The War Between Worlds

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - Ride With Me

Submitted: August 16, 2013

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Submitted: August 16, 2013



The next day was Saturday, so I took Daeil out to eat. We hadn’t spent much time together, and I didn’t want us to fall away from one another, as I could already feel us drifting a little bit apart.
Once we were at the restaurant and had ordered, Daeil smiled at me. I could tell that something was on his mind.
He took a drink of his soda before speaking. “Babe, it feels like something is pulling us away from each other, and it is not the lack of quality time spent. It’s something else…”
I took his hand, smiling at him. Screw what people would think of us. “Daeil, I don’t think we are drifting apart. I think we are just concentrating on different things right now, and it is a little bit difficult to find time,” I had to divert his attention from anything distant…like the jobs I was doing, and the people I was meeting with. I didn’t think he would agree with it, and that was the only reason I hadn’t taken him to meet them yet.
Daeil smiled at me. “Yeah, maybe. I know that my mind has been on school and going back soon, and I’m sorry.”
“Babe, I don’t blame you for thinking about school. It is an important thing to think about, and you are doing the right thing by studying ahead of time,” I got an idea. “Hey, how would you like to go dancing tonight? There’s a club that will let you in, and I hear that it is nice. What do you say?”
Daeil’s face lit up. We had never gone dancing. “I think that would be nice. I would love to. What time does it open?”
I laughed. He was eager. “I think it opens at seven. How about I pick you up after work?”
Daeil smiled. “That would be wonderful.” 
That evening, we went dancing, as I had promised. It was fun, and very nice to be that close to my lover. 
Once we were out in my car, and back at my house, Daeil pushed me against the seat, straddling me. He kissed me deeply, and I started sucking on his neck. I thrust against him, rubbing our erections together. Daeil groaned, pulling me into the back seat. We resumed our make out session there, and I had an idea. There was a way that Seokjun wouldn’t find out about our sex life. 
“Just follow my lead, okay?”  I smiled at my boyfriend, my eyes smoldering. I pulled bother of our shirts off, then began working on his pants. “Love, if you were the one to be inside of me, instead of the opposite, Seokjun would not know any different…” I kissed his neck. “Would he?” I was already so hard it was very painful. 
Daeil kissed me, pushing me down on the seat. “No, it wouldn’t. I would love to be inside of you, making you feel as amazing as you do me.”
I nodded, barely able to think straight. “Okay. Well, I think the easiest way for you would be this,” I got up on my hands and knees, motioning for him to get me ready. He placed a finger inside of me, then another. When he began to scissor them against my walls, I gasped. It felt amazing, but I was tight. 
Daeil pushed his fingers further, then placed three inside of me. It felt so damn good.
Once we both knew it was enough, he placed his hardness against my opening, pressing the head in. It hurt more than I thought it would, even with preparation. That was okay. I pushed back against him, encouraging him in further. Once he was all the way in, I grimaced. It would get better. 
“You feel amazing. Move, love.” I felt him oblige me by pulling out slightly, just to thrust back in just as gently. He began stroking my cock as he thrust in and out, which was causing my mind to go blank. I couldn’t think of anything else. “Faster!” I was losing my mind, and didn’t know how much longer I could take this. 
Daeil thrust into me faster and harder, and began hitting something inside of me that made my eyes roll back into my head. He felt my reaction, and hit the same spot every time. It wasn’t long before I came all over the seat, and he shot deep inside of me, thrusting as he came hard.
We stayed still for a moment, recovering. When I felt coherent enough to turn my head to Daeil, I smiled. “Babe, pull out for a second, okay? I want to try something we have never tried before…Pull out real quick, okay?” 
He pulled out, which hurt a little bit. I turned around, straddling him. 
“I want to ride you, okay?” I grinned at the surprise in his eyes, but he nodded.
I began kissing Daeil hard, thrusting against him. Once I could feel his erection against me again, I scooted up, guiding him inside me. 
“Okay, I think you can just thrust normally. I’ll ride you,” I began to press down on his cock, pushing it inside of me. 
Daeil thrust up, grabbing my hips to pull me down on him. 
I started moving with him, sliding down on his cock, as he slammed into me. We kept up this motion, in and out, up and down, and he thrust harder inside of me. 
Daeil finally came, thrusting until he was empty. I also came on his stomach.
Kissing his firmly, I murmured in his ear. “I love you so much. You’re all I ever want.”
Daeil kissed me back softly. “I know.”
That night when I went to sleep, I dreamed about the Soorains attacking us. They still would not come near me, but attacked everyone else. In my dream, the man in the robe left me alone, while a different man helped me fight them off. He had help with him, and one of the men threw the Soorains against a tree, using telekinesis. I was grateful for their help, even though I didn't know them.

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