The Txt 2 Die 4

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Confusion?

Submitted: January 06, 2010

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Submitted: January 06, 2010



Chapter 2

Xavier's POV

“See you tomorrow Star” I said.

“Bye.” Star replied.

I walked into my house meeting the smell of roasting chicken. I went into the kitchen where the TV was on and I found my mother walking around grabbing a bag of peas from the freezer.

“Hey mom.” I said. I sat down on a seat by the dinner table.

“Hello honey” She said walking over and planting a big kiss on my forehead. I cringed away.

Mom laughs and puts the bag of peas in the sink with warm water.

“I'm going up to my room,okay?” I told her.

“Dinner will be ready soon though.” She said.

“I know mom, I just need to think.” He said.

“And what about?” She asked.

“Space mom!” I said.

“Oh, like the stars and moon? Okay see you later!” She says. I growl and walk up the stairs.

I bang on my older brothers door.

“Come in” He said.

My brother's name is Alex and he is a senior at our school. I asked him about almost everything. Alex had brown hair, hazel eyes and was the guy all the girls wanted.

I enter his bedroom. And stand by his door.

“What's up kid?” He asks me.

“I'm so confused.” I told him.

“What about bro?” He asks sitting up. His hair messed up.

“Girls.” I said.

“Oh, the babes, what do you need to know?” He asks.

“You know Star? Well.. I have liked her and today I finally kissed her twice today to be exact.” I said

“Star is cute. Not like I like her or anything, but I knew you liked her. What do you need advise for?” Alex asks me.

“Should I ask her out? And if so how?”

“I would. And there are many ways, text, regular,like ask her at school.” Alex said then his girl friend comes into his room.

“Hey babe” Alex says giving her a kiss.

I fake gagging.

“Good luck” Alex said.

I nod walking out of his room and into mine. My room I would say is a pigsty, the blue walls and white carpet look boring now and my closet and dresser looked like a hurricane threw up. I walk threw my dirty clothes on the floor to make it to my bed. I lay down on my bed and ask myself;

Should I ask Star out? And Should I have kissed her? Even though it was like AMAZING....

My phone vibrated and I looked at it.

Star: Hey, I'm glad we talked. :)

I replied back saying:

I am too :)

I turn over and hit my head on my bed-board. “OW!” I yell. Alex's girlfriend entered my room.

“You okay?” She asked. I nodded, rubbing my head. Alex's girlfriend's name was Dream,she was a pretty girl with shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes and was skinny.

“So, your brother told me your problem” Dream said sitting at the end of the bed.

“Yea? Have any idea's?” I asked.

“Actually, I do, if I was a guy I would go to her house tonight ask her to come on a walk and tell her my feelings.” Dream told me.

“I like it.” I said putting my arms around her,in a friendly way.

“No problem, but I got to go okay?” She said. I nodded letting her go. She left my room without a word.

“DINNER!” My mom yelled. I sprint down the stairs and almost fall down the stairs. I wash my hand's and grab some pea's and some chicken. I start eating and I was done before Alex and Dream come in.

“Pig.”Alex said hitting the back of my head. Dream kept fixing her skirt and eying me and the door like; Get your butt out there dude!

I knew she was probably a good time to see star. “Mom! I'm going on a walk!” I yelled. “Okay!” She yelled back. “Good luck.” Dream says. “Thanks” I told them. I opened the door and walked out. I took a breath of fresh air and started jogging to Star's.

Star's POV:

“Mom! You don't understand! I like him!” I said angrily. The doorbell rang,so I went to get it. I open it to find Xavier panting, hands on his knees.

“Can we take a walk?” Xavier asks.

“Be glad to.” I replied, happy to get out of the house. He put's out his hand and I take it with a smile.

“I hope you didn't hear me inside.” I said. “Nope” He says. I shiver and say, “Dang it's cold” He unhooked our hands and put his arm around me, I moved to his side. “I wanna tell you something” he said. His hands slowly move down to my sides. “Me too.” I said, I flirt back by putting my arm's around his neck. “I like you.”He said. The space between us was filled, I put my lips to his ear's saying “I like you too.” Xavier surprised me by picking me up. I look in his eyes; those fabulous, handsome eyes.

“Star, can I kiss you?” He asks. “Yes.” I reply.

Our lips lock and our grasps tightens. A car pulls up and we separate. It was Alex and Dream. “Worked.” Dream said. Xavier put his arm around my waist.

Alex was in the drivers seat looking me over.

“Hi Alex.” I said. “Sup girl.” he said coolly. “Where going to a party.” Dream said.

“Cool” Xavier said.

“Wanna come with us?” Alex asked us. Xavier looks at me and I nod. “Got your phone?” Alex asks. I tap my side pocket. “Okay, call your mom or dad, whoever, and tell them that Alex is taking you guys bowling.” Alex told me.

“Nah,you do it.” I said. “I'm mad at her.” I added.

“Get in and I will call her.” he said.

Xavier opens the door, and we get in.

I dialed my mom's number and hand my phone to Alex.

“Hey, Mrs. Lee, Star is with me and my brother. We are going bowling and wanted to know if she could hang out with us.” Xavier's brother said.

He closed my phone and said.

“We can go.” Alex said. Xavier smiles and I squeeze his hand, I reach for my phone. And think, A PARTY!

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