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In the beginning, there was five of us. Well, nine really if you count our parents. I had two younger siblings at the time, Anna and Mathew. They meant the world to me, although I deny it any day back then. With us, there were two others. Like two more sisters, I loved them. Tiny Elzatbeth and her older sister, my best friend, Lynne. They looked so alike yet so different. Elizabeth with her stricking blue eyes, cute round face, chirpy personality and red-hot temper definitely did not follow the foot-steps of her brown-eyed, musical and artistic sister. We grew up in the same small town. The same huge property. The same life. Always following the Policy.

I was the oldest of our "family". Often, I took responsibility of the younger ones and made sure all was well in between us. Despite the modern technology and all that robots and machinery could do for society, farmers were still needed. It was on that farm that us five were raised. We completed our chores and studied our booksall so that my mother, Nancy, and Lynne's mother, Annette, wouldn't beat us for being lazy.

Trust me on this, we were not a group of small-town, small-brained hicks. In fact, Anna has gotten honors on all her exams since she was seven. We studied just as hard and were just as smart as most of those city-kids living in metal buildings that nearly touched the sky. The fact was, kids who rode real-live horses, smelled of out-doors and were tanned from the hot, burning sun as we worked were compared to our extremely ancient history of farmers from hundreds of years ago. Why? Well, because of the Policy.

Submitted: March 16, 2010

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