Death Game

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Ashley Alvot is out on a party ... but ... is she enjoying and drinking...? no...
because when she becomes more than a becomes a death game...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Death Game

Submitted: April 30, 2011

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Submitted: April 30, 2011





I'm Elizabeth :D as I already said Jess doesn't like writing much so I am here as always. I just came up with this story about two seconds ago :) and I really don't know what to write.... still.... I will :D

thanks for reading!




Ashley Alovt scanned the increasing crowd for a sign of Sally. Nope.

Disappointed, she turned her attention back to the beat which was, right now, vibrating through her whole body. She looked up from her glass. Too squeasy to drink beer, she had just asked for a coke.

"HEY! ASH!!!"

Somebody shouted at the top of their voice.

She turned. It was Mark. The host.

"Hi!", said Ashley weakly, really not in a mood to talk much.

"Blimey, I thought you'd never come... at least, you said so. Where's Sally?", asked Mark, staring at the bottom of the table like Sally was gonna jump out of it any time.

Ashley sighed. She hated parties. She hated Sally. She hated everybody!

But Mark was looking at her expectantly now.

"Actually", began she "It'd be great if you keep this private. I just had a row with her this afternoon ... and.... and I haven't seen her since. She said she'd come to the party to you so I thought..."

Her voice tailed away. Not with emotion. Not with tears.

She had just seen somebody too weird. Somebody who shouldn't be in a party. Atleast she won't come in the party in a black trouser shirt with a mask on. But still. She saw the guy coming through the door, signalling someone.

UH-OH, she thought.

"Be right here!", she exclaimed to Mark, who was now looking at her like she had gone complete out of her mind. Which, she thought, wouldn't be bad fitting. She ran through the crowd wildly, not knowing what she was doing. But all she knew was ONE thing.

She had to get away from the guy. Sally, her best friend, had told her something very startling that day. She made it up, though Ashley, not wanting to consider the alternative. She had to. Please.

"You're in danger! Somebody's behind you! The blast wasn't a coincidence! it was planned!"

Sally's voice thundered in her ears. How very convinient. She though irritably. But anyhow, IF it was true....she was gonna freak out. After all, why would a guy in black and with a mask come to attend such a UNFANCY DRESS PARTY?

They were behind her. She was the daughter of one of the richest person in town. She often heard the conspiracies from her father, but that made her laugh out loud. and RIGHT NOW, she couldn't laugh out loud.

Maybe, it has something to do with it.

She stopped. Dead.

Lost in her thoughts, she had ended up right in front of the guy. Great.

He pointed a pistol to her, low, so that nobody would see and signalled at the door. She had to follow. She reached the door, her legs wobbly and sweat prominent on her forehead.

"What the...?"

"Shh...don't speak or you'd be dead right now!"

Well, they can't kill her! and with an air of self confidence she stepped forward to the guy.

"Go on"

He goggled at her.


"I said go on! kill me! or could you?"

She looked at her eyes closely. And saw the layer of fear... of anxiety...

Quick as a fox, she pushed him and grabbed the gun. He was so surprised that he let go. He landed on the road with a thud.

"So", she said, her legs quite strong now."What was this all about!"

"I'm not gonna tell you", said the guy weakly like he himself feared that he would.

"Well, you have to. I'm not giving you an OPTIOn", she replied, a dangerous glint in her eyes.

"I can't....", pleaded the guy.

"Look, I don't wanna waste your or my time. Say it right away. I promise I won't tell anyone about it", she said, crossing her fingers.

"You do?", he said like he desperately wanted to trust her.

"Yeah", she replied shortly.

"Your father sent me here", he said quickly.

Ashley stared. Oh come on. that was too obvious that he had made it up!


"Look at this!", the guy ws pulling something out of his pocket. She sat down on her knees to see it. Then, all she remembered, was a giant thud. She struggled. She couldn't let go of the pistol....


The chorofoum took care of that. She struggled, still struggling, sinking in darkness.


She tried to shout. but, it came out as a bubble.

She was gone.

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