Everlasting Dreams

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 15 (v.1) - Epilogue-

Submitted: October 08, 2013

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Submitted: October 08, 2013





T'was a crisp and cold autumn night. A rather special night too. The trees restlessly rustled and the same stars winked and twinkled in the sombre sky.

There was a lot of commotion in a small house, in England, with a vast tree that hung over the back garden and a window that was now unfortunately firmly locked and sealed. Great steeled bars hung over the windows. Preventing anything from entering or escaping for that matter. 

When the clock struck seven o' clock, two dark, shadowy figures, almost mistaken for birds, swooped through the hazy clouds, circling around the vast tree and landing silently beside the kitchen window where a small group of young, female and unmistakably adults stood around the oak brown table. 

The two figures kept their distance and peered through the double glazed window, staring at one of the young adults who had blonde thick hair, blue ocean eyes and was laughing hysterically. 

Both of the flying shadows wore rather peculiar attires which was made up of skeleton leaves and always seemed to leave a trail behind wherever they may go. 

They watched the girl blow out her candles, which was shaped into the number eighteen. The smoke swirled around the room and an outburst of claps and cheers could be heard. 

"Happy Eighteenth Laurel." One of the other young, adult said exchanging Laurel a warm embrace. 

"Yes, Happy Eighteenth." Another chimed in. 

Peter Pan, the magical yet mysterious boy watched his dearest and beloved Laurel being indulged in attention and compliments. He couldn't help but suppress a sigh. He felt if it was just yesterday that they had defeated the fiendish Hook. He leaned his against the brick wall. He had lost his mother and he could not believe he had held onto these memories for so long, keeping them in a safe and tidy spot in his mind where he could easily pick them out and look back at them. They would still be as fresh and as clear in his mind as a daisy. 

The young, shadow next to him, who had long, red flowing hair that passed her shoulders and blue eyes purer than ocean or sky you may come across turned to Peter. "Oh, Peter. She has grown up into a fine, young lady. We must let go of our memories." 

Peter gave a nod and then turning to Rookie. "Yes, mother. I think you are quite right." 

Rookie, once the young and timid girl was now much older and adolescent. 

Now you may wonder, how Rookie must've grown as she inhabits Neverland and whoever lives in Neverland, never grows up, But, Rookie was always very curious and that never changed, so on the rare night, in secrecy she would fly across the seas and soar through the stars and peek through Laurel's window to see how much she had changed. 

However, every time she would return, she would have at least grown a bit taller or her appearance changed. The funny thing was Peter and the boys never seemed to notice. 

Now, Rookie appeared as a twelve or thirteen year old and perhaps this was the last time they would ever see Laurel again. 

"I think it is best we leave now, Peter." Rookie suggested. 

Peter took one last longing glance and then snapped his head to Rookie. "Yes, mother, I believe it is." 

They both then, hand in hand, took off soaring up into the starlit sky, returning to their wondrous world, Neverland. 

After all, only the innocent, gay and heartless children are welcome.



A/N: I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed writing and for the first time ever FINISHING a book :) So pleased and proud of myself :D 

So, if you would kindly like and comment :) Thanks Guys :)

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