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Chapter 1: Getting to Know the Makers

First, before I begin my story, I must introduce the creators of me. The narrator. My grandmother had my father at age 16. She plays an important role in this story for she is the sole person I turn to for advice, to talk to, to confide in. My grandfather was about 17 at that time. He too was one that I went to when I needed. They married after having my father, and for reasons unknown, got divorced. I believe they got their divorce well before I was born. My father, Zach, always chased  after two women in high school. Those two women were my mother, Katie, and my stepmother, Brenda. Katie's back story, her parents, is unknown. Brenda's father died when she was young.

Let's go in order. Zach had six siblings, same mother for all, each divided with two fathers. He was the eldest, the one who carried the most responsibility. And he was ever so close with his father, Trevor. For a man who is supposed to set an example for his younger siblings, the stories he had told me of when he was a teenager were of your typical rebellious teen. My favorite stories would be the ones he told when he would be out with friends, doing the things teenagers did on their 32 inch bicycles. Things like bets, who can clear the jumps over the cactus plants in the desert. He told me that there had been several times he went home with cactus needles all over.

Katie, from what I can remember, her parents were overbearing. Making decisions for her. Honestly, I assume that because when she was sixteen, she got pregnant. Her mother was against such actions before marriage, so she had Katie give the baby up for adoption. She had a baby boy, that she had named Troy. His name was changed by his adoptive parents.

Brenda was the eldest of three, each of them being girls. They mostly lived with their grandmother, who had helped their mother care for them as they grew. Her sister, Jenny, had told me that their grandmother paid for many abortions for Brenda, for she was one that enjoyed the company of males. I say males because I am unsure if she stuck with her own age, or if she looked for men when she was a teenager. Her mother taught her sisters to cook, she tried to include Brenda, but she wasn't interested in that sort of thing. She grew up in Virginia, later moved to California.

The three of them went to a high school in Lancaster, Brenda and Katie were the best of friends. Zach was your typical teenage boy, not sure who he liked to flirt with the most. Brenda would always push him away when he flirted with her, and soon after high school, it was Katie that he married.

Humans can be odd creatures, no one can really explain why they make the decisions, the choices. Not a soul could really read into a person and know what their next action will be. When a person holds onto pain and anger, they tend to release it on those who do not deserve it. They feed themselves with excuses to make themselves feel better, so they could feel that they had every right. And when someone wants to feel that right, they hold onto it. I may not be making any sense now, but further on the puzzle will fall into place. Are you ready to meet me? Are you ready to know the story that has never been completely told to anybody? If not, do not proceed to the next chapter. If so, I admire your curiosity. Until next time...

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Criss Sole

Great beginning. It got my attention.

Sat, September 21st, 2013 2:55pm

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