Falsworn High

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Submitted: August 01, 2008



For a petite looking girl, Ashley was very friendly and surprisingly quite strong. We had split the load into half so it would be fair. It was heavy for me, but she carried it as though without any effort. Finally after ten minutes, we reached my locker. I was so glad. The dorms were in another building, so we literally had to come out of the building to go to the school building. Ashley had told me on the way that our lockers had our room numbers on it. Usually it was numbered 221A and 221B. Since came late, I got the B locker. But it didn’t matter, since the locker was the same anyway. I placed all my books inside and stuck my timetable in the locker. For today, I had... English, History, Biology and French. Since there was lunch in between History and Biology, I took period 1 and 2 books first.

Unlike me, my newfound friend had Biology, History, Trig and Chem. My heart sank when I realized that I would be having three lessons without her. I really hoped that she was in one of my other classes tomorrow.

“Hey Shaia, I need to go. I’ll see you at History, alright?” She said, looking at me.
“Sure. Have fun,” I smiled weakly at her.

She smiled reassuringly at me then turned around to walk to the opposite direction. I sighed and locked my locker. Clutching the books tightly to my chest, I looked at the crumpled timetable that was in my hand. Room E2, English. That’s what it said. I folded the paper and stuffed it into the pocket of my jeans and walked towards a door that had a huge E on it. I opened the door and found myself in a long corridor. Were all the rooms like this? I wondered to myself. Guess I will find out soon enough. I opened the door that said ‘E2’. I stepped into the classroom and heard the door slam close behind me. I winced at the loud sound and saw that the whole class was looking at me. I immediately bent my down and walked to the back of the class. I was happy that none of the tables were joined. We all sat individually. I sat down on an empty seat and placed my books on the table. I kept my face down, not daring to look at anyone.

“Okay class. I am Mr. Gary, and I will be your new teacher this term.” Said the teacher as he rapped a wooden ruler against the table. I jerked my head up and saw that this teacher was perhaps in his early fifties or late forties. He had brown hair so it was easy to spot all the white hairs in his head. He wore a pair of rectangle glasses that rested on the bridge of his nose. He was dressed in a white shirt and a maroon tie, with a brown coat thrown over his shirt, and long black pants. I bet he has leather shoes on, I thought to myself, laughing silently in my head. “This term, we at Falsworn High are extremely lucky as we have a new student. She is in this class now, I’m sure all of you would’ve noticed.” He said to the class, pulling me out of my thoughts.

“Your name, miss?” He asked, looking directly at me.
Awkwardly I stood up and spoke my name. “Shaia.” I said, praying he wouldn’t ask for my last name.
“Shaia. A very unique name indeed. Pray Shaia, what is your last name?” He asked, his eyes twinkling.
Great. I thought sarcastically to myself. “Corvington.” I said, hoping he didn’t know his history that well.
But my hopes were lost once again. I saw recognition flash in his eyes, but a moment later it was gone. “Shaia Corvington.” He said thoughtfully. “Well, don’t ring a bell. But welcome to Falsworn High.” He said, smiling warmly at me.
My eyebrows knitted in confusion. “Um...Thanks.” I said uncertainly as I sank back into my seat.

“Alright. This term, we will be focusing on literature.” He announced. The class groaned but I sat there in my seat not uttering a word, but paying rapt attention. I’ve always excelled in class, and I wasn’t going to be put down just because I didn’t really fit in here. Mr. Gary ignored the groans he received and went on speaking. “We will learn about Macbeth, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, The Scarlett Letter and of course, Shakespeare. For the end of term performance, we will be doing a play. It will be Romeo and Juliet.” He said. This announcement caused excited whispers in the class. I’m sure every girl is dying to be Juliet, I thought sort of bitterly to myself. How I wanted to join all these things, but I was ever too scared to voice out my opinions. “Now, now. Settle down. I and a few other teachers will be hosting an audition in a few weeks. Do not take this lightly. All four English classes that I am teaching this term will also be auditioning. Each class will perform a scene, and the best class will be able to perform the whole play at the end of the term. So work hard.” He finished as he took out a marker and started writing on the board.

“Excuse me, sir?” said a girl’s voice.
“Yes?” Mr. Gary replied as he stopped writing and turned around to face the class once more.
“Who will choose the roles of the characters?” She asked excitedly. I could tell that she wanted to be Juliet.
“Me, of course. This will depend of yourself. A week from now, I will be holding an audition for each class. Since you are the first class of the day, I will audition the students from this class first. In this audition, there will be no other class competing. Just yourselves. So come prepared for next week’s class. It is compulsory for everyone to participate. ” He said to the girl, then turned back to his writing.

I sighed. One week from now. One week from humiliation. Great. I took out notebook and wrote on the front cover neatly.

Shaia Corvington
English – Literature
Mr. Gary

Suddenly out of nowhere, a note flew onto my table. The paper was scrunched up into a ball. I jerked my head up and looked around. I saw a boy with blond hair looking at me. He winked and I stared at him in shock. The paper, read it. He mouthed at me. In a daze I took the paper from the desk and hid it under the table, slowly unfolding the note.

Hey. So, you’re new here? That’s great. We haven’t had a new student in years. I’m Jake Monaghan. There’s a ‘Welcome Back Dance’ tonight. Want to come with me?

