Surviving Punishment

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A girl who cant stand life. Her parents hate her, teased at school, friends that dont care what happens, no one there... her final decision is death. Even after death, it gets worse.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Morning

Submitted: June 19, 2009

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Submitted: June 19, 2009



Surviving Punishment

Chapter 1 Morning

Morning. Great. This is the day that lasts for ever. Everyday lasts forever. The names, the pain, the morning. This is a good morning so far... hope no one's awake; for my sake. My mom never was a morning person. Her lazy ass is too big to get up. She drinks everyday so I won't blame her for not being a morning person, or an a alcoholic. I jumped out of bed, well not really jump because my bed matress is on the floor. Now that I realize; all my stuff is on the floor. Clean clothes, books, homework, plates, ect. I didn't have, more like own, any furniture. My parents couldn't 'afford' it. My dad was awake. What an ass hole. He didn't work, he doesn't clean, he smokes and drinks, and never once in my life herd 'I love you' from those dry lips. Mostly he says 'Bring me another beer' or 'Go buy a pack for me.' At least my sister has morals. She isn't a morning person either. Her son is though. Angel is the cutest little five year old you will ever meet in your life. He's kind and sweet.He's the only one who gets freedom, but when he gets older... he's in for it.

Wearing torn blue jeans,purple striped shirt, and hi tops cons I found in the trash makes me actually dress nice. My usual clothes... don't have any. Home clothes, pajamas. My long black hair is the only thing that hides my face.No make up was ever brought home. I look way too pale today. I walk to my bus stop. I don't ride a school bus, UTA sound familiar? I arrive at school just in time for first period. High school is no different then home, "Eeww, it's trash girl." said the blonde sitting behind me. Her name is Heather. She is know to be the hottest girl in school. Every boy want's her, every girl want's to be her, and others want her dead. I'm one of the 'want's her dead' thing but, could never think about doing it. It would make the world a better place.

I guess you could say I'm one of those people who listen, but are never listen too. You get what I mean. Morning. Great. This is my last day to stand up for myself, but I cant do it. I'm too scared, too worried of getting in trouble. I guess I'll say something. "Will you please shut the fuck up!" I turned and said. She gave me this blank stare. No one dares talk to her like that. Everyone was waiting for her to say something. People started to whisper and look at me. Why did I open my big mouth? I got up and just left the class room. Looks like I'm sluffing first. I wonder how today is gonna go?

Next week for chapter 2.

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