Baby on board

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"Baby on board" tells the story of how a High school screw up gets a whole new perspective on life when he knocks up a girl at a party.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Baby on board

Submitted: March 06, 2013

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Submitted: March 06, 2013




Baby on board


Chapter 1 Fights are awsome


Fate, its story is told in so many ways. Love is mainly how fate is used. “It was like fate the way we met.” Well you know what I say to that? Bullshit! My life isn’t perfect, hell it’s not even good. I live my days playing video games, working as a cashier for some shitty convience store, and hoping to die the next day because I don’t really have a lot to live for. My grades suck I have like two friends and every girlfriend I ever had was a complete whore. But if my life I stayed that way I wouldn’t be telling you this story right? Well I’m going to tell you how one night, one false move, and one dozen god forsaken drinks got me to all of you because not a lot of people think my story are real. But I guess that’s up to you to decide.


March 7, 2012

I woke up late for school as always and took my sweet time getting ready, while I was taking my sweet time with breakfast (Which is basically a hot pocket and some orange juice.) I got a text from my friend Danny. The text said “Dude get your ass to school something is happening!” Naturally I responded the way I always respond to Danny’s texts, I took even more sweet time but eventually I got to school and this “Big Event” was still going on.

I walked into the school and see Danny and a whole lot of other students in a circle around the quad; I stand next to Danny to find out what’s happening. “What happened?” I ask. “Well turns out Cynthia and Kevin got in a fight cause Kevin fucked Cynthia’s sister on her bed.” I giggled because I really hate Kevin and I like to see him suffer, but the fact he cheated on the love of my life made me more aggravated with him. Let me explain the love of my life. “Cynthia Tilbury” Hottest chick alive! Her body was so perfect, her face resembled somewhat of an angel, and that ass! It’s so beautiful you just want to caress it in those jeans she wears oh so perfectly, but I digress.


Anyway I asked her out to this party coming up but she turned me down just like all fifteen other parties I asked her too, but I will never give up until I get some Cynthia in my system.


So me, Danny and about fifty other people are watching Cynthia rip Kevin a new one and at this point I sort of wished I had popcorn because it was an entertaining way to start the morning, however just like most things the school is good a ruining it’s good times because the bell rang and our security treated us like we were prison inmates, so everyone scattered on too they’re classes, except me and Danny because we like to start our mornings like most inner city kids. And that way is with a big helping of nicotine. So we headed too our spot which was basically behind the school nothing special. On our way I checked my pockets but forgot I left my lighter back home. “Fuck!” I exclaim “What’s wrong?” Danny asks “I forgot my lighter at home, you got a spare?” He shakes his head which basically meant we were going to shake all day from the lack of smooth nicotine. “Oh crap! I just remembered I have a spare in my locker.” Danny’s face lights up “I’ll go get it just wait for me at the spot.” Danny agrees and we part ways.


I get to my locker and since everyone was in class the halls were empty and silent so I felt it was time to crank up the tunes and blast metal trough my earphones and pretty much play every instrument in air form. So I was jamming with myself I open my locker, grab my lighter and proceed to end it with the best drum solo ever. I closed my eyes and shook my hands like a mad man mimicking the drums through my imagination with my eye’s closed but as I finished the drum solo I ended it by hitting the crash one last time so I lifted my hand high and struck the air like there was a drum set. But something was wrong usually I feel so fulfilled but this time something felt wrong. So I opened my eyes and what I saw made my face a whole new shade of red, because when I opened my eyes there was a Asian girl on the floor picking up a hell of a lot of books. 

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