had been through. He refused it. Only he decided when he would forget.

To think he was falling in love with her, he gulped at the feeling. Peter watched them carry Laurel away, where they would place her on a flower bed and make preparations for a funeral. 

His eyes fell upon the spot where she had died. "Boys, Rookie." He beckoned, attempting to act his leader-like self but failed to do so. Trembling, they all huddled him. "Make a cross for Laurel in memory of her. Include the finest flowers." They all nodded and turned away in a gloomy and a mournful fashion to complete the deed. 

Peter made the spot look tidy and spotless and then only realized that the medicine maids had left the arrow behind. It’s fine point covered in blood, the same colour as the feathers. Peter then studied them more carefully. 

'Now where have I seen a red and white feathered arrow before?' He pondered deep into his mind. 

Then, it slammed him right in the gut. 

It was Tiger-Lily's arrow. 



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