This is My Future Chapter 3

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This is Chapter 3 of my novel. This is Benjerman's morning before his first day at school.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - This is My Future Chapter 3

Submitted: November 06, 2012

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Submitted: November 06, 2012



“Hey Benny! Are you ready for your first day at the new school?” My mother said enthusiastically. She beamed at me like I had just opened up her favorite present on Christmas. Only there were no presents and this was no holiday.

“If I say yes, will you leave me alone?” I grumbled. I know it wasn’t the nicest thing I could’ve said but it was morning and I was tired. Heck, I was in a totally new place as a stranger and I was about to enter the devil itself Middle School being the new kid. You can’t blame me.

“You are sour this morning. Well, you better put on a smile and make friends. It’s a fresh new start. You’ll love it!” She said to cheery in my opinion,” I’m starting my job. I will try my best. You do the same.” She set her coffee down and planted a yucky kiss right on my forehead. I made a disgusted face and squirmed out her hold in protest. She laughed.

“Lunch is in the fridge. You know the bike route to the school right?” She questioned. I nodded, signaling her I knew it and she didn’t need to ask any more of her irritating questions. Well, maybe just ‘I knew.’

Five minutes after my mother had left, I was dreading my soon to come day. My thoughts were darkened by terrible events that could happen - and I was pretty convinced it would happen. If all truth, I was scared as heck.

I dragged my mountain bike out of the dusty garage and kicked up the kickstand. My backpack slumped on my shoulders as I loaded on. Here we go, I thought.  I started pedaling as slow as I could. I was in no hurry to get to school.

After about a minute of biking slower than a snail some idiot zoomed his bike onto the sidewalk, cutting me off.

“Hey!” I yelled, in protest of his action. The brakes squeaked on his bike and his head shot around to me. He was about to snap at me when his face suddenly lightened.

“Benjerman!” He called out, and I swear my head shook like I couldn’t remember something.

“George! Do you always ride your bike?” I probably sounded like a chump but George didn’t seem to notice. He held his bike up and waited for me to catch up. At a steady pace, when began biking alongside each other, like we were best buds.

“How is it?” I smirked. A confused look spread across his face.

“How’s what?” He asked, like I was from Planet Mars. How I can ruin such a normal moment. It’s one of my many skills.

“School,” I said simply, like it was his fault he didn’t understand. I know, a little rude. “How are the teachers?”

He frowned in a thinking way. It was like he was going to give his answer some thought. That’s a first. “Um, I guess it depends on the student you are. Good grades, nice behavior, things like that will send you to the top of their list. One specific teacher, the Math teacher, judges a little more on personality. He doesn’t care if you are an excellent student, you just have to have a personality he likes. For instance, none of the teachers adore me. I am not saying they hate my guts but they only like me. Mr. Rhodes, the Math teacher, does adore me because of my personality. That’s how a Math teacher actually ended up being my favorite.”

You can only guess what happened next. We laughed. It wasn’t a ‘Haha, that was funny’ laugh it was a ‘We have been best friends forever’ laugh. You know what was really funny, though. I hadn’t had that laugh in a long time and I had it right now with almost a total stranger. It really started out the day wonderful. I thought this day couldn’t get any better. Turns out I was right. The happiness dropped by about 25% by the end of the school day.

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