The Devil? Yes.

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The boy who is a mad genius.. The boy whose life is cold... The boy which is an "Executioner" in his school.. Who is he? What did he do to deserver The title "Executioner" and he is not Sadistic. Just saying.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Devil? Yes.

Submitted: May 09, 2013

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Submitted: May 09, 2013




Chapter 1 : Meet The Devil


“Hey Pubic Hair” Said Anol Queers

“Shut up Anal” Ralph Pubic Snapped back.

As you may have guessed, I'm Ralph Pubic. Stop Laughing, ain't funny. Also, I'm a boy! Well a man to be exact, Cause I'm 17. Still being bullied by the new students, but take a look at the word bullies, See carefully. Bull-ies, They are bull wanna-be's. Now, back to the story. Anol Queers thrust his wrist against my face leaving a centimeter there. Blink I shall not.

I said “You don't want to do that..”

I pointed a laser gun at his head.

“What are you going to do with that toy?” Anol said Mockingly with a cock up tune.

I was trying to find something to shoot at, Something that will make him think twice about hitting me, something that will jock me up to grin. I sniped around the classroom for stuff, Whiteboard? No. Students that were staring at us? No. Wall beside me? No. Trash cans? No. Anols Picture on the notice board? Yes. Perfect. I shot at it. The laser flew, slowly, like in slow motion, Anol on the other hand looked to the direction of the laser. The laser finally came in contact with it, every millimeter it touched it corrode the board, Leaving a hole that can view the opposite class.

“That's what's going to happen to your puny brain”,“wait let me correct that sentence, That's what's going to happen to your forehead, since you don't have a brain.” I said mocking back his insulting sentence.

A drip of sweat dripped out of his sweat glands showing fear and indecisiveness. The sweat to him was like a timer, but it's like slow motion day. His sweat too went in slow motion, as it touched the floor the motor of his hands moved. His hands touched my face knowing the consequences. I stood up and walked away, as screams were heard in the classroom.

As I was walking, I took out my notebook writing the number “666”. I'm guessing you’re a bit paranoid with the numbers. Well it's just a number of murders I have to commit and look! It's the devils number, seems like a day for celebration. Well, If you’re thinking I'm sick or sadistic I'm not. Let me explain, You see long before I came It was hell. 8 out of 10 were tugs, 1 out of that 10 were gangsters. Can you imagine how hard life was for the 1 out of that 10 of good students? No, you can't, I guess. So that sums up why killing was a necessity. Here's another example.

Imagine you bought a drumstick and your just fucking enjoying it and someone in this god damn earth must throw a blade on your drumstick. When you look at that guy, he grins at you with a cock up face. Do you know how pissed I was that time?! What happened to that guy? Of course he was in one of my memorable death list. How did he die you ask? Well, I smacked him silly with that drumstick.

To clarify things up a bit, I'm not psychologically sick nor am I sadistic. Oh my, Look at the time. It's best I head back to class, the execution wasted tons of my precious time.

Usually I ain't a good boy in class. I just sleep, but I'm an exception as I score nothing less than a hundred for my tests, but this thing has been happening to me recently. When you sleep brain don't stop thinking. Your thinking stuff now, later in the future and in the past as well. You dream cause you think, but my dream was me dreaming that I finished school and was heading out like usual, but I wake up to find that I was still in class. It happened at Geography again. My Geography teacher saw me awoke and asked about how was the sleep. I told him about my dream and the occurrence of what happened over and over. He said he read about an article saying that this was the phenomenon of a Lucid Dream. Amazed of finding out new things, I tipped him 10 Trix Coins. My teacher thanked me and continue on with teaching the class.

Me On the other hand was just using a laptop made by myself. I named it Dx3666 RADIOACTIVE, it looks like a chip but it's not. Pressing using the correct sequence and fingerprint and a bit of brains you can make it project a laptop. Of course it may look fake but you can type on it, surf the net like any other laptops.

The CW Company asked for a program named Program STDNS what it does is basically duplicates stuff and of course I must set a limit to what it can duplicate stuff. I'm disappointed in humanity cause this program is so easy to make, but these days, people don't learn coding and stuff like that anymore. Sigh..

A loud ring was heard later, to me it was a normal, random bell ring but to the other students it was heaven. A door to heaven you may say. Everyone rushed out as for me still pondering upon the question what does the male's and female's do? Recently I found out that the males were going to play with hover boards or stay at home and play games all day or study all day, but it's always been a mystery to me on what do the females do at home? What attracts the male to the female? Why are they attracted to the opposite gender? Well, I pushed my thoughts away to the tiny corner of my brain. Suddenly I realized maybe the boys were hypnotized or brainwash you may say by the school bell, they go out when the school bell rings, they switch subject when school bell rings etc. etc. It may have affected me a little! Oh my, but hey, It may be the new way of systematic. I then only walked out of the deserted classroom where the desks were all crocked and on the floor only laid a corpse of Anol R.I.H (Rest In Hell) to him.

Sometimes I find walking home is a drag, but it’s quite exciting to find something old or new on the street like I found a squarish thing with the word floppy disk written on the top of it. Like always I took it home to deeply examine it. I placed it in my scanner, well that machine that scans item and tells you the name and things it does, doesn't really have a name yet. Not yet. Well call it Scanner for the mean time. Well it was simple to build, just hack into Wikipedia and Google to get information on various stuff and photos of it. Then add it to my own database and Abracadabra there you have it. A scanner. Well if you want it to be more high tech like mine, then buy a sensor and program a code where you scan the picture and match it with the item its scanning and it will pop out the search results. Looks like it's done scanning, It says that it’s an old generation of Pendrives, Pendrives are antique now. I'm like utterly mind blown by the fact something older than Pendrives exists! Let's continue reading, It can only with hold 79.75 Kilobytes ~ 200 Megabytes of data and it was introduced in 1971 and died out in 1999 that's like antique. Nearly forgot to tell you, Pendrives only exists from 1999 ~ 2XXX, now it's all about Braindrives cheapest you can get is with a Trix Coin, It's size about a peanut, maybe smaller, but despite its size it can hold 500 Terabyte of Data.

Well it looks like I need to get to work in order to find out whats hidden within this Floppy Disk It will take me a few days to make a Floppy Reader I would like to call it. My tummy totally ignored that it's an important time as grumbled

“I'm hungry!”

I know I can't work with hunger so....

To the StarchFudge!

StarchFudge is like totally the best place to eat hamburgers and chips, but no one eats these things anymore. Only me and a few kids eat them, I walked in scouted for a good spot to think and listen to music without interruption. In this year, 3XXX high class food were expensive and I wouldn't want to waste money on food and comparing Hamburgers with High Class Food the hamburgers are very cheap? Well, I guess your human brain can see the difference between both of it. After eating my chips and burger I would tip the waiter/waitress 1 Trix coin, occasionally 2, but today the food was splendid I tipped them 3 and yes I'm a rich spoiled brat. Also we are running out of time so we might as well hurry!

Back at my place, It took me a few days to make a old desktop with a floppy disk driver in. That was what a few days of my life was like.

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