Back From the Void

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This story follows the adventures of a the young boy Ikem through a demon filled medieval styled world. Ikem soon learns of his mysterious powers as well as the world around him.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Falling world

Submitted: October 20, 2009

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Submitted: October 20, 2009



“’And so the world fell into peril, what were once minor aggressions soon escalated past the ability of law enforcement to suppress. Soon what were decent individuals turned into mobs of vicious criminals. Demons started rising out of the land, and tearing out of the souls of humans. The world was in trouble, and no one could defeat the creatures of darkness.
Just after the darkest night, a young man rose from the void, slaying the demons with angelic might. Cutting down the monsters with a single blow, and ripping the evil out of the living souls. Built like a berserker, he appeared to walk on air as he pieced the corrupt. Absorbing their dark energy and using it to cut themselves back down, he served vengeance as hate was served to him. The shadowy figure soon vanquished the battles, but the war against the evil stilled remained.
This man was our father, our mentor, our leader, he was known as Osso the champion of the Kiro slayers, ‘” the teacher’s eyes glanced up from the page to the map, “And so after Osso ended the battle he decided to create this school to hold back the kiro from taking over again. He chose the valley here because it is untouched from the outside world, thin air causes a harder training environment, and it has one narrow path to keep the school safe. This really became a great use when the government decided that the Kiro slayers were a threat to civilians. This occurred when Osso tried to remove a kiro who inhabited a representative, and for some reason they died in the process. And then we were driven back to this hideaway, where we have created our society and taught the ways of Osso hundreds of years after his death.”
This is the story told to every child when beginning their schooling at the age of thirteen in the valley town.Before this age they are the work horse of the society, while parents relax, the children are taught to work for their keep. This may seem cruel, but it’s to create physically fit children for their education. A standard school day consists of history teaching in the morning, exercising in afternoon, and technique teachings at night. After five years of this intense training the school is then separated by their rank, the most skilled and powerful half are expected to walk the world purifying the land of kiro, where the other half is expected to take up a trade and become a productive member of the society. Or at least this is the way it worked, until he returned.
“IKEM! WAKE THE HELL UP!” A giant bellowed as he slammed the door to his sons room off the wall. The giant was also the towns black smith, whose untamed beard and hair was as black as the steel he shaped, his face looked like the dead of night with two moons peering out.
“ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT! I’ve never been late in my life dad, what makes you think today will be any different?” Ikem yelled as his father flew down the stairs from his room in anger. Pulling the covers off of his body, he stood in the morning sun as it caressed is flabby muscles. Howling a yawn, Ikem quickly threw on some clothes that were clean enough to get him through the day. Rushing out of his room, he jumped off the top stair and rolled when he landed at the bottom to cushion his fall.
“I hate it when you do that!” snapped his mother, a slender woman with long red hair.
“Yeah, and I hate it when you cook omelets,” replied Ikem as he grabbed some toast and kissed his mother and little sister Amy. “Later, I’ll be home after graduation.”
“Not a second later!” Barked his mother. Ikem could barely hear as he rushed off to the school, he couldn’t be late, not for graduation. See graduation wasn’t just a ceremony, but also the test to see what your rank is, and Ikem was first up for the exam. Ikem was your average eighteen year old, except for the fact that he is the only red haired boy in his class. Average weight, average height, average scores, average sword skills, everything about him average, except for his hair. His sister, mother, and him were the only three in the valley with red hair after their grandmother’s death. He swelled with great pride for his red mane even though it was stringy and had split ends, he let it grow long around his shoulders.
Arriving at the school Ikem quietly let himself in and made his way to the seat in the back of the assembly room without being noticed seeing as how there is over 300 students. The entire council of the elders was in the front of assembly room and the head teacher was talking about the exam.
“What did I miss?”
“Nothing really, you go in and they tell you what to do, and something about no cheating, blah blah blah,” Kire Replied. Kire was Ikem’s best friend, a short dark haired boy who is sometimes lost in his own mind. The head teacher continued spouting off about the test as everyone in the room squirmed in anxiety for the test. “So why are you first? Doesn’t it go in alphabetical order?”
“I have no idea, they just told me I was first. I hope I’m not the idiot of the class or something.” Whispered Ikem.
“Yeah well, my sister said it was pretty easy, they pretty much tell you to spar with this old guy.”
“Wasn’t she third to last in her class?”
“Yeah but it was because ther-“
“IKEM!” Kire was cut short by the head teacher, and the boys started looking at each other as if they were in trouble. “Please come into the back room, your first.” Taking a big gulp Ikem slowly made his way into the back room where the elders sat in chairs and motioned Ikem to sit on the floor in front of them, looking confused he quickly sat cross legged as if he were a child again. Millions of thoughts raced through Ikem’s mind as he wondered if this was the test and Kire’s sister was truly stupid, or if he really was the idiot of the class.
The head of the council quickly approached Ikem and placed his hand on his forehead, Ikem’s eyes closed and mind grew dark.
Ikem woke to find himself asleep in the same room, with the council gone except for the head teacher and head of the council. They were discussing something with Ikem’s parents and his sister amy.
“What happened?” Stuttered Ikem as he shook his head awake. “How long was I out for?”
The head of the council approached Ikem, “a good couple of hours you went in and out of your trance.”
“Trance? What?” Ikem surveyed his family’s face, mixed reactions of pride and fear. “What’s going on?”
The head of the council went back to his seat and pulled out a long item wrapped in a brown fabric. Holding it out to Ikem, he let the material slide off of the black steel. It revealed a broadsword that was similar to the same kind of sword an executioner uses, except instead of flat point it was a rounded blade similar to the head of the axe. This double bladed hook sword style was known well in the community. The hilt was broad but the handle was smaller than the blade, and bronze trim ran along the handle and up the blade in fluid motion.The blade had a strong energy pulsating from the very core of the sword. Ikem looked puzzled but soon realized what it was.
“But this, this blade has disappeared from the earth!” stammered Ikem.
Swiftly and confidently the man replied, “Ah yes, but what would the reincarnation of Osso be without his fabled blade?”

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