Chapter 1: Twist in life!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic

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"John find our location pronto, we don't have much time" said the commander."Sir, yes sir!" relplied John.
As John was trying to find their location, Tyler, John's friend, was manning the turret. To Johns surprise he couldn't hear
the noise of the turret when he concentrated. The commander had started walking towards John to find out if he has the
information on where they are at. The commander grabbed John's shoulder and jumped back quickly because of Johns
instinct to kill he wasn't going to die today. John had then grabbed his knife and lashed backwards, then his eyes dialated..
with his lips so cold he didn't know what to say, but apology.
"I'm sorry sir I didn't know what came to me.." he had said.
With a sigh the commander asked "Do you know our location?"
"Indeed I do sir, we are in Kabul, Afghanistan, sir."
"Alright John go and man the turret with Tyler"
"Sir, yes sir." John replied.
John started to run to the turret by Tyler, while fealing fear run within him. He then manned his turret and saw his enemy,
Thousands and thousands of men. John had then felt rage in him. He then let out a victory yell and started firing.
"Stop!" yelled the commander, All of you stop! Do you hear that noise?"

Just then all of the soldiers stopped and listen carefully...
"MORTORRRR" Tyler yelled.
All of the soldiers started to run to the shelter as fast as they could, for none of them wanted to die.
John was the last person out there running for he was slow, The commander and soldiers where safe.
John tried to pick up his speed and had tripped over something.
"John get your lazy a** up!" shouted the commander.
With struggle John was trying to stand up but wasn't able to, for he had broken his sprained his ankle.
He then started to army crawl.... The noise started to get more entense. Closer and closer.
John had fear of death.. So he started to crawl faster and faster and then....

Gasping for breath John had woken up quickly, feeling around to see if he was okay.
He pulled off his covers and checked his ankle and he then checked his surroundings,
everything was okay; His ankle, his surroundings, and his body.
"John dear wake up you'll be late for school" shouted his mom.
John had then looked at the time... His eyes nearly popped out of his head. 7:46am, read the time.
John had then jumped out of bed and got dressed quickly and ran down the stairs.
"Bye mom" John said.
"Bye honey I hope you enjoy your first day as a senior" she replied.
John jumped in his 1976 black firebird, and drove off to school.
John could remember that dream clear as day, every detail of it. With the dream on his mind he finally got to school.

He had then met his pal Tyler at the front doors.
"Hey brosive" Tyler said.
"Sup" He replied back.
"Anything new dude?"
"No, Not really just had a dream, I think I will follow it and make it my future.."
"About??" Tyler asked.
"I might join the military with you..."
With astonishment Tyler had to ask "Really? Do you actually mean this?"
"Yeah, Why not? I mean you've seen me fight and I know how to shoot a gun well. I'm actually planning
on being an engineer insead of a location finder, like I was in my dream. Because if I was an engineer I'd have a rifle and a
foot long rench, so if I run out of amo in my rifle I then have a foot long rench to club an enemy that comes near me to death." John said
with a smile.
"That's what I'm planning on being too" replied Tyler.

Just then the five minute bell had rang so they went to there lockers and unloaded all of there things for the school year, and grabbed what
they needed for first hour....

Submitted: August 27, 2012

© Copyright 2022 x X x Brandon x X x. All rights reserved.


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