Chapter 2: Chapter 2 Time to take on life.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The next day, John had awaken from the same dream.
What fascinated him to join? Is it because of how he looks up to the general
because he's been in the military for so long? Many have asked John. But
none of them got a reply because he is the quiet type with only two friends that
he can relate to.

John grabbed his car keys while telling his mom "I love you".
With a faint voice, his mom looked up and said "I love you too, have a nice day at school honey".
John smiled and walked out the door. He hopped into his car and brought out his Zune, and plugged it into the radio turning
it up because he was playing his favorite band, Blutengel. Then he buckled up and drove off to Tyler's house to pick him up.

"Altoids?" John asked. "You really think that right when I wake up and get in your car that
I'm going to be hungry for altoids?" Tyler asked. Then all was scilent for a good two or three
seconds. "You know me all too well" Tyler said with a chuckle. Then they both started to burst into
laughter. John Grabbed his clutch and put it in drive and slowly drove off blasting his music.

On the way to school they both were in utter silence, They were to busy rocking out
to their "amazing music". 

They finally drove up into the school parking lot. Turning down the music, John looked over
at Tyler, with a smile, and asked "Ready for another day in hell?". Then they both started to crack
up at the stupid joke that had stuttered out of John's mouth.

John and Tyler walked through the highschool doors to a suprise. They both saw a ballet that
titled "Military Sign-Up". John and Tyler's mouth dropped, and so did their bags. They both went up to it
and signed in. They were finally ready to have a future, to finally be looked up upon, and to finally have
a purpose to be on the face of the earth.

The 10 minute bell just rang, Tyler and John hurried up to their lockers and headed off to class after they
got their stuff together. 

The school bell had finally rang, Tyler and John checked out the ballet to see the rest of the information.
It read: 
 Military Training.
2 May, 2016 - 2 Aug, 2016
You will be trained perfessionaly. You will be disciplined.
You will not like most things, BUT you will have to deal with it.
Always remember, Uncle Sam chose YOU.

John and Tyler were ready. "Just 4 more weeks bro, better start waking up around 4:30 now." Tyler said.
John felt a little uneasy but he was ready like never before.

Tyler and John got in John's car and drove off blaring their music. Driving to their buddy James's house, to play
the drums, guitars.. etc., they first stopped at the local resteraunt "Chansey's" to talk with old pals.

Kurtis, the boss, had a dip in (as usual) while John and Tyler had a smoke or two. They all just sat around doing nothing for a
couple of minutes and finally left to James's house. 

All the way up in Fort Scott, they all meet up at James's house to chill. Listening to music, while making music as well.
They were living the life (at least that's what they thought) by just chilling as usual.

It was 9:03pm and they were all getting tired, so Tyler and John started on their Journey back to LaHarpe.
Tyler was so bushed, he was passed out. John was trying not to pass out, but everytime he tried he'd swerve into the
street gravings and it'd wake him up.

"Tyler" John said while shaking Tyler to wake up. "Yeah man?" Tyler said in a tired-some voice.
"Hey man, we're at your house. It's time for bed bro." John said with a laugh. "Alright man see you later." Tyler"
muttered. Then they knuckle touched and John drove off.

Finally in his bed, John can get some rest, something he's needed for a while. John slowly started to fade away in his sleep.

Submitted: November 07, 2012

© Copyright 2022 x X x Brandon x X x. All rights reserved.


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