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It was in a dark alley that I first saw him. Tall, dark, handsome..... and dangerous. My first thought: run. But I stayed put, ignoring my first instinct. He rose from the ground, slowly, and turned to me. Blood dripped down from his mouth and it was then that I first saw, held fast in his hand, the bleeding rose.
It was raining when I woke up. Kira raised her head and looked at me. Soon, she was off the bed, wagging her tail and trying to get me to let her outside.
I let out a groan and pulled off the covers before I went and fell asleep again. I could hear my dad snoring all the way down the hall and the tap in my mother's bathroom running. My brother, Dylan, was still asleep. He was still in elementary, so he could sleep in a bit longer.
Once Kira was outside, I headed over to the kitchen. Inside the cupboards I found some Nesquik cereal. My favorite! I bounced childishly in joy as I filled a bowl with my Nesquik and milk and watched as it turned chocolaty! I sat at the kitchen table and munched on my break-fast. I let Kira back in and headed into my room. There, I put on the outfit that I had planned the night before: my “boyfriend” jeans which were rolled up my calf, a loose white tank top with rhinestone embroidery around the neck-line, a gray cardigan and my favorite gladiator high-heels. AS for accessories, just a watch, a charm bracelet, some antique Victorian earrings and the anklet that Dylan gave me for my thirteenth birthday.
I then went into my private bathroom and delicately applied the tiniest bit of foundation, eye-liner and mascara. As for my hair, it was long and wavy and cooperating this morning, so I left it down and natural.
Back into the kitchen, I kissed my father’s fore-head as he sat half-awake, patted my little brother’s head and hugged my mom good-bye. I ran into the garage where my Ford Shelby GT500 stayed and hopped in. It started up quickly and I backed out of my spot.
I was running late, so I cruised a bit over the speed limit. The light ahead of me was yellow, so I hit the gas and tried to sneak across. But the light changed to red just before I crossed the line and traffic came the other way. I silently prayed that I would make it out of there unscathed.
I didn’t.
As if in slow motion, I could see the big Chevy Colorado coming towards me. The driver tried swerving to avoid hitting my Shelby…. but he failed. I could see the look of terror on his face as he came closer and closer, but it was not terror for his own fate. It seemed that he was scared for me.
The truck made contact with my car and I went flying. My air-bag blew open and my seat-belt locked. I rolled all the way into a ditch, when my head smacked against the dash-board, and everything went black.
I could hear the sirens, the shouting, the crying, but I could see none of it. I’m dead, I thought, that, or I’m late.

Submitted: April 12, 2010

© Copyright 2022 Xanthiera. All rights reserved.


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