Verenith's Rose

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Three friends are forced to save an other world from the growing darkness.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Verenith's Rose

Submitted: November 01, 2012

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Submitted: November 01, 2012



It was a dreary Wednesday afternoon. Emma Wicker was on holiday and it seemed like there was nothing to do. She went to the window of her rather large bedroom and stared at the expansive backyard she was proud to call her own. There was a small pond off to the left of the backyard and the rest of the backyard was covered in a thick forest of pine trees. Emma could see her three German Shepherds frisking around the trees closest to the pond, and she smiled. Being newly turned seventeen years old, Emma was close to inheriting the family's estate. She turned away from the window, and stepped towards her canopy bed. She knew she didn't want to rest, she was just too full of energy. It had been like this, ever since she got off of school for a two week holiday. She sighed and walked over to her oak door, her light blue converse thudding on the wood floor. She turned the knob of the door and it opened up into a long hallway.

She stepped out onto the smooth wood flooring of the lit up hallway. She turned left, passing a few doors that looked similar to her own. She then paused as she neared the beginning of the top of the stairs. She looked down counting each step of the grand staircase like she always did even as a little girl. She placed one foot on the first step, and then another foot on the same step, going down the stairs like this until she reached the bottom. The parlor was off to the left while the kitchen was off to the right. The foyer was directly in front of Emma, and so was the door to the outside. She didn't see any of her family, so she assumed they were off doing their own business. She reached the french doors and pulled one open. The slightly cool Welsh air tickled her face, and she pulled her leather jacket closer to her body. 
She stepped onto the wrap around porch, and down the small steps that led to the front yard of her house. She circled around the large house and wound up in the backyard. She smiled as her dogs ran for her as soon as they saw her, and she crouched down and let them knock her over into the soft grass.
 "Jasper! Rye! Julie! How are my babies?!" She yelled gleefully at the German Shepherds, and they barked in response and licked her face. She pushed them off of her and got up from the ground. She pet each one of them happily and walked along side them towards the edge of the forest. Most of the forest was unexplored, and Emma thought secretly that it was her job to explore it. She smiled up at the somewhat cloudy sky, and advanced towards the trees.
Soon she reached the beginnings of the forest, and continued to walk along a small dirt path that had been trodden on ever since the Wicker family had bought the land. She watched as sunlight filtered through the branches of the Pine trees, and as the animals of the forest frolicked about the undergrowth. It was so calming in the forest, and she loved it there. Soon she came to a fork in the path, she recognized the left path; the one that everyone took, and she knew she would be taking the right path this time. It was time for an adventure. It only took her a few minutes to accidentally wonder off the path. The dogs had gone up ahead, knowing exactly where they were going, which left Emma all alone. She sighed angrily and searched for the path she was on, but she had no such luck. She shrugged and started walking North; or what she thought was North.  When all of the sudden, she burst into a clearing. This wasn't your normal clearing. This one was different. It had a magical like feel to it, and as Emma inched closer to the middle of the clearing, she spotted a beautiful rose. Like it's home, this rose was very different. It was a deep crimson, and had a glow about it. Emma couldn't quite under stand it, but she was drawn to the flower. She reached out, her hand getting closer to the flower, and as her fingers brushed a petal of the flower, her whole world changed.

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