The Mysterious Island - Chapter 1: Summer Break!

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Mysterious Island - Chapter 1: Summer Break!

Submitted: October 21, 2012

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Submitted: October 21, 2012




It was the summer break and everyone was excited about what they had planned for it. The sun was shining brightly, the weather was amazing and everyone was celebrating by dancing and singing along to ‘Schools Out‘, while running out of the silver, metal, mushroom shaped gates. One specific group of six teenagers had planned their summer break by going on new and exciting adventures. In this group there are three girls and they are Floss, Tanya and Fuji. Then there are three boys called Ash, Ian and Billy. They all went to the beach. This beach is called Santango. Santango has blazing hot, golden brown soft sand. The ocean is turquoise which looks crystallized by the reflecting sunlight.
Billy had the idea to go camping. They planned to go camping in a place called Gwandannia. So the very next morning they all packed their bags and headed to meet up at the Bolestrain Bus Station. The boys met at Ian’s house then went to the Bus Station, then a couple of minutes later Floss and Tanya met them. 
Fuji was excited about going on a camping trip for the very first time, that she hardly slept, so when she did finally fall asleep, she woke up late. However, Fuji’s mum dropped her off at the Bus Station, so she had got there just in time. Once they had got off the bus, they then got the ferry to Xendolivia. Floss and Fuji looked over the edge of the boat, gazing into the ocean. 
When they arrived, they went to the rickety docks where they noticed a tall, peculiar looking man holding a beautifully decorated sign saying “Hired for Fuji Gonzalez!” So they glided up to the man who was just to the side of a rich red and silky black hover craft and Fuji asked him “Are you Daniel Luxembourg?” He then confirmed that he was the one taking them to Gwandannia. So Fuji passed him the money for the trip, it was around £10’000 and they climbed aboard the Tash-fastic 3000. It cost them £1’000 for each individual and then an extra £4’000 because of Gwandannia’s past. It can only be seen by the naked eye. It can’t be seen by satellite, it can’t be seen on any videos or electronic devices and it has only been heard of once.

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