Back From the Void

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Unfortunate Bride

Submitted: October 20, 2009

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Submitted: October 20, 2009



The shutters shake on the cabins that line the main street as a kiro howls for blood. The town guards frantically try to hold off the two kiro from destroying the town and killing everyone, narrowly escaping each of their fatal blows. The ten foot spears were no match for the six and seven foot kiro. The guards jump back from the larger ones blow. Their eerie shrill was almost as haunting as their pearl white eyes that are only more prominent because of their shadow dark leathery skin. The larger one almost looked ape like if it wasn’t for the blades on its large forearms and gnashing dog like teeth. The smaller faster one was almost human except for his right arm being a giant scimitar blade and his face looking similar to an alligator.
The fifteen to twenty guards kept in a circular formation as the two demons lunged and attempted to break their formation. Their spears splintered off of the Kiro’s bodies, it was apparent that these things did not come from this world, and they were constructed of pure evil. The ape like one destroyed one the guards’ spears with its teeth and snapped him in half like a twig. The closest guards plunged their spears into the kiro’s neck with no success. The small one raced around the guards, turning their weapons into trash as it laughed in a sinister animalistic voice. The guards weren’t about to give up hope, no matter how hopeless the situation became.
The small one retreated and quickly whipped around to deliver the final blow to six of the guards at once. It raced at full speed in attempt to cut off their heads in a line, the guards knew they were finished. Holding their eyes tight they felt a rush of blood across their faces, opening their eyes to find the bladed arm on the ground in a pool of black blood. The creature let out a bellow of pain, and spun round to see what happened to its arm.
Standing next to the arm was a young boy with shaggy black hair, holding a Kampilan sword dripping with black blood. The creature screamed in anger as it charge at the boy with a clenched fist, the boy just smirked. With a spin, the boy let the creature fall to the ground as its leg separated from its body.
The ape like beast began to charge at the boy but screamed in pain as a fissure spewed black blood out of the beast’s chest. The screams of the beast were soon silenced they the familiar blade jutting through his wind pipe. The blood pouring out of the throat was soaked up by the sword, like a sponge absorbing water. The blood twisted and turned on the etching of the blade until it ran dry. Soon the body of the beast disappeared into the blade. Strapping the blade back to his hilt, his red hair flashed in the sun as he whipped around to find his black haired companion.
“Kire did you finish off the little one?” standing over the puddle of black blood where the Kiro’s body was, Kire raised his Kampilan blade into the sun to show it clean shine.
“Yeah, but the bastard nearly scratch my blade when I crammed it into his throat.” They both turned to face the guards who all were in shock. The sound of doors and shutters broke the silence between them, as the towns folk came gushing into the dirt street. A roar of applause bounced on their ear drums.
Ikem shot a look at Kire. “I guess saving people has its perks after all,” He chuckled.
“SILENCE!” screamed a plump man standing on the fountain about 100 feet from the battle. Kire and Ikem began walking towards the fountain to obtain a better sight.  “You boys have saved this town for certain peril, and we humble thank you! As thanks you boys will have admission to the spring festival that will be held here tomorrow! We were sure we would have to cancel if those two tyrants returned, so it’s the least we can do.” The crowd cheered again in approval and was quickly hushed by the man. “Tomorrow is the anniversary of the great harvest that allowed our small farming town to be recognized by the government which led to great prosperity! So in honor we shall wed one virgin farm hand to the Nobleman of her dreams. Then hold a festival in honor, as the tradition goes. If there is anything we can do to make your stay more welcome let us know.” The man jumped down from the fountain as the rest of citizens returned to their homes and work.
Kire approached the man, “SO your waving the fee at the local inn for us right?”
The man blatantly laughed in Kire’s face for such a request,” very funny young man, but no, because frankly I know who you two are and don’t even want you here. I know what your kind are capable of, and seeing as how I’m the representative for this town, I will have no remorse for throwing you two into my prison. The only reason your still here is because you saved my town and the people would have my head on a pike.” The man rushed away into the town’s courthouse. Kire turned to Ikem and mocked the plump man’s waddle.
“So I suppose the prejudice towards the Kiro slayers hasn’t died, even after the hundred years or whatever. It’s interesting that he’s the first one we have seen who has taken a stance on us like that. You should really stop that Kire, if he sees you he will be more angry.” Reaching into his pocket, Ikem counted his money with his fingers, “There is no way we have enough for a room for the night.”
“Well we can always make some the unconventional way,” Kire jumped up onto the fountain as the representative did. “Come one, come all,” he yelled over the town, “ a once in a lifetime opportunity to have your fortune read by the famous Ikem of the Kiro slayers!” Ikem motioned for Kire to get down and shut up. “What?” Kire whispered at Ikem, “it’s not like you don’t know how, they use to teach us how to read peoples spiritual path all the time, plus this is how the original Osso did it right?” Kire turned his attention back to the center of town to bark some more.
After a few minutes a mob was standing around the two boys. The process was pretty simple, Ikem would hold the wrists of the customer’s open hands and depending on what Ikem saw in his mind would be the fortune of the customer. Pricing was pretty simple, if it was a bad fortune it would be cheaper, the better the fortune the more Kire would charge. They soon gathered a mass of money, and the crowd quickly thinned. The last person to get their fortune read was a beautiful young girl, who while in line was talking about nothing but the festival tomorrow. When it was her turn Ikem stumbled on what to say, searching for the right words. A sense of worry struck the girls face, Ikem paused and looked into her eyes and whispered something that made her scream with happiness as she scampered off into a rundown house.
“What was that about Ikem? You paused, you never pause when giving fortunes!” inquired Kire.
“I lied to her, I told her I saw beautiful flowers which meant that her day will be amazing tomorrow,” Whispered Ikem.
“Well what did you see?” demanded Kire.
Ikem paused again, “I saw broken wedding bells.”

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