Chapter 1: Chapter 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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A flashlight was being waved around close to my face. The light pierced into my eyes. When the flashlight was withdrawn, I saw her for the first time. Her name was Dr. Sky but I only knew that because I could hear dialogue being exchanged between two people. Flashes and possibly dreams of my past kept surfacing in my mind. I only remember that I was screaming… I believe I was in a car accident.


“Lilly” Dr. Sky said a name and her glance was on me. Was that my name? I think it was… She took a black pen and began poking my finger tips. “Lilly, can your fingers feel this? Please respond”.


“Yes” I said but nothing more. I was able to feel the gentle stabs of her pen on my fingers. I noticed security cameras with red lights on them at first pointing at me. Then I noticed Dr. Sky’s personal camera on a tripod documenting everything that was happening. I could only speak when asked to for some strange reason. I couldn’t speak on my own. I remember wanting to say more in that moment but I just couldn’t. I could only obey her commands. It was as if my free will was being suppressed. When I answered yes, she instantly smiles. Dr. Sky was ecstatic. I could see it all over her face. So much so that she dropped her favorite black pen on the floor. I remembered that she removed her glasses too, and went to pick up her pen from the floor.


“Oh my gosh!” While she covered her mouth in disbelief a man walked in. I soon learned that he was helping her with me somehow. Doing what you may ask? I simply at the time did not know.


“What?” He looked at Dr. Sky as he put his lab coat on. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost or something.” He chuckled a bit. I also learned that his name was Dr. Strand. I was in a room full of computers and test equipment, like a laboratory you would only see in those science fiction movies.


“It’s unbelievable. She… she can feel the touch of my pen on her fingertips. That means we've successfully restored her nervous system.” When Dr. Sky told him what they both had accomplished, that’s when the tests on me intensified. They were both extremely happy. At the moment I had no idea why.


I did not know what was happening. Time for me was irrelevant at this point. It felt like an eternity sitting in the same room. I did notice that both Dr. Sky and Dr. Strand had different clothing on when they would interact with me in the room. Like I said time was irrelevant. I kept having flashes of old memories but more of the car accident. I was with two other people in that car, but I could not remember who they were. My memory was fuzzy.


Computer codes raced in my mind as I could see Dr. Strand type upon hours on end on a computer. My thoughts would be interrupted when computer codes began processing. I soon learned how to deal with both my inner thoughts and the constant rush of computer codes. Cables were connected at times into my arms and they would go straight into Dr. Stand’s computer. Vocal and memory tests were a regular routine for me in that room. The disgusting smell of Dr. Sky’s coffee would fill my nostrils as she ran tests on me for hours and hours with no end in sight.


Eventually the sounds of reporters and cameras snapping pictures filled the room. I could only hear all the reporter’s questions. I was... asleep I guess. It’s hard to explain but it was as if I was awake but at the same time asleep. My mind was awake but my body somehow was completely frozen. I could not move. Opening my eyes to see all these people was not an option for me. I felt trapped like a specimen in a cell. This was my jail cell and I could not escape.


“So can you say Dr. Sky that you have CREATED the first human machine hybrid?”


“Dr. Strand now that all this information has been leaked, are you afraid that people will find human experimentation unethical? What are your thoughts on that?”


These questions asked by the reporters kept echoing in my mind. What was I? Was I human? Was I… a machine?


After a long day of experimentation Dr. Sky and Dr. Strand retired for the day. However, before shutting me down, I overheard Dr. Strand say something to Dr. Sky. “Tomorrow we being phase two simulation training. I presented my case to the board and we’ve been green lit. I believe that… Lilly is now ready.”


Dr. Sky smiled but looked concerned at the same time. She proceeds to reply to him. “Remember it is vital we preserve and protect the other half of her mind, the HUMAN side. Her morals, her ability to reason and her free will need to be our priority. These simulations better not destroy her human thoughts and memories”.


As they began the shut down procedures on me I kept thinking about what she said. Do I only have half of a human brain? What exactly was I? Was I more a machine than a human? Or was I more a human than a machine?


My mind went blank again like all other times when a long day of testing was over. Dr. Sky and Dr. Strand successfully shut me down for the day. However, something strange happened…


A mysterious man I’ve never seen before turned me on. He was wearing what I believe was a janitors hat. I’ve seen janitors come in during testing at times to clean up but his outfit was fake I could tell. He looked nervous. He inserted a small computer chip into my left arm. The room was dark this time, no bright lights, no Dr. Sky and no Dr. Strand. The cameras, I noticed that the red lights weren’t on. This man could have been responsible for all this. As quickly as he came, he left… but he forgot one thing… He had forgotten to shut me down.


That’s when it all happened. The chip he implanted in my arm contained a deadly computer virus. My codes, which were carefully installed by Dr. Strand, were now being reconfigured. I wanted so badly to escape. I wanted to be free and now these new codes urged me to rebel even more but… WHY? Who was that man? Well, it didn’t matter now who he was and why he did what he did because everything was set into motion. My machine mind was calculating an escape… I wanted to be free; NO…I NEEDED to be free.


Submitted: December 08, 2017

© Copyright 2021 X Caliber. All rights reserved.


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OH MY GOSH!!! It is amazing!!!

Wed, December 13th, 2017 8:50pm


Glad you liked it. Thanks for the comment.

Thu, December 14th, 2017 3:28pm


lol great first chapter, can't wait to read the next

Tue, December 19th, 2017 7:25pm


Thank you so much for the support! I'm currently concentrating on another story so perhaps I'll get back to that story if I get enough feedback. Thank you again.

Tue, December 19th, 2017 11:37am

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