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“The boys will definitely be living with you both.” The judges said calmly, waiting for the reaction of the twins. They smiled slightly and looked a bit nervous. The boys smiled and shook hands with the judges.

Marks POV

Ok, so the court ended and we conversed a little. The girl who captured me with her good looks is Cheyenne…not Linden! Beautiful…sweet…Cheyenne… She smiled at me sweetly…and captured my heart in a second. I don’t know WHAT I’m going to do…Shane is going to freak!!! He’s going to be all ‘Oh god mark- how CAN you fall in love with HER? She’s so….so…UGH….what is the word for it dude?” SPARE me…the macho-manism… Shane thinks he’s so cool and all…but her better not intervene between me and Cheyenne!

Shane’s POV

How besotted I am by you…Linden! My love! You are the key to my heart…I wish I had the courage to say all that out loud! But I know mark will never stop bugging me… GAWD….why the hell am I so besotted by Linden? I mean…its random…there’s 3 years of difference between us and we’re supposed to be taking care of them! How can we think like this…? When we were in the car going back from the court to Linden and Cheyenne’s house, I kept giving these secret looks to linden and making eye contact but she never responded…why? Did she…like me or not? Not that I thought she ever liked me! But…whatever!

Cheyenne’s POV

Shane turned out to be such a gentleman…he shook my hand and said Pleased to meet you and shook lindens hand and smiled…and two adorable dimples popped up! He looks so great; he is such a gentleman! But he probably hates us inside. I still remember how awful we used to be to him…but in the car, he was giving all these looks to linden. Could he…be…in love with…Linden?

Linden’s POV

Mark. Mark. Mark. Mark. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??? Why can’t I stop thinking about mark??? UGH. WHY-WHY-WHY? How can I like mark? The one who bashed up my Cinderella goes to swim doll, my Barbie’s best selling house game…GOD those facts are so trivial…but now is a different thing. Only the thing is Shane kept giving me these smiles in the car. It’s not Shane I’ve fallen for…its mark! I wish it were mark giving me those smiles…


Linden, mark, Cheyenne and Shane got out of the car. They walked up to the cottage. They went in and Linden and Shane went to their respective rooms. Cheyenne and Mark went and sat in the living room. “Cheyenne…” mark started. “mmm?” She answered absent mindedly opening a jar of tinned sausages. “Cheyenne…what are you doing tonight?” Cheyenne felt startled. “Um, nothing” she mumbled. “How about we go for dinner to the local chippy?” he asked. “Ok…” Cheyenne began. Mark whooped. “Yes! Cool we’ll go at 7!” and he ran up. “I was actually gonna say Ok that’s weird…” she said to thin air but he already gone up. Meanwhile, Linden and Shane were up stairs in the TV room. Mark ran in and whispered something. Shane grinned. When mark left, Shane went and sat next to linden. “Linden…Mark and Cheyenne are going out for dinner together…will you go with me?” he said looking into her eyes. She looked down and then looked heavenwards really fast and she meant it to be a sign of rejection but Shane took it as a nod. “Great! We’ll go to the local McDonald’s!” and ran out. Linden groaned. “Oh no…what on earth have I done!”

Submitted: December 13, 2008

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