Earliest Memory of Fynn's

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Okay so Fynn is crazy. in fact he may even give crazy a whole new definition. and he's in therapy in a psych ward for the criminally insane. hope you like him!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Earliest Memory of Fynn's

Submitted: August 25, 2010

Reads: 152

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Submitted: August 25, 2010



“Why hello dear Doc. Lovely day isn't it? Well..I'm sure its nicer outside than in here; It's stuffy if ya ask me. So what would you like to ask today? My childhood? My family? Friends, perhaps? Well, let me tell you about my friends...none of them stayed for long. So, in a way, I didn't really have friends. You see...They either pissed me off a little to much or they got scared.”

“You enjoy talking, don't you Fynn?”

“Why of course I do! The other patients here aren't very talkative. I think it's the medication that makes them so quiet. Which makes me wonder...why are they so quiet during the day but when it's nighttime, no one seems to stop screaming? Is it to make the hospital look good? Is everything about appearances in life?”

“I'm suppose to ask the questions.”

“I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. I just get carried away with my thoughts and it's just so nice to talk to someone who is actually listening instead of starring off into oblivion and drooling on themselves. You know, I was wondering, whatever happened to the other doctor? Where is he?”

“He quit.”


“This is the only time I'll answer your questions, okay Fynn?”

“Thank you Doc.”

“He quit because of you. Said that you had no soul and your paranoia was beyond insane. The things that you've done are beyond evil. He ended up burning your files that he had on you so no one else would read what he referred to as, evil deeds.”

“Ah...well, he was a good doctor. It's a shame really. So then you're here to restart what he burned up; back to square one then!”

“I suppose you can say that. Now then, let's get started then. Tell me your earliest memory of the first time you did something wrong.”

“Oooohh, getting straight to the point; I like it. The last doctor first asked me about my parents and the rest of my family. Will you be asking that soon or no?”

“Fynn, please answer my question as best you can.”

“Don't worry, I didn't forget about your little question. Lets see...hhmmm...ah yes! I was at the age of six. A new family moved in next door and they had a son that was my age and also a little girl about the age four. My mother made some cookies and sent me to the house hoping to make friends with the family. My mother was a cleaver woman and her plan did work. If we weren't at their house for dinner, they were at our house. The son of the family and I got along very well. We probably would have been one of those friends for life people, the way things were going.”

“So what happened then?”

“Well, I'm getting to that part; don't be so impatient. The one little issue was that little sister. She always followed us around. If we went into the forest, she would follow. If we had a sleep over she would have to tag along. If my parents took us to an amusement park then she would have to come along with. It irritated me to no end. Then, one day we were playing hide and go seek in their backyard. It was right next to the forest. My friend was the one who was counting and it was me and her who had to hide. I came up to her and whispered 'hey, I know a great hiding spot for you.' And she listened.”

“Where did you tell her to hide?”

“Well, that's the best part! You see, this family had an old fashion well in their backyard. 'The well is the best hiding spot for you. You're small and fit in there real easily than I can.' And she bought it! So then, I got her to stand in the bucket and made she she had a tight grip on the rope. Before I lowered her down, I said, 'now whatever you do, do not make a sound. Even if you hear other people calling for you. Just don't make a sound. Remember it's the best hiding spot ever.' It was so hard not to laugh!”

“Now, why did you do this?”

“Isn't it obvious? I couldn't stand her! She kept getting in the way of the friendship. We couldn't do anything fun without having to keep an eye on that little snot nosed brat! So putting her in the Well was just a solution. So anyways, I get her down there which to my surprise the well was pretty deep. And to make sure no one would hear her, I closed the top. What's the matter Doc? Don't like my story?”

“I'm not saying a word, I'm your doctor, I'm here to get you better.”

“Ah...Ya know, that's what the last doctor said.”

“Please continue Fynn.”

“Why of course. As I was saying, I put her in the well and closed the top. And within a few minutes my friend and I were playing different games. Just the two of us, no more little sister! It was so much fun. I even forgot that she even existed...that is, until their parents were calling us in for dinner. They asked us where she was and we both just shrugged. Then my friend explained how we were playing hide and go seek and we never found her. 'We just figured she got bored of hiding and went inside' I added.”

“Did you kill her?”

“No. She wasn't the first one. The parents ended up finding her. Her father noticed that the well cover was closed which it never is. They got her out, and she was crying and told them that it was me who put her in their. I denied it of course. But, in the end the family moved away. Told my parents that I would become a bad influence on their son and that they were terrified that I would kill her. Never saw that family again.”

“So, you placed a little girl in a well because she bothered you?”

“That's correct. Weren't you listening?”

“did you apologize at all or felt bad about it?”

“Why should I? It's not my fault that she had to follow us around. She wasn't our responsibility. So why should we take care of her? I just think her parents made her follow us around cause they never liked me from the beginning.”

“I don't think that's the case. Most younger siblings follow the older one around because they idolize them.”

“Not a good enough reason.”


“Not...A...Good...Enough...Reason. Simple as that.”

“Alright, This session is over. The guards will take you back to your cell now.”

“Aaawwww, already? But I thought we were having so much fun! You didn't like what you heard did you? It's really not THAT bad. I have done worse you know.”

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