My Amazing Abusive Boyfriend

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Mia your average girl no one really notice's,but only she's lovely to Jason her Amazing Abusive boyfriend will she get out of her relationship or be abuse for the rest of her teenage life.....

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Amazing Abusive Boyfriend

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Submitted: June 09, 2009



"Last period bell rang" Mia and her best friend Sarah walking toward's their lockers which is right next to each other. Maybe we should go to the mall it is Friday said Sarah.

That's true Mia replied. After getting out of the school building walking in the school parking lot. While walking they saw the most popular kid's in the entire school.

Amber Lawrence the hot cheerleader as boy's like to put her but most girl's put her as a bitch.With her long blonde beautiful hair and with her  golden brown eyes.Also her dumb blonde but pretty friend Ashley Franklin. Yeah guy's love them.

Trying to talk to football player's Micheal Frank and most amazing guy ever Jason Connor. With his glowing white sparking teeth and his brown hair and choclate brown eyes.

Jason was amazing his grades,body,and smile. Jason was everything a girl would want.

While pasting them Jason gave a wink at Mia. She blush so much hoping he didnt see how bright she was.

She wink back.

When getting at Mia house they finish their homework and were going to ask her older brother Ethan to give them a ride to the mall.

When Mia just open her brother's door she see's him in his boxer's with a rockband guitar playing and singing to the song. Mia fell to the floor and laughed all her gut's out.

Ethan just look at her. Your just jealous Ethan said. Jealous of what still on the floor laughing. That you can't rock like me.

Sure Mia replied. What do you want. Can you drop me and Sarah to the mall. Why should I do that. Well first of all you have nothing else better to do. Just because I drop out from school dosen't mean I have nothing else better to do. Sure Mia replied. Second Darlene will be there.

She will !!!  Yep said Mia.

Alright let's go!!!!!

Mia closes door and mumbles to her self loser


They arrived at the mall. Ok where's Darlene. Oh somewhere over there Mia said. Ok see you later. K said Sarah and Mia.

Isn't Darlene babysitting her little brother. Yeah but Ethan stupid Mia replied. Sarah laughed. When they got to there favorite store. Mia and Sarah were looking at their skinny jean's. Mia bought 4 pairs and Sarah bought 3 with 2 tank top's and a short black dress. After that they were going for lunch to eat at their favorite table. When they got there they saw Amber and Ashley with Jason and Micheal sitting at their table.

Mia was piss because they always been her and Sarah's table and Amber know's that for sure . Just leave them Mia said Sarah we can find a diffrent table. No thats our table and im getting it back.

Walking towards Amber. Excuse me Amber said Mia. Is this girl talking to me Amber said with an attitude. Yeah I am said Mia with an bigger attitude.

Well what do you want. This is my table and you know that. Oh so it is well to bad Amber said. You better get up replied Mia. Why should I said Amber.

Listen stupid slut you better get up or I'll make you.

FIne you crazy girl I will. Let's Go said Amber. While they were getting up Mia felt someone grab her wrist it was Jason. He whisper in her ear "I like them crazy" and wink at her. She blush.

While after talking and shopping some more they found Ethan and left.

While in the car Ethan said I didn't find Darlene.

Sarah and MIa just look at each other smirking.

Well maybe you look enough said Mia about to laughed.

Maybe said Ethan.

When they got home they check over their clothe's they bought. Wanna sleep over ? Ask Mia. Sure replied Sarah. K I'll ask my mom.

Running down the stair's into the kitchen. Mom yelled Mia. Yes hun replied her mother. Can Sarah sleepover ? Sure make sure she call's her mom to see if it's ok. 

K Mia said half way running back upstair's

Is it ok ? Sure call your mom first to see if it's ok.

K said sarah. After calling her mom they order pizza. Mia took her laptop and went on aim.

When she log in she check who was online.




Ethan's _ awsome 765

Hot -Jason101

After still scrolling down to see who else was online she recieved an new IM from Hot-Jason101

She was shock Jason never ever EVER IM her. She click to see what he wrote

Hot-Jason101: Hey crazy girl

Smart-Mia240: lol hey

Hot-Jason: So im having this party tomorrow night and was wondering you and Sarah would come and check it out

Smart-Mia240: umm well

Hot-Jason101: please it would mean the world to me

Smart-Mia240: Well ok for you

Hot-Jason101: Well you just made my night

Mia blush so much more worse when she was at the mall earlier.

Hot-Jason101: Well ok got to go so see ya tomorrow night?

Smart-Mia240: Of course byee

Hot-Jason: Byee:-)

After logging off the doorbell rang. It was the pizza men.

After paying him  everyone took a slice. Sarah Jason invited you and me to his party tomorrow night.

Really said Sarah who almost choke on her pizza. Really. OMG what are we going to wear. I dont' know.

After eating they went upstair's to Mia's closet. Sarah said oh you know they short black dress i bought today.

Oh that's so pretty said Mia. I know !!!!!! said Sarah. Mia check her closet and took out a tube top dress which was red and on her thigh's.Omg what about this Mia Said. I love it said Sarah. After that they looking for accessories's. 

Mia found the locket that her dad gave her before he abandon her,her mom,and Ethan.

Tear's well up in her  eye's. This locket meant the world to her and so did her dad. Who now has a new wife and two children. After they did everything for their outfit's. They went downstairs to watch a movie after trying to pick a movie they pick She's the man.

After putting in in the DVD player sitting down with popcorn. Down the stairs came Ethan. After he notice's what we were watching. He jump on the couch and said Amanda Bynes is so HOT!!!!!

Me and Sarah look at him. Well she is man jeez. After the movie was over we went to bed but someone knock on the door I answer it. Rubbing my sleepy eye's I look at the figure it was my dad after 4 year's.

(My first novel im starting to write on booksie hope you enjoy leave comment plz and thank you)

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