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Cheyenne's POV.

Worst.Day.EVER. After dad's death, we all tried to convince everybody that we would manage living alone just FINE. Ofcourse, no one listened but thats another thing.And now?Since the only sort of adult people me and linden know are Mark harbour (Gillian harbour, my dad's best friend's son) and Shane Blaide (Son of James Blaide, my dad's colleague). They are both 3 years elder than us and when dad was in a good mood he once told me that when mom was alive (Our mom, died while giving birth to us) Shane and mark used to be friends. Ok, so we haevn't seen them for YEARS. Last we met them, they were 10 year old violent boring boys and we were 7 year old girly girls who always wanted to go play with our dollies.So why the hell do we need them? We are 17...we can take care of need to call in 20 year old idiots to baby sit us on a permanent basis. I can't believe they want to send them to live with us, to make sure we don't bunk school and go out partying instead.Yea, right- like we're gonna do that. So now, I'm walking towards the court where they'll interview us and take a decision...lets hope it turns out good.

Linden's POV

Ok, well, RIGHT now, i'm at court and the interview has just started. "Welcome, linden and cheyenne hope." the jury say as we enter. "Uh hi..." i say nervously. Just then, shane and mark, the 2 idiots enter. "Welcome- Mark harbour and Shane Blaide. Take your seats next to the girls." the judges say. Mark looks a bit confused. "Uh, where are Liden and Cheyenne?" he says bewilderedly. The judge points to us. I look up and see mark. He's no more that puny 10 year old..what i see in front of me is a fit 21 year old. He is wearing a loose shirt and jeans and i can't help thinking how good he looks. The interview has begun.

Cheyennes's POV

Oh. My. God. Shane and Mark have entered and i'm not even sure if it's the same runty 10 year old shane i'm looking at. Now 21, he had side swept black hair, a milky complexion and plae grey eyes. Ashamed to have these thoughts in my head, i shake them out. For now, i need to concentrate on the interview.

Mark's POV

When me and shane enetered, i swear, i had to rub my eyes. The judges told me to sit next to the girls but i don't see any kiddish girls tugging dolls around. What i see is 2 girls, very mature for thier age. And the one that really captures my eye is Linden. Though they are twins, they are unidentical and i can't HELP but think about cheyenne's good looks- blonde hair and hazel eyes...i couldn't believe it and i still can't. The interview is starting now and i need to concentrate on giving the perfect answers so that i can qualify.

Shane's POV

Me and mark entered and the judges tell us to sit with the girls. The only girls i see are grown-up and really pretty. Mark asks "Where are the twins?" and i realise that we were looking at them. They are unidentical and as i sat next to one of them, i seriously felt the love...she had pretty ginger hair and brown eyes- a carbon copy of her mum- i remembered her as linden.

WINDOW (meaning no POV)

The judges ask questions and answers were given. The final decision was taken. "Alright. We have decided that..."

Submitted: December 09, 2008

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Eep what have they decided? That is a lot like Dadri and Damian :D haha... Don't worry, I believe our stories will be a lot different :D But this is an amazing start :) Can't wait to read more, I hope that you'll post more very soon :)

Tue, December 9th, 2008 12:58pm


thnx :-)
will update real busy with my mid-term exams so it may take a while..

Wed, December 10th, 2008 7:00am

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