A thousand thoughts raced through my mind. A boy, wanting to go to a dance, with ME? It didn’t feel right. He was extremely cute though. He had pale blue eyes that went with the colour of his hair. He also looked quite hot. Still, some part of me still couldn’t bring myself to say yes. I put the note on the table, took out my pen and started scribbling.

Hi. Yes I’m new. I just moved from New York. Um... I’m.. not sure. I...have to study. Sorry.

The reason that I gave was absolutely not true. I didn’t have to study. Of course not. But I could think of no other reason. I scrunched the paper into a ball, took a peek at the teacher and threw the paper back to Jake. He caught it with ease and opened it. I watched his expression changed into amusement. As I waited for him to write back, I copied what Mr. Gary had written on the board.

Literature is written work, especially those considered of superior or lasting artistic merit.

A note landed on my desk again, and this time I eagerly took it and started reading it.

Very funny Miss Corvington. I shall be waiting for you at the entrance of the Senior Girls Dorm at quarter to seven. Till then.

Jake Monaghan

I looked up from the note and stared at him. I could see his mouth twitching even though his back faced me. Oh well, I might as well go. Then, horror struck me. I had absolutely no dress! Not even a SKIRT for crying out loud! It’s all right. I have half a day to find them, I told myself, trying to calm down. Perhaps I can ask Ashley? “Miss Corvington, something you would like to share with the class perhaps. You look as though you are concentrating really hard on something.” He said, looking at me. Frantically I tried to think of an excuse. “No, sir. I was just thinking about the story of Wuthering Heights. It was so sad that Catherine had to die.” I said, faking a sad face. Mr. Gary seemed surprised by my answer, but luckily, he turned back to the board and continued writing. I smiled to myself and started copying what he’d written on the board.

Finally after an hour and half, I finished copying what he’d written. He was surely dedicated to his work. He had to erase the board three times to fit all the information that he’d written. “Alright class. The bell is going to go in about two minutes. Before you start packing, write this down. I want you to choose a classic literature story and give me a summary on it, no less than 120 words. On another sheet of paper, give a brief story of the author’s life and works, no less than 150 words. I want it on my desk by the next English class which will be in two days.” When he finished, the bell rang. What good timing, I thought. “Now you may pack up and go to your next class.” He said as he settled into his chair. Sounds of chairs pushing against the floor were heard. I gathered my books and walked out of the class, giving a smile to Mr. Gary as I passed his table.

History. Yes! I thought happily to myself. History had always been my favourite subject. It had caught my interest ever since I was a little girl. It was interesting to learn about the past, very interesting. I walked towards my next class, but stopped when I heard someone call my name.

I cringed at the sound of my name being called so loudly.
“Hey Shaia! Wait up!”
I stopped moving and turned around. It was Jake.
“Hey.” He said, grinning at me.
“Hi.” I said shyly, looking at the ground.
“Let’s keep walking.” He said as he put his hands on my shoulders and turned me around so that I faced the direction that I was walking towards earlier. He dropped his hands to his side, but walked besides me.
“So... um...What class do you have next?” I asked casually, hoping it was History.
“I have Chem next. Bundles of fun.” He said the last sentence sarcastically.
I was sort of shocked. It was so cool! Both of us didn’t like chemistry. “I know how you feel. It’s awfully hard to remember all those terms.” I said, laughing lightly.
“Yeah, I agree. How about you? What do you have next?” He asked, looking sideways at me.
“History. My favourite subject.” I told him.
“Ah.” He grimaced slightly. “Not one of mine though.” He said, his grin turning to a sheepish smile.
“Well, this is me.” I said, pointing to the classroom. “I’ll see you later.” I said, smiling at him.
“Alright then. Until then Shaia.” He said, giving me a wink as he walked away to his next class.

I sighed dreamily as I walked into the classroom. “Decided to join us today Ms. Corvington?” Said a mocking voice from the table. Embarrassed, I looked up and saw that the teacher had spoken. “I’m sorry, sir. I got lost on my way here.” I lied, hoping he’d believe it. “Not what they tell me. No matter, I will discuss this later with you. Take your seat.” He said sharply as he opened his laptop.

My eyes searched the room for Ashley, and I saw her seated at the second row. I quickly walked towards her and sat down on the empty chair beside her. “Hi.” I said softly as I took out my pen and started writing in my notebook. “Hi.” Came back Ashley’s voice.

“I am going to show you some pictures of what happened in the World War 1. Then, describe to me what you see.” He said as pictures appeared on a screen in front of the classroom. “For all of those who don’t know me, I am Mr. Luc.” He said. I kept my head down, not wanting to get his attention. He sort of intimidated me in a way. “Ms. Corvington, can you please lose the cap and the hood?” This is not some low classed public school you’re attending. If you walked into my classroom dressed in this manner again, I will sent you to Principal Louis.” He said, glancing at me.

A terrible blush rushed up my face, and I knew that my cheeks were burning red. “So-sorry.” Was all I could manage. I quickly took the cap of my head and pulled my hood down, revealing my features. Beside me, I heard Ashley gasp softly. I could hear soft gasps all over the classroom, but ignored it anyway. I kept my head down and gripped my pen tightly. I couldn’t wait for this class to be over.

